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Overloaded assignment operator for class template objects (1,2)
I designed a class template to create unique arrays. I was able to successfully input data to and ou...
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I need help in understanding how the functions works in the program inorder to identify the lowest value in the array
#include <iostream> #include <iomanip> using std::cout; using std::endl; using std::setw; dou...
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Code::Blocks or Microsoft Visual C++?
I Want A New IDE But i Do Not Know Which. Which Is Best And For Which Reasons. Can Someone Help. Tha...
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by NGen
Binary Sort Performs Worse than std::sort
I'm trying out my own implementations of a few sorting algorithms/containers and am comparing perfor...
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Help with do-while loop please
I'm building a program for school that is supposed to be kind of like a slot machine. Except it is s...
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ncurses and line feed in multi line fields
Hello, not sure if someone can give me a hint how to solve/approach my problem: I'm currently ...
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by Daleth
String literal with constexpr
I have a binary identifier which I tried to make a constexpr since all of its calculations would nev...
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C++ ARRAY_SIZE() - why you still need a macro
Now, as I'm primarily a Visual C++ developer, I use the _countof() macro which is provided by the ...
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Inheritance problem
Hi, I have an abstract base class - let's call it MyInterface - and a class that most classes in ...
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by naz
How many bytes will the pointer intPtr of type int move in the following statement? intPtr += 3 ;
How many bytes will the pointer intPtr of type int move in the following statement? intPtr += 3 ; ...
[2 replies] Last: 3*sizeof(int) bytes. So (b), (c) or (d) depending on machine. (by MiiNiPaa)
Runtime speed integer versus double
Dear fellow programmers, Is using integers faster than using floating points? Or more precise: wh...
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C++ Files / End of Line
Hi, i have a question about files in c++. I need to do a program that reads a .txt file and store...
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by naz
Choose the correct answer.
Consider the following code segment. What will the following code segment display? int main(){ ...
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by naz
Identify the errors in the following code segment and give the reason of errors.
main(){ int x = 10 const int *ptr = &x ; *ptr = 5 ; } main() { int x = 10; const int *ptr =...
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Building Bridges
**Problem:** There is a river that runs horizontally through an area. There are a set of cities abo...
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Direct X is so hard
I have just gotten a book called programming 2d games by charles kelly(using c++) The book teaches...
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Thank you for all the help so far. Any ideas on this?
This is what I have to do: In most companies the amount of vacation you receive depends on the nu...
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Passing 2d array to pointer in C++
Kindly remove one error. #include <iostream> using namespace std; void insert_values(char **p...
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ifstrem bytes buffer
I need to read whole binary file and pass bytes buffer to third party function. Currently i am fill...
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by ReVolt
C++ threads
hi, I've downloaded tinithread++ for c++ and i can't see option to pass data to function while creat...
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