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can't call function
Hi everyone, Let me ask you questions. I wanna call function from another program to my program. I h...
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by arms4
check 2d array error
Here is requirement, the array can only be placed with number from 1-9 and all them need to form a...
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My own template vector class. Can't push_back?
I'm not too sure why this isn't working. This is the most I've ever used templates so I don't know I...
[9 replies] Last: Code has to be generated for each type passed into a template. Thus, y... (by closed account S6k9GNh0)
Using ifstream as a constructor parameter
I'm trying to pass an reference of the object ifstream to my constructor as such: // myClass.cpp i...
[3 replies] Last: it should say using namespace std; . that will the same thing as wha... (by theranga)
Need assistance with making a password system(PLEASE ANSWER?).
Hello again! Right now, I'm trying to make a password system that stores and tries to protect a piec...
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understanding someone else code.
Thx for reading, I found this code the other day and wanted to understand it so saved it, complied ...
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by Disch
Binding to a virtual function from a parent class.
Hey guys... I have a situation where I'm not sure on the standard behavior. I was hoping I could ge...
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Could someone please clarify this atof error my professor keeps telling me about?
Hi, I hope someone can help me out with this problem I'm getting. My professor keeps telling me "you...
[4 replies] Last: It seems to me that Disch is correct about what the professor was sayi... (by kempofighter)
VS vs Others
Never used Visual Studio before but im venturing out into DirectX and figure it would work best toge...
[4 replies] Last: Ok thanks, if i have any other questions ill post. (by LovestoCpp)
Saving object to file, and then loading it
Hi guys, Could someone please tell me why my code is not working? Interface class Perso...
[9 replies] Last: You're not checking the file handles' validity. Probably you're not e... (by S G H)
please correct these 6 C++ errors
as content size is limited to 9000 characters... i have posted the source code in:
[12 replies] Last: switch(ch) { case '1' : { if(access) { element e3; e.input()... (by Kart)
Buoyancy C++ Help
Buoyancy is the ability of an object to float. Archimede's Principle states that the buoyant force i...
[10 replies] Last: int main () { float y = 62.4;//Constant given, float value floa... (by jdowning)
Help with Structures.
Hi! So I was asked to create a C++ program that will ask the user to input 5 books with the ISBN, Ti...
[9 replies] Last: strlen() function returns size_t type. It's unsigned integer type. U... (by MiiNiPaa)
expected initializer before ‘const’
I wrote a template class for Matrix manipulation. The compiler cannot compile the source and complai...
[6 replies] Last: @Cubbi windows programmers do not have to undef min/max, they have to ... (by LB)
error C2065: 'std_dev' : undeclared identifier
i am having this problem from yesterday can anyone tell me how to correct the error pls #include<i...
[4 replies] Last: i should define it in the main or in the function header? (by raaj5671)
about C\C++
How C++ can play an important role as a base language in order to understand the modern programming ...
[1 reply] : It plays the same role as C# as a base language in order to understand... (by vlad from moscow)
Namespace dllimport error
I've got 2 functions in a namespace, like so: // util.h #include <string> using namespace std; #i...
[3 replies] Last: Have you removed using namespace std from your header file(s)? If y... (by kbw)
Memory usage and algorithm efficiency
How can I check how much memory my program is using? I have an assignment which asks me to make sure...
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How to write a "if x is a int" type of statement?
I need to do this kind of statement rough example if(age == CHAR) { printf(" Invalid data type\n");...
[7 replies] Last: Types are very very disciplined in C++. So if u have defined x as an i... (by closed account NwvkoG1T)
by fahima
About Sinogram of xray image
Hi, How to get sinogram of x-ray image using C++?
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