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std::isalpha() bug in MinGW 4.7.2?
I'm using Nuwen's distribution, found here: Can someone confirm this...
[5 replies] Last: You should not check from the very lower value of a char. As the asser... (by S G H)
Best Way to Optimize rendering
What is the best way to optimize a voxel engine? Only render what the player can see from his vie...
[2 replies] Last: Ok, that's what I was looking for. I figured it would be sluggish to h... (by Pickle Gunner)
How do you fill a value of a dynamic array of dynamic arrays?
I'm writing a program in which I have to use a matrix to represent a file in code. because it's a f...
[2 replies] Last: Aaah! I didn't try that one! Thanks man! It actually really makes sens... (by Niels Meijer)
IDE with best auto-completion & features?
I'm debating switching over from Codeblocks and to Codelite or Eclipse CDT. Should I get CDT or Code...
[5 replies] Last: Check out microsoft Dreamspark. If you're a student, it is I was re... (by aquaz)
Fastest performance lookup/insert/update thread safe
I've got a name and a score. Name is a std::string, score is a double. I need to be able to, in a ...
[5 replies] Last: If you're already using critical sections then you're unlikely to get ... (by iMalc)
Compile to run on computer without windows
Let's say I want to write a hello world program that runs on a machine without a operacional system....
[3 replies] Last: Let's say I want to write a hello world program that runs on a machin... (by Cubbi)
c++ calculator design
6. write a program that takes m from user and print its month calendar of year 2013 for example Feb...
[6 replies] Last: Please edit your post so it uses code tags. Select your code, then ... (by TheIdeasMan)
error with SDL_ttf
im new to SDL and im trying to add text to my game but when i add the ttf code it comes up with an e...
[3 replies] Last: ive been tring for a while now but the text that i enter is not visibl... (by closed account 96AX92yv)
by srk999
Array not storing values properly
For some reason the integer array, arr , declared in main is not storing the correct values whe...
[4 replies] Last: Looks like I was too slow, but I'll point out a bonus error: while (i... (by Cubbi)
URGENT, strings extraction, getline, many spaces
This is about a college assignment. I have to extract the data from several lines and store them in ...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks a lot for all your replies. Here is the complete txt file : ... (by user24 11)
Converting text to hex
From my tests I found the problem to be somewhere in the Mantissa part that converts it to binary, I...
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Visual Studio Linker problems
All, Happy New Year to all my fellow developers. The holidays are a great time to write code wit...
[5 replies] Last: Please post your actual code, so we don't have to guess about your pro... (by jlb)
evaluation orcer <<
here is a simple test program that demonstrates the evaluation order for operator<< applied to ostre...
[2 replies] Last: thank you for your helpful response that I wouldn't have got to on my ... (by cppnewuser13)
message of closing the program
Hi everyone, I dont know where does the error come from. Anyone can help me to correct my program...
[1 reply] : what is the error? (by pogrady)
Probably wrong use of dynamic memory allocation
Hi, I once wanted to make something in code which would work the same as an array which doesn't nee...
[3 replies] Last: I've never worked with a debugger before, do you know some tutorial I... (by jlb)
Vector, counting repetitive numbers
hi guys..this short program is almost done..but the last part been beating me up since 3 days now..s...
[1 reply] : You could build a map holding the counts: std::map<int, unsigned> co... (by Cubbi)
by masfar
having trouble in running program!
hello friends,why "this program has stopped working" appears while running a program?
[1 reply] : Hi there, In order for us to be able to answer that question, we woul... (by closed account o3hC5Di1)
by sind0o
i'm trying to code a pacman-like game for my school project and i'm stuck! i made an array of strin...
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Accessing pointed objects, pointer[0] vs ->
Sorry if this question has been asked before, but I could find it after doing a google search. I not...
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Migrating CPP Code from Visual Studio 2008 to g++ compiler
Hi, I have a small problem with migrating my code. I wrote it in Visual Studio 2008, and it works...
[6 replies] Last: The problem is probably something to do with list.h, but you haven't s... (by MikeyBoy)
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