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Getting handle on edit control of selected window
HWND spamWindow = GetFocus(); if(spamWindow == NULL) return FALSE; ...
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I don't understand the error
Hello, I have a code but I can't compile and I get an error like this: (for line 5) error C2109: ...
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passing values to functions.
Hello, I am trying to get some confirmation about how to pass to functions. If you want to assign de...
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by Finn25
I can't seem to do this. How to do this? Need Help Quick!? Task: Numbers game Two players A and ...
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robust corner detection
Hey guys I am trying to find a good way to implement a good corner detection function. below i...
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passing extra parameter to operator function
Hello I have a class and I would like to be able to pass an extra parameter to the function that is ...
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Error i can't fix
I'm working on a store management program, and i created a Windows Form for verifying login details ...
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C++ Question
I had a question that involved arrays and 2 different classes.lecturer told us to make a Win32 Conso...
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Having troubles regenerating a random number, gives me same number in C++?
Hi, I am trying to generate a random number, and then the user guesses it. Once the user guesses the...
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How to declare an array with const size inside of class?
I wanted to add that the template argument is needed because its a "special case" but if that doesn'...
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reading data from text files when given a specific line
hello, i am currently making a game where data is saved and loaded. i have used fstream to read and ...
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input of the form: 2 4 1 3 2 1 2 0
how can we take an input of the form; 2 4 1 3 2 1 2 0 on the console from the user and then use th...
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instance of 'std::out_of_range' problem
this is the message I get when I compile my program: terminate called after throwing an instance of...
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Questions about passing values to functions
Hey guys, first time posting so i hope im not completely retarded with my code. Basically what im tr...
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by msadr
search in file
I want to search a txt file, when I find the word,i looking for; how can i go back in file, to searc...
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parameterless constructor question
A sample problem I've become stuck on.... Sally The Programmer is working to improve a class ca...
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by winten
Jsoncpp dll's?
Hi, I am new at c++ and I have a feeling that I am doing something wrong. I decided learn using json...
[2 replies] Last: but It does not have any .dll files I do not need to link anything? (by winten)
Input when equals key is hit
I am working with OpenGL and I'm trying to allow hitting the enter key to zoom in. However, it won't...
[1 reply] : void handleKeypress(unsigned char key, int x, int y) { const unsi... (by cire)
Please help -- Text Game problem
Hey everybody. I'm having trouble with a text-based shooting/decision game i'm making. The problem i...
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need help with a program!! need help asap
I cant modify my main function and I have to sort students.avarage I got the code but it just does...
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