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arrey dimension
hi all; how many dimension this arrey have? vector<vector<int>> opp ;
[2 replies] Last: vector<vector<int>> opp isn't a 2-dimensional vector; it's a vector ... (by andywestken)
Reaching data of differet array using pointer in the loop
My problem is as following. I have 3 arrays named: abee1 , abee2, myarray. I have loop that want t...
[1 reply] : You can't create a string and then use it as the name of an object in ... (by MikeyBoy)
Access to data of array while I have its name as string
The problem is as following. First, I have 21 arrays named: integer abee1, abee2, ... , abee20 and...
[2 replies] Last: You can't do what you want because C++ is not reflexive; the variable ... (by Zhuge)
HyperCube permutation
Hi everybody, I faced with a mathematical problem. I know completely the problem, I found its comput...
[6 replies] Last: Thanks a lot! I wrote the program down in a special way.. (by Afshord)
operator overloading + (adding values of arrays)
im trying to overload + operator; i have done a several time with simple objects for example ...
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The x++ and ++x operators
Hi, I'm newbie in programming. I hope can find answer in this forum. First of all, I have a progr...
[2 replies] Last: I see now...thank you so much... ^_^ Thank you for the explaination..... (by cubluwt)
Vector comparison out of range
I'm making a simple game and I'm having trouble creating boundaries for the players movements. The m...
[1 reply] : I don't see anything in movePlayer that attempts to keep the player wi... (by cire)
referencing in the loop
My problem is as following. I have an 2 arrays named: abee1 , abee2. I have loop that want to call t...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you Zhuge. But it is not my original program. I used print inste... (by mosahab)
by younes
Remove a character from a text file
Hi, I'd like to remove the character % from a text file using c++ Thanks Younes
[8 replies] Last: I tried this code but it doen't work. I use another descriptor rather... (by younes)
acos() bug
Had a very very very annoying bug today. acos() somewhere inside ancient code returned a sort of NO...
[6 replies] Last: Software that summarily quits because of (from the user's point of vie... (by Duthomhas)
by Niven
MD2 Loader problems
I've created a function for loading MD2 files, along with an accompanying class,that works almost pe...
[2 replies] Last: I know that it's probably annoying since this is my second, and last, ... (by Niven)
For Loop help please
Hello I'm suppose to write a program using (for loop) that asks the user to enter any amount of numb...
[4 replies] Last: ok I see. I didn't know about limits, but now I do. Thank you for help... (by AndrewC)
Is c++ still in heavy use today? (1,2)
Hey everyone, I just wanted to ask, is c++ still used in many things today? I've read from alot of w...
[32 replies] Last: Concerning my code? My code is your code. Though, I've not heard of an... (by BHX)
No data conversion possible ?
struct BigIntP { private: BigInt numer; BigInt denom; public: ... operator BigInt() { return ...
[4 replies] Last: In this line BigIntP c=a; a copy constructor is used. You did not sh... (by vlad from moscow)
Export and Sort in Excel
Ok, this is a bit complicated. Essentially what I'm doing is creating a program that can pull data f...
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question about pointers
Hello, I realized that I actually never use pointers in my codes. Now I was wondering is that somet...
[6 replies] Last: pointers are awesome! very usefull for getting rid of exceptional situ... (by TinyTeeTree)
by BasV
Custom deletion vs 'scope deletion'
Hi, Sorry for the vague title, but I couldn't think of better terms. I was wondering; is there...
[10 replies] Last: I will look into the possibility of the new and delete operators causi... (by BasV)
by kevv2
Inheritance and Array question
Hello, i am making a small project with a group of people, we taught of storing the Spells (each one...
[2 replies] Last: exactly what i was looking for, thanks (by kevv2)
by Hertz
Return an Array in a Function
Hi guys, Im making a function that finds the sum of two fractions(fractions are arrays of 2 eleme...
[2 replies] Last: A C-style array cannot be returned from a function. it can only be mod... (by Cubbi)
by xign
Guys can you Help me make my program into a Loop.. please :)
#include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> main() { clrscr(); char name ; float exam,q1,q2,q3,ass,sw,...
[7 replies] Last: so if i use the "do" will it look like this? int main { char again =... (by xign)
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