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what did i do wrong? c++ network
starting a basic first networking program. Can't figure out where did I go wrong here is the VPNS...
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prog. only accept integer from 0-10 then it's factorial It's running but it doesn't show the factorial What's wrong with this?
#include<iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int a ,x,f=1; cout<<"Please enter an...
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I need help. The program requires the user to enter 10 integers then print the total no. of even in...
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Fibonacci Sequence
I was trying to create a code to calculate the nth number in a Fibonacci sequence, when the nth numb...
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by hexori
help with array ?
Hi Can anyone help me with this code please ? char a ={A,B,C}; char b ={@,#,$}; i need the...
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by vrakas
Topological sorts
Hello. I am practising on a task to find all topological sorts of a DAG (input is given eg 1 4 5 ...
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Some Double Linked List Woes.
So I'm making a function w/3 parameters (head pointer and two items [x & y]). Then I need to print t...
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pointer of pointer array
Below is a working program, compiled with g++. But due to an unavoidable reason, I need to define c...
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C++ access to SQLServer without ODBC
Hi, I need to connect and manipulate a DB in SQL Server 2008, but need to have high performance ...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks plexus! I already worked with the Native SQL Server ODBC, and ... (by ViNiCamps)
Error in my code!!! Need help please!!
Hi I have error in my code (Reservation.h). I try to search forum and many thing but always have e...
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pattern matching and then replacing it in a file after opening.
hey , i am opening a file in c++ in unix environment.then i have to search for a string and then rep...
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by Dhocks
I need help reading this specific file
I just need help reading a file then everything would finally make sense. S'mores 2 4 squares g...
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I am starting to learn Class Templates so I wrote a simple Header file which has the declaration and...
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Billing & Invoicing System for Bookshop
Kiss My ASS
[1 reply] : Please Transfer 5000$ to my bank account (by trialanderror usually)
How to create a database?
I'm new to C++ programming. I'm trying to make a database that stores the information without overwr...
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fabimocii series
i want a program to check whether a no is in fabinocci series or not in c++ . can any body help me ...
[2 replies] Last: You should supply the code you're using to try to check if a number is... (by cire)
Collision free hash
Hi, I have following method to calculate a 16bit hash on a per definition unique string: uint...
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by meeram
Unicode characters encode
I have a string with &# characters. for example "Its 100 &#8364;". Now I need to interpret that &...
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Loop homework help
Hi everyone! I need help with an assignment for school. This is the problem: You are tracking the ...
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Help Understanding this!
Hi everyone, i am doing my new assignment and am having trouble understanding what this program want...
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