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Tennis game
hi I am new to c++ and having problems programming a certain code, any sort of help would be greatly...
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std::chrono gives me always 0? Under compile flag -O3
Here I scan a very large vector, which has more than 1 << 16 elements. vector<vector<vector<uint64...
[8 replies] Last: In a separate source file, put void dummy(uint64_t x) {} In your i... (by dhayden)
according to the following simple task: Write a c++ class called 'student' with Data members: name(c...
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generating a regular Grammar program
Hello, All Help with the task please: This is the program for generating a regular Grammar. ...
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Looking for material online
I want to practice c++ dynamic memory allocation. I want some questions to do programming and also h...
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No Value Is Accepted
char guestType () { char type; cout << "Enter M if you are a member or N if you are not a membe...
[3 replies] Last: while (strchr("mMnN", type) == nullptr) (by Peter87)
Using Header File
Hi All, I have bunch of header files , which include each other . Example : file1.h will h...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks @Ganado .. It worked @MikeyBoy Thanks for reply. Actually i ... (by nekkoMaster)
Declaration of a fixed-size vector within a class
Please could someone explain why A, B and D can be legitimately declared in the following code, but ...
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add, multiply, subtract, divide
Hey guys, My assignment is to do simple add, subtract , multiply and divide. The user gets to choose...
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what does X&& goo() mean ?
I am reading (and trying to understand) this article:
[7 replies] Last: easy to get confused. true, and it makes it even harder that the con... (by Cubbi)
A container finding which can be resized smaller
Hi everyone. I want to find a container, which at first be allocated very large. (with Intention to...
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by lety19
Display 1 number after comma
Hello, I am a person without programming skills, but I need for a project to display for the beg...
[7 replies] Last: Thanks for the info! I will try it as soon as possible :) (by lety19)
Looping Menus
Could anyone help me figure out my do while loops? I am trying to make the first menu to loop contin...
[6 replies] Last: It looks like you figured it out. I did the same thing with one of sal... (by dutch)
valgrind LEAK SUMMARY: definitely lost with malloc
I got LEAK SUMMARY: definitely lost from valgrind. But as a beginner with valgrind, I do not know to...
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far Pointers in C programming. Solve the code
The following codes works perfect in TurboC3.0. How to run this in VS2010. Advance Thanks to all....
[3 replies] Last: [quote=farooqDeveloper] How to run this in VS2010. This cannot run in... (by Cubbi)
Hi guys! i want to make a chessboard with c++. i dont know very well how to start it. Guide me !!
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DOS Level Programming (findfirst function)
Hello everyone! I did C/C++ programming in Borland C and TurboC 3.0 IDE. Now I am doing it in VS201...
[8 replies] Last: Yes NT4 was the predecessor 2000. During this period there were two b... (by jlb)
What could be a better way to find if two (or 'n') particular values are present in a binary tree or not ?
Hi ppl :), I have a solution to find if two values are present in a tree. I would like to know...
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by a10e29
Pointer Odyssey
Hi there, How do I serialize a pointer so that when I deserialize my file my objects are returned t...
[2 replies] Last: My own library. It handles general graphs and class hierarchies with ... (by a10e29)
Is RTree updated automatically in Boost geometry?
Dear all, I am now using Rtree in boost geometry. I contained pointers of spatial geometry data ...
[3 replies] Last: Dear coder777 and TheldeasMan, and all Thank you for your reply. Yes... (by Mitsuru)
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