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When does this instantiation use memory?
Say I have a class which is the head of a linked list node { public: node* NEXT;//does this...
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using While loops to validcate string input
Hi Everyone, Im having trouble with the while loop, this program should ask the user for their name,...
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down to one error, hints anyone?
//************************************************** // Stephen Patterson // COP2000.C01 // Proje...
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Using RESTful with C++
I know C++ isn't the best suited for this but it's the only language I have readily at my disposal a...
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by senhor
Number Writer
Hello everyone, i want to make a program which writes the number whose you input the reading. i made...
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by Daleth
Need assistance spotting error
When I tried compiling with the file shown below, the compiler gives this: c:\codeblocks_v12\min...
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File streams
Hello everybody. So I have a problem. I need to save some data in files, I have a class Subject and...
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&integer_name seems so useless...
I am reading a c++ book and in everything i have read until yesterday was understantable and everery...
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What Book Would You Recommend ?
Hello guys. It's been quite a while since I have started programming in C/C++, so I would like to st...
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by k96
Fine...delete this topic please~
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undeclared identifier '__builtin_ia32_addss'
Hi, I am trying to a big program. It has a lot of files and so can't upload the code. One of the ...
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CString + CString
How can I join two cstring C:\USERS\****\Desktop and \ TO MAKE IT C:\USERS\****\D...
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Heap Sort Infinite Loop
I am trying to understand what is going wrong with my heap sort. It compiles, populates the vector,...
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by agile
Why operator delete in for_each does not work?
#include <algorithm> #include <iostream> #include <functional> #include <vector> struct A { ~...
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Typing something with C++? (Searched hours, please help)
Hello, I want to be able to type a message into another program (such as notepad) using C++. How wo...
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by Niven
Automatically training a Neural Network
I made a program that could recognize a 1 so I started work on a new program that would learn to rec...
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by gbatt
Multiple language support
Hello, first i'm not a native speaker so please excuse my unprofesssional English. I'm developing a...
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Memory Leak Problem
Is the memory leak in the below code because the function MakeCat creates a pointer to a Cat object ...
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getline out of stringstream should not cut leading whitespace
Hi all, I have a std::stringstream sstr I read data from with getline(sstr, s, ','). Now I don't wa...
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by vijkrr
Vptr & ptable run time execution
Hi, I'm not able to understand the internal implementation of the virtual table and prt concept. ...
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