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Default AND explicit destructor?
Hi, let's say I have a class A with data members that are themselves classes (strings, vectors etc.)...
[11 replies] Last: I don't know what "builtin" means, ... From context, I take it DTSCo... (by andywestken)
Help Installing boost: building libraries
Hi, LeafyCircuits here! Comp Specs: OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Compiler: MinGW v4.6.2 runnin...
[13 replies] Last: @ coder777 You do realize that "bootstrap" builds bjam, and "b2" is ... (by Duthomhas)
by Snaksa
Linked List functions
Hi again! I have a problem with the parameters of two of my functions: typedef List<int> Dlist...
[4 replies] Last: To begin with, there is no way for the compiler to deduce the type of ... (by cire)
by jskako
Help with read\write
Hello everyone, Tomorrow I have a test and some things I did not understand, so I asked you for hel...
[5 replies] Last: no c not c++. and then what more do you need to know. just open it get... (by closed account Dy7SLyTq)
Pointer in Union
Hi, In the current code,We are using pointer of union and assigning value. class sample { unio...
[7 replies] Last: Thanks a lot for reply.Does reverse function matter on 32 bit to 64 bi... (by agoswami)
int main() { char StudentName = { "Hermine", "Paul", "Gertrude", "Leon" }; ...
[6 replies] Last: I do not know what you are promising there. cstring does not contai... (by vlad from moscow)
About readin data from USB
//#include <windows.h> //#include <atlbase.h> //#include <comdef.h> #include <string> //#includ...
[4 replies] Last: well, it seems that it sends the same message to 3 different devices: ... (by coder777)
please write a code to get the window title in c++
i want a feature in my project through which i can get the title of the window. since i am not an ex...
[2 replies] Last: sir, i am not perfect in c++ and that's why it can't understand what u... (by vicky tomar)
error C2512 but i have default constructor available
my code have error (error C2512: 'Node' : no appropriate default constructor available) but i have d...
[2 replies] Last: the problem is that you #include "Node.h" in "stat.h" and "stat.h" in ... (by coder777)
by JS0
Need Help with Web Crawler
Hi, I am trying to write a web crawler using c++. I'm not exactly sure where/how to start with this ...
[1 reply] : it could probably be achieved with the boost and sfml api (by closed account Dy7SLyTq)
Starter Learner
Hey I'm New to C++ and was wondering about things : 1)Char Answer = 0; 2) what is voiding ? ...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks Man You Helped alot ! Thanks . (by BassamMetwally)
Command Parser for Game: Any Programming Patterns?
Hi, LeafyCircuits here! Comp Specs: OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Compiler: MinGW v4.6.2 ru...
[3 replies] Last: Well, where would you have declared those function pointers? And, do ... (by firedraco)
Templates and abstract classes
Hey guys, I'm getting an error from the compiler telling me that I have an abstract class but all th...
[2 replies] Last: The pure virtual functions are omitted from the base class and defined... (by yoked88)
by zsteve
big code bloat because of STL
hi, I was making a program which used the STL std::list container, and it suddenly bloated my pro...
[10 replies] Last: @disch: sorry, the link was case sensitive. (by zsteve)
A C++ Easter Egg?
I was fixing a couple of minor bugs in a program I've been working on, when I made the mistake of ty...
[4 replies] Last: It's a Windows Console default codeset easter egg. (by Duthomhas)
by Snaksa
Linked List in another Linked List
Hi guys! I have a question for you. I'm studying programming alone so I don't know who else to ask. ...
[6 replies] Last: Here's a little code snippet to get your feet wet, as ne555 pointed ou... (by Bourgond Aries)
by meesa
[C++] Setting a default parameter based on another parameter?
Here's my function definition bool validateNumber(string& text, int min = 0, int max = -1, boo...
[3 replies] Last: Disch, how would you break it up? I want to be able to validate a numb... (by meesa)
WinInet progress bar
is there api for using a progress bar with wininet
[5 replies] Last: Can someone tell me how this works. I was messing around with INTERNET... (by terryeverlast)
by adilch
How to read data from a file line by line in C++
I have an external file with one column of data. If I have a counter value let say counter =1, and c...
[12 replies] Last: @cire , Thanks (by CroCo)
by tp11
Recursion-Segmentation fault
I have wrote the code for range search in avl tree, but it seems to go in segmentation fault and I c...
[5 replies] Last: Thanx for the replies guys, I fixed the segmentation fault, but still ... (by tp11)
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