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Differences between compilers
This function will compile and operate perfectly with VS2010 and VS2008, but give an error with GNU ...
[4 replies] Last: Ah, yeah. Visual studio didn't have stdint.h until VS2010. Although, y... (by Thumper)
Overloading [] with container or pointers
I have a class: class Foo { private: MyType* things ; }; While I would like to overload the ...
[1 reply] : return a reference: class Foo { private: MyType things ; publi... (by Disch)
pipe() read() and write()
I can't seem to get my pipe to work. It tells me invalid file descriptor when I use perror() to outp...
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Program: You have four identical prizes to give away and a pool of 25 finalists. The finalists are a...
[1 reply] : Every time you call rand() you get a different number. So this chec... (by Disch)
Program freezing on loop
Hey everyone. I've ran into a problem. I'm working on a trainer for a game, actually once I figure o...
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Quick comparison of two files.
Hi all. Please advise the fastest way to compare files byte by byte. File size varies from 1 byte t...
[7 replies] Last: 1. Pre-compute and store a checksum (say MD5) for each large file fil... (by seftoner)
by shakib
no instance of constructor matches the argument list
while writing a code for Blackjack game in the function which makes a standard deck i am getting thi...
[7 replies] Last: here is my Card.cpp #include "Card.h" Card::Card() { Rank=Ace; Su... (by shakib)
What does the data type 'Unsinged' and 'Signed' ?
Hello! I was following a tutorial on YouTube from a guy called 'Thenewboston'. I finished his tutori...
[6 replies] Last: Ok thanks! =) (by CppCoder101)
get sentence
Hello every one =) can any one there help me .... please and explan how can i use get sentence ?...
[3 replies] Last: thank all =) =) (by Salam rabaya)
by geran6
Help splitting string without STL
I have two functions below, one that renders a string at the give X,Y coordinate and one that attemp...
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by Faint
A problem with 'y'
Hello everyone, I want to write a program to prompt the user to enter a multi-dimensional array o...
[2 replies] Last: Sorry for the late reply. I've solved the problem (I don't really know... (by Faint)
Question regarding Arrays in classes
Could someone please tell me how to solve this because i was not able to get the idea of using array...
[6 replies] Last: But, when I run diamond() it prints perfectly except for that array. p... (by points2008)
A class function that uses an instance of its child class as argument
I am facing a real-life problem, it can be simplified as below: #include <iostream> using namespa...
[11 replies] Last: You're welcome! (by MikeyBoy)
.DAT File
Hello, I did something screwed up with my computer, and now when I create a .dat file through my pr...
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setting array to int
lets say i have an array with the values 1, 5, 9, and 3. is there anyway to make this so i can have ...
[8 replies] Last: ok thank you (by closed account Dy7SLyTq)
Don't know what's the error. Reply fast!
In 83rd line message says: "Illegal Structure operation". But I didn't use any structures! What's t...
[6 replies] Last: int power(int,int); //your prototype float power(float c, float d) //... (by ne555)
by cppct
Thread Implementation
I want to create two threads which will be calling even and odd functions where even function should...
[6 replies] Last: also needs -pthread with gcc (or you could use boost if you don't ha... (by majidkamali1370)
Add double quotes into string
Hi, Can anyone point me to add double quotes into string.I want to prepare command into following w...
[9 replies] Last: Thx a lot for reply . it works for me. (by agoswami)
making is so the user can only type numbers
How can i make it where the user can only type numbers if they enter any symbol or letter the progra...
[4 replies] Last: i have been messing with it for awhile i have had to teach my self eve... (by tyrousey)
Problem passing classes by reference
I have recently moved from java to c++, so I'm not quite experienced with the use of pointers. I'm t...
[5 replies] Last: *arma.modifyParameter(5); here you are doing *(arma.modifyParameter(5)... (by andrenvq57)
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