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by Fadey
std:time() returns invalid time.
It is said that std:time function from <time.h> should return the same time if called same time, no ...
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by Mk87
important question
how its possible to add a destructor for the following Foo class? #include <iostream> class F...
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Breakfast Menu Program help
Hey guys so i am doing a c++ program where the user picks items from the menu and it shows the sub t...
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Writing data to an open Excel file using COM OLE C ++
Good evening, Can you please help me, if anyone has a sample Excel file for reading and writing d...
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Issues with memory leak
I am using the boost library serialization feature and i am having issues with saving my object data...
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shifting elements of a container
I played a little bit with the rotating of container elements (after I saw a possible solution here ...
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Modifying array to get equal frequency of each element!
I have an array, say A which consists of N elements say: a1, a2, a3 ... aN. The question asks me to...
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by Path88
Vector problem
class EnemyShips { glm::vec2 position; glm::vec2 dimension; }; main() { std::vector<EnemySh...
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by NKGold
Im trying to make a simple program that reads 8 non-whitespace characters from the keyboard and form...
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Towers of Hanoi - 5 peg, 1-10 disks
So I an working on a program to solve the Towers of Hanoi puzzle with an extra rule. The disks must ...
[1 reply] : I changed line 63 to Hanoi3(a1,a1,a2,a3,dest,n-1,false); and added a... (by Metal488)
by Allaye
'Blending::Blend': non-standard syntax; use '&' to create a pointer to member
----------header file------------ class Blending { public: Blending() { } void Ble...
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by Mk87
unfortunately, my code contains a memory leak. how to remove the leak? class Base { public: ...
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Redirect stdout to File, Exception Safety
I have written a method which redirects stdout to a file: /* Redirects stdout to file. */ voi...
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