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Second C++ Game!
Hello! Here's my second c++ game, made with SFML 2.0. It's a simple game where you have to drive a...
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Ngram issues.
So I'm having an issue progressing in this program I'm trying to write for class where I have to wri...
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How to convert int to char
Hey, I am tying to convert an int to a char. Below is an example of the code that I have but I am g...
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by zmilam
Trying to figure this out.
I built a program that breaks down breaks and lunches while at work. However I want it to go off of ...
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efficient way to draw tiles
Hi, I'm wondering if there is a better way to draw tiles with a transition from grass to sand. So th...
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Function not working properly
When i was testing a piece of a larger program, i tested this function and it doesn't work as it sho...
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The output is error, please help :((
#include <iostream> #include <cstdio> using namespace std; int main(){ int T, kasus = 0; ...
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How to properly free() a _strdup variable
How to properly free() a _strdup variable? Here's what I have: File prof.cpp // Local fu...
[14 replies] Last: True. Thank you. void free_proID(struct prof_Name_ID*&proID) works ... (by xwielder)
by BatCat
help with function "gets"
Well hello everyone Im just a few newbie at this part so someone can help me? (CODE ON C) My proble...
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Algorithms Book
Does anyone know where I can download free pdf file "Algorithms in C++" by Robert Sedgewick? Or any...
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Make exe file using a cpp program
Friends, i need to write a program that when run makes another exe file . Eg: make a program named...
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Pass char something[x][y] to function
Hello, How to pass the char something for example to function void ( char pass.....)???...
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Why can't boost wave tool not find default include directory?
I have built the wave tool and now am trying to run my source code through it. But it just doesn't w...
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Using arrays in string
How to fix this ? I am encounter with string and integer. The code line 10 : sum += week .. not mat...
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Issue using log2(x)
I'm having a strange issue using the log2 function this section of code Doffset= log2(Db); cout<...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks for that, I'm now using Doffset=round(log2(Db)); which has ... (by Crakrjack)
by Phil M
SendInput - Cursor position wrong.
Hey, I recently wanted to create a (yet) simple program that simulates a mousemovement. So far I...
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by Ajiel
array function
Hi how i can remove elenment from array by using funtion?
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equation evaluator
hello everyone, I have written a code 2 calculate an equation entered by user. I have to prioritize...
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Exception handling
Exception is not getting catched by catch block. class abcd { public: int a; abcd(){cou...
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Gpa evaluation system through array.. need help urgent
Programming Fundamentals Assignment Type: Individual Programming Assignment, Deadline: 21/05/2013, ...
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