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Fatorial function
Hello, I'm doing a fatorial function like this: unsigned long long fatorial(int a) { ...
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Which is better?
#pragma once //code.... #ifndef CLASS_NAME_H #define CLASS_NAME_H //code.... #endif I use ...
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dll example
Could you guys give me the SIMPLEST dll example ever? I'm very noob :(
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Problem with new compiler
Hi everybody, I've recently upgraded my outdated Dev-C++ version to the new Orwell edition (version...
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by memee
can help me please
How do I work this in C + + (Perfect Numbers) An integer is said to be a perfect number if the sum ...
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x86 emulator VGA fault?
I've written a VGA for my emulator. However, when I start it in mode 0x7 (80x25 monochrome text mode...
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by ud90
infinite sheet
I'm new to c++ and I want to create an infinite sheet on which a user could be able to write notes a...
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Huge vector, find item fast
Hello, this is my first post. I've been searching the net but haven't found a good answer. I want...
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Is this warning important ? (1,2)
Is "Comparison between signed and unsigned" warning important ? Well most of the time I've found th...
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by tambun
i couldn't run the program
#include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <conio.h> float student_grade (float coursemark ,...
[1 reply] : change line 20 to this: fscanf(input,"%c %f %f",&ID ,&coursemark ,&f... (by Stewbond)
call a class-function inside another function in same class
How can i call a function of a class inside another function of the same class?
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inheritance dtor
I have a inheritence as follows a:b:c I also have a list of type c All classes have copy.ctors In...
[1 reply] : Hi there, It's a bit hard to comment on this without seeing your code... (by closed account o3hC5Di1)
Hi, I want to write a class. I should use a public function to open a file and get variables from...
[1 reply] : Hi there, This tutorial explains inheritance: (by closed account o3hC5Di1)
by bolt
I need help with linked list
What I'm trying to do is make a calculator that takes two large numbers in a linked list then ask th...
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