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by arms4
void function and int function differences?
Recently learned how to use function but the only thing that i don't get it is when to use int and ...
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Hello C++ programmers. Silly question.
Hello, yesterday i started to learn c++ by myself. I wrote a simple script, it should download a se...
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by arms4
Pairinng game info
well i need some info of code on how to make a pairing game just like the normal one where u guess t...
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Enqueue problem!!
Hey guys, This is a school project that I am starting to work at. I cannot change the main.cpp an...
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Question on how to use memcpy
Hey, I am working on a project were I need to store a long long data type variable in six indexs of...
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Comparing words from two different files using fstream
I'm trying to input a html file and copy everything from that file to a new html file with some chan...
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String find & replace
"C++ is a general-purpose programming language." I have to find the word "C++" and replace it with "...
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What is wrong with this program? #include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> #include<stdio.h> ...
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What is a MUD?
For years I've wondered, programatically, what a MUD is. It's like a program constantly waiting f...
[1 reply] : The way I implemented my MUD was to have basically a list of a bunch o... (by Zhuge)
Program that counts number of occurrence of a letter in a file
Please help me with my program. I need to create a program that asks the user for the filename, then...
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class with random generator
I have a wierd question: I have a class the generates a random number, do I put the radom genera...
[1 reply] : In a .h file, because you want to include it somewhere else. (by majidkamali1370)
Returning in a menu
What I am trying to make is an opening menu for a game. It's in working condition but not ideal. I l...
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by Wuten
C++ Buttons not working?
Hello, I'm new to this site, though I've looked to it for answers to many of my questions regarding ...
[1 reply] : Nevermind, I found the issue; I marked the second y as >375, rather th... (by Wuten)
Won't go to else statement
I'm trying to get this program to receive a response from the user of "Y" or "NO" or something simil...
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Need Help With Making Fractal Terrain
I've been in the process of making a simple acii game and worked out to make random terrain that was...
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Why am I getting Unresolved external when using Static in a class
I have this Main program that calls a class in a header file. #include "SavingsAccount.h" int m...
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by Owain
Is Effective C++ still a good book to buy?
Hello. I was considering buying Effective C++, Third Edition - but being published in 2005, I realiz...
[4 replies] Last: @Owain yes, all three are essential mid to early advanced level C++ bo... (by Cubbi)
Inheritance Best Practice? (custom number classes)
I am currently working on creating my own classes to deal with numbers. My motivation is two-fold: I...
[1 reply] : Perhaps I should add that eventually I would like to add classes for C... (by alcaz0r)
I need help declaring values
I'm in a beginners programming class and we have not went over a lot being that school just started ...
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write program to find area of a square
I'm new to c++ and I have no idea what I'm doing. My assignment is to Please write a C++ program to ...
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