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Variable being used without being initialized
#include<iostream> #include<iomanip> #include<fstream> #include<string> #include<cmath> usin...
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Simple program
Hey guys, I am very new at c++ programing and I need a simple program, maybe you have the code I ...
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by xzbit
mix c++ and assembly
in masm i can do this push 0 push offset title push offset msg push 0 call MessageBoxA i...
[5 replies] Last: Read about which assembly dialect does your compiler support. (by MiiNiPaa)
by Skynet
Having trouble with linked lists
Hi, I'm fairly new to C++ and wanted to know if you all could help me with something here. I have th...
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Simple buoyancy program (errors?)
There are errors on lines 25,26, and 39. Could someone please help? Thanks! :) btw, this is not th...
[4 replies] Last: Try } while ((strcmp("y",answer.c_str())==0) || (strcmp("Y",answer.c_s... (by gamemanj)
Pausing the loop till keypress
Are there anyways to pause the loop until either LCONTROL or RCONTROL is pressed? Are there alter...
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Linked List
hi all, I have a function that append node to a linked list like this: struct ListNode{ int va...
[5 replies] Last: > the head in main() does not change its address value and it's stil... (by ne555)
Get file name in C++
Hello I`m now learning Allegro 5 in C++, and now I`m using "sprite sheets" to make animations. I hav...
[1 reply] : Try the dirent.h include (by Smac89)
Generic class Set
Can some good human soul write a code for this task,i'll will be very gratefull! Write a generic ...
[5 replies] Last: if you actually tried for a week do as i said and post what you have w... (by K0T4K0t4)
Help with a simple loop that decides if a word needs to be formatted by adding ('s) to it or not
Hi everyone, I'm hoping I could get some help pointing me in the right direction. My lab assignme...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks for the tip. I was working on another way of doing it (a more t... (by ovaltine99)
by zukias
Any particular reason why C++ treats array & 'normal' variables differently like this...?
Ok so, one thing I have noticed is that when I'm dealing with arrays, and I declare the array (arra...
[4 replies] Last: My best guess is that it was a carryover from C, and it might have be... (by Cubbi)
fresh made tic tac toe !
hey guyzzz, just made a tic tac toe... i wanted your opinions on how can i restart it, for the conv...
[1 reply] : Instead of doing this: if(b==1&&square =='1') square ='x'; You c... (by pogrady)
by Stash
Unhandled exception? Need Help!
Here is my Code... #include <iostream> #include <iomanip> #include <fstream> using namespac...
[1 reply] : 1. task myTasks ; This value is limited to 100. There is no way of h... (by JockX)
C++ finding max value
Hello, i am trying to find the max value from a list of 10 values. here i have stored the double val...
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by kibrom
file reading using getline()
i encounterd a question like *Create a program that opens a file (the first argument on the...
[1 reply] : int main(int argc, char* argv ) { std::fstream in(argv , std::ios::... (by morando)
how to blit another image onto another
Ive got to make this mini game with the whole shabang main menu, quit, help etc. So i need to sta...
[3 replies] Last: Like this: SDL_Surface *background = NULL; SDL_Surface *foreground ... (by Ogoyant)
AVL Insert Algorithm
I'm a c++ newbie and now I have a quest to complete: Make an AVL tree that the data is only added. ...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you K0T4K0t4, I'm pretty sure I can do this! I also found this w... (by guerreiro)
by edgars
when I create new project in code blocks anr run default(hello world!) program everything is okay. B...
[1 reply] : I had to change UTF-7 encoding to UTF-8 encoding http://stackoverflow... (by edgars)
functions are a pain ... im lost and out of time
We are learning c++ at school for the first time and this is our final progect. A text based RPG It...
[13 replies] Last: //Shelter FUNTION<--------------------------------- int Shelter(int iW... (by IComeIn Peace2)
by vrakas
Dynamic programming bits (1,2)
Hello. I am coding a dynamic solution to a problem with buttons. a button can be on or off. there ...
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