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undefined reference to `_mainFlags'(solved) I am self-studying this as...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you L B. I now have a better understanding on how the provided l... (by andrenvq57)
Help me to solve
Im supposed to identify the errors and compile and run the program Task#1 - compile & correct the...
[2 replies] Last: It still shows error after i identify and modify the code : /*Malani ... (by Malani Nair)
ACM search problem
Hey, i have trouble understanding the input and output of this problem link to pdf :https://icpca...
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by Hucaru
Access Violation
Hi, I am making a game using SFML. I have implemented a state handling system and am just filling in...
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by aj3423
how to handle async operations
Hi, I've been thinking over this for long time... For example, when a button is clicked, print a ...
[2 replies] Last: That't it, Thanks., (by aj3423)
Vector shuffle print
Hello, I've a txt file (musica.txt) and I'm trying to shuffle the vector that contains it (vector<Mu...
[3 replies] Last: By the way in your original code you are skipping the first line of th... (by vlad from moscow)
ACM binary search question
Hey, this is the link to pdf : This is som...
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Updating projectiles in my program
Hello everyone, Right now I am working on a program and I am having some difficulty with a functi...
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How to compare values of two objects of the same class.
Hi all, Running into a snag in my program. I can't seem to figure out how to have an object of a cl...
[7 replies] Last: Thanks for the reply. I'll definitely check out the observer pattern.... (by MilesAway1980)
Why this assignment work?
Hi, I have a struct like struct { quadw ; } quad; class MyObject { quad myValue...
[4 replies] Last: thank you very much. (by chrisben)
Problem in for loop condition using sizeof()
hey i made a program that calculates bills class television ...
[11 replies] Last: @MikeyBoy yes now i know my condition is wrong. Yes you are right op... (by dedlier)
i should i modify this??
1. #include<stdio.h> 2. #include<conio.h> 3. main() 4. { 5. int ncr; 6. long n,r; 7. clrscr();...
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calling java classes in cpp
i want to call some java classes which are available from a cpp share your thoughts.
[1 reply] : There is quite the share of information about his in google for exampl... (by tath)
Operator Over Loading Help Please
write c/c++ code of overloading ^operator in complex number class. If we have two objects of comp...
[1 reply] : (by MiiNiPaa)
I'm getting an error when I try to compile my code
I'm writing a command line based C++ program which will add some details to a struct array and which...
[10 replies] Last: Well, at risk of stating the obvious, you need to actually set the val... (by MikeyBoy)
An example of tree structures
#include <iostream.h> #include <conio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <math.h> class tree { p...
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error:call of overloaded is ambiguous
directory.cpp:104: error: call of overloaded ‘VVisit(bool&, rc_t (*&)(const slib::fDirectory*, uin...
[2 replies] Last: Having two methods with the same name, one of which modifies the state... (by MikeyBoy)
how to set fixed length for string ?
Input The input consists of one or more packets followed by a line containing only # that signal...
[2 replies] Last: Have you tried std::string instead of char ? (by ajh32)
Pyramid Display
I know i am missing a for loop somewhere. I want to make this display a pyramid, im practicing my ne...
[6 replies] Last: This question come up soooooo many times. (by ajh32)
by andmon
minlbfgs_numdiff and the likelihood function [solved]
Hi all, I would like to find the minimum of a likelihood function using minlbfgs_numdiff (numeric...
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