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by pwd
What's Wrong With my Min/Max Code Please Have a Look
I'm trying to write a program where the user will keep entering data until pressing control + D. The...
[5 replies] Last: I tried putting lines 19 & 20 at the end of the loop and even after ... (by MiiNiPaa)
Overloading the plus operator for linked lists(binary numbers) (1,2)
I have tried to understand the concept of linked lists and I have read the assigned chapter 2 times....
[26 replies] Last: I cut my computer off and it works! Thanks for your help! (by computerexpert)
Heap Corruption Detected: Manipulating strings with pointers
for my CS215 course, I was given a class called String215 which is a basic string class to help in t...
[5 replies] Last: Wow that's it... spent so much time scratching my head over this and y... (by RAWBERRY)
ceasar Cipher with a txt C++
so i need to encrypt a txt document using ceasar encryption. however i don't know how to open a txt ...
[4 replies] Last: Please edit your previous post so that it uses codetags (Highlight all... (by closed account 3qX21hU5)
Function Call problem..
While running it gives the runtime error: "Extra parameter in call to factorial." Then whats to be d...
[15 replies] Last: Yeah thanks :) Thanks for the help! It worked :D (by Winkerd)
Append suffix to string with pointer arithmetic
for my CS215 course, I was given a class called String215 which is a basic string class to help in t...
[14 replies] Last: It would delete the memory associated with "data", but it would not ch... (by toum)
Need Help in my Binary Search Tree Program
Hello Everyone , Can some one please tell me what is wrong in my program. This is basically a prog...
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by coj2b
Completely Stumped..please help
Hello all, I am a new C++ student and am having some difficulty understanding some of the language. ...
[9 replies] Last: @coj2b, That's not really a way to get help. I'll be sure to not answ... (by ResidentBiscuit)
by bmw
Static variables in classes
If I have a static variable in a class e.g. a pointer to another class like this: (B is another clas...
[12 replies] Last: Yup, thanks for the warning. I won't be changing it :D (by bmw)
Error driving me nuts... any help is greatly appriciated
This error keeps laughing at me ******************************************************************...
[10 replies] Last: lol yeah. that was embarrassing. You guys were very helpful!! +99999 k... (by ayndrew)
by cppct
Memory Linkage
We keep reading that if memory is not freed then there would be a memory linkage. Does it mean 1) R...
[1 reply] : Perhaps you mean "Memory Leakage" and not "Memory Linkage"? 1 is gene... (by LB)
by cppct
new delete malloc and free
if you mix new/delete with malloc/free i.e. with new use free and with malloc use delete, what will ...
[1 reply] : This sounds suspiciously like an interview question. It's also a very ... (by LB)
by spyro
help with linkedlist / operator overloading
[12 replies] Last: Not at present, because head and tail are used throughout list.cpp und... (by spyro)
by Leikur
I need little help
I am developing a program that will read a function (x^2+2x+4 or other function) and then comparing ...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you!! ... and yes I need follow the order (by Leikur)
static array variable size allowed?
Hi, I have a function like this void foo( int i) { ... uint8_t buf[ i]; ... } ...
[2 replies] Last: If you want to use g++ in portable manner, add the command switch -pe... (by Cubbi)
is it a good idea to use a static method to check arguments before calling constructor?
Hello, I personally don't like that syntax and semantics of C++ don't support constructor returni...
[14 replies] Last: > An iterator is more likely to be valid Nope. You may construct it in... (by ne555)
by Lumino
Newbie having trouble with a Sine Wave.
So we have to make a program to graph a Triangle and a Sine wave. The triangle bit is working fine,...
[11 replies] Last: If you're interested, here's my implementation: #include <iostream> #i... (by LB)
class syntax question
Here's a bit of code: CvClimateInfo::CvClimateInfo() : m_iDesertPercentChange(0), m_iJungleLatitud...
[2 replies] Last: alright thanks a lot!! (by AeonFlux1212)
void function does not work in visual studio 2012
I am trying to add a void function in Visual Studio 2012 but it doesn't work, meanwhile in Codeblock...
[5 replies] Last: Thanks guys, I got the answer. @peter exactly :) Thanks (by Donanza)
help me
what does this exactly mean collect_stats += atoi(rec_count)
[1 reply] : rec_count is apparently a number that was written in text format. This... (by toum)
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