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Create own functions for Read/WriteProcesses
Hey everyone. I'm wanting to write my own functions for ReadProcessMemory and WriteProcessMemory, bu...
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array declaration error
I'm trying to wirte a program that reads a from a input file. On one column of the input file is ang...
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Dynamically allocated Vector
Hi all, I have always used this declaration for a member of the vector class: vector<double> m...
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VC thread arguments number limited?
Hello, I am using thread on VC 2012 (very close to VC 2010). When the argument list is short, it wo...
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wht is meant by graph in data structure and what is defined by the cost of the graph?
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data struture
can restricted and non restricted data structure be used together in a program ?
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hey guys ! i have been given an assignment as pasted below : You will be given two files. Grid....
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Class definition inside function body
Hello. Is this standard-compliant code? int f() { class C { public: int mf()...
[1 reply] : Yes. (by Peter87)
Function in a Class Template
I have this class templates And This UML. I have to write this function + operator=(source: Ar...
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Question to C++ professionals
Hey guys Please help me taking a decision. I live in Bangalore, India. I just completed my Btech...
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class **urgent~help me solve it pls
1. If classA includes a private variable n , a protected variable m , and a public variabl...
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SFML Code::Blocks setup? (MAC)
Hello! I have been trying to setup SFML with Code::Blocks on OS X 10.8 Mountian Lion. I have a 64-bi...
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Debug multithreaded Application
How can we debug the multithreaded application in unix environment?
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<random> not working?
I've been trying to use the <random> header, as shown in the reference page here: http://www.cplusp...
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I want to know what compilers are the most suitable for c++ Turbo C can't support for all version...
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Singleton design pattern
Which option would be chosen to create only one object of a class a) Singleton pattern ( make the c...
[1 reply] : I use singletons a lot. For instance, I may write programs where I o... (by MrHutch)
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Mutex in critical Section
if any exception occurs in critical section code then what sort of issue which we see in terms of sy...
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by bombom
Need help PLEASE!!
I got stuck with random cootie, count the number of roll taken, allow the game to play over. #inclu...
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linked list: problem in deleting a node
If p is a pointer pointing a node to be deleted, then what's wrong in the following code: cout << ...
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Help needed.
we have files suppose three or may be more and in each we have CONVERTED_STATS = 7/different numbe...
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