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resizing an array
int size = 10; int* arr = new int ; void resize() { int* resize_arr = new int[size + 1]; ...
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If statement multiplication by zero problem.
I have a minor problem. I want to set an integer to zero when it easy equal to another integer, but...
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Queue Template Help / General Questions
I'm working on a queue template, here it is below: //CLASS DEFINITION SHOULD BE HERE... template ...
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by Anshh
Can i edit the text file without writing the content of whole file again.
Can i edit records stored in file without rewriting whole file again .?
[1 reply] : This depends on the filsystem you are using. The most common filesyste... (by tcs)
Should I learn a scripting language?
When I've or heard people talk about their games occasionally I would here about how the scripted so...
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want write these programmes
Write a complete C/C++ program for the following tasks i. Create two arrays named intArray and s...
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Two Connecting Circles C++/Excel
This is quite complicated to explain, so I will do my best, sorry if there is anything I missed out,...
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Code/Resource Encryption Lib/Program?
I was wondering if there are any good libraries or programs that can encrypt the source code of a pr...
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Guessing Game Problem
I am having a problem with an C++ problem. The description can be found at UVA:
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hey i am using set in my code to get fields from a reader xml which are being errored out but it is ...
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Help C++ program
Write a program which reads a stream of numbers from a file, and writes only the positive numbers to...
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I have some code that will allow me to draw a crescent moon shape, and have extracted the values to ...
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Can you program a DVD to wipe when someone tries to copy it
Ok I am going to be making some thing on to DVD and I was wondering if you can program it to wipe th...
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by Skynet
Ideas for implementing AVL tree.
I have this code so far and I would like to see if I can't get it running but in AVL format. I have ...
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Can we call private functions?
What I think is that we will invoke a public function which will invoke a private function of class....
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Need help with this C++ (Almost done)
Hey everyone, I need help with this C++ assignment. I have most of it completed its just I can't...
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Storing elapsed time data in an arrat inside a for loop
#include <iostream> #include <stack> #include <ctime> std::stack<clock_t> tictoc_stack; ...
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Macro to template
Hello, I have this macro, that expands to some methods of my class: #define POPULAR_COMBO_FILT...
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Why is this not working? (Crypto++)
#include <openssl/sha.h> #include <string.h> #include <string> #include <iostream> using names...
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running <list> inside a loop
I'm needing a <list> that will hold only four items yet allow me to continuously add to it with myl...
[1 reply] : while (true) { for(int i = 0; i < 4; ++i) mylist.push_fro... (by MiiNiPaa)
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