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by zxrp
Need help with decimals.
Hi guys, I'm trying to write a program that takes the Voltage, and Current as input, and then genera...
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How do you add an option to c++?
I just started on a project on c++ and I was wondering if it is possible to add a select option (whe...
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Mugen Story Mode
Please help me i want to make a mugenstorymode for mugen check my youtube channel for sone of my wor...
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Dynamically changing a property of a class in C++
Working on a console application and I am trying to figure out a way that allows users to enter an o...
[1 reply] : map<string, int*> ? propMap["height"] = &ab.height; Or can use map... (by MiiNiPaa)
Equation problem?
I'm trying to write a program that will ask you witch answer do you want to be written (outputed), x...
[2 replies] Last: That would be the more precise answer, but i don't think that would be... (by MediumSolid)
How do you make a basic c++ GUI from scratch without using any programs?
Hello, i am new to c++ and I have learned the basics you need to know about c++ so I was wondering, ...
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Add two numbers as strings
Hi guys.I need to make a small program with a function with this prototype: void f(char *a,char *b) ...
[17 replies] Last: It can be, but in process you will create your own version of atoi w... (by MiiNiPaa)
Loop problem
Hi everyone, any idea why the first time you run through the loop where you enter the information fo...
[4 replies] Last: brilliant, thanks very much! (by royal1664)
c++ code generation tool from AIDL
I want to design a tool which generates c++ interface from android interface definition language.In ...
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code generator
i have AST.cpp file(abstract syntax tree) and i need to generate cpp interface. i need to create and...
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by jcurru
Confused after 20 years!!
Hello!! I'm really confused after 20 years programming in C++ I have this code: A::A() { try { ...
[7 replies] Last: I will, MiiniPaa, thanks. I'll also try in another compiler. (by jcurru)
modifying the aidl compiler to generate c++ interface
i saw the source code for aidl compiler which is written in c++. i have to modify so that i can get...
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Access another library (dll) which has same class name and method name
Hi, I'm new to C++. Here is my scenario. I have 2 c++ libraries called "Lib1" and "Lib2". Both libra...
[1 reply] : Method 1 Each library should define its public stuff in its own name... (by kbw)
by bmw
Unexplainable problem
I am trying to compare 2 char arrays with strcmp. The two char arrays are both exactly the same ( ,...
[4 replies] Last: If someone can help me i would be greatfull :) I'm dealing with animat... (by tomek320)
C++ OpenMP parallel is not working
Hi,I'm trying to implement Parallel loop with OpenMP. I just googled and got the below sample, but i...
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by Daleth
Overloading the modulus operator.
Say I wanted to overload the modulus operator to return the remainder of a division between two floa...
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by Daleth
Understanding reference variables
In an article I read, the author made the claim that references were like constant pointers, but man...
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by Nybble
memcpy vs std::copy?
Hello everyone, First off let me tell you what I am trying to achieve. I am trying to finish my pack...
[10 replies] Last: Yes I do use reverse too, kbw's solution is good I actually use that m... (by Nybble)
Pascal to C++
Hey guys, I've been learning pascal for a while as I was told it was a good starting language, thoug...
[6 replies] Last: i do believe Borland's Delphi is VERY powerful, and if you can't use i... (by NSharbz)
std::bind and std::function with template aguments
I'm trying to create a callback wrapper for pointers to member functions of any class by using templ...
[4 replies] Last: I don't think I'll have need for that much flexibility in the event ca... (by ModShop)
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