General C++ Programming - May 2012

by Ronny
Declaration Error!
M making a small project. Adding some extra values but getting declaration error. I declared the cor...
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by sanyam
socket programming
i new to socket programming. i built a chatting software. the program compiles fine but doesn't work...
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Is this file reading method good enough?
to read lines from a file into a vector I am doing this: std::vector <string> TextLine; std::str...
[1 reply] : Your code is fine. getline() returns the stream InFile and the test i... (by kbw)
Will not complile no matter what..
I've been trying for ages trying to get this to compile...its a multiple file program in Codeblocks ...
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getline max size = 256? how to bypass this?
Hi, I have a .csv file that I'm trying to read from. Each line has approximately 400-600 characters...
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casting a parameter as a reference
Hi all, I usually write code in C but I'm currently doing some C++ and came across something alon...
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Tools to find GDI Memory Leaks
I have some code that results in leaked GDI resources. I can tell because when I run the program an...
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best method to store objects of customers
I created a customer class for a database program and want to store the objects somewhere. what woul...
[1 reply] : should the tables, database tables(files), be normalized :-) ? If so t... (by therockon7throw)
Hi , I am trying to be familiar with CxImage labrary . I have compiled to labrary I have done ...
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by Numeri
Solovay-Strassen Primality Test (1,2)
I am working on the Solovay-Strassen primality test and just keep running in to problems. If you don...
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by blk
Few compiling errors that I can't fix.
Hi, I have a few compiling errors that I can't fix in a program that's pretty much finished. I did...
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by wqer
Help with an void
Hi! This is my first thred here! This code is for a glossary test from swedish to english. ...
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stop button
I got a form with a start and stop button, when i press starts it executes my code, but when i stop ...
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by Bouya
int to char
hi how can i convert an int to a char ? i used "atoi" but it doesn't work !!! Thanks
[1 reply] : int anInt=5; char c=anInt; (by Athar)
Hello everyone there, I am facing a problem in this code that when I give input to the program then ...
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String to Int conversion questions
Hello all, I am new to c++. Please help with the following. I have two strings, viz., "0, 1, 3...
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Factory and FactoryRegistrators initialized in wrong order
Hi everyone, I have the following weird problem (working on a library): I have an abstract class Ex...
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changing color with file output?
im currently working on a sort of debugging system for my game engine, wich will tell me if stuff lo...
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GetProcAddress Returns 0
I have this: DWORD XER = (DWORD)GetProcAddress(GetModuleHandle(L"user32.dll"),"SendMessageW"); c...
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by Nandi
error !!
this is where my error is occuring: void runMenu(double allItems, int & itemId) { i...
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