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Converting from one base to another base
Hello this is my first time posting in here and I am very new to C++ coding. I had a homework assign...
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Working with a small group of 3 to port halo 1 to mobile, looking for c++ programmers and c#
Don't want anyone with a shitty attitude, looking for people who are passionate and want to stride t...
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.hpp file without .cpp
Hello, I'm about to create a priority queue using a heap to it. So, to do so I will fill the MaxHe...
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by B3anss
C++ Distance Calculator
I’ve been working on this c++ program for a little while and I’ve finally got it to run. Unfortu...
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by Manequ
How to fix this?
hi guys heres my code: #include <iostream> #include <conio.h> // getch() #include <cstdlib> // sy...
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int main(){ int c; srand(time(0)); //h //s //d //x Character player1("Warrior", ...
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Server C++ Library
I need a library to use with Allegro to use servers. Thank you.
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Hi guys! I need help ... I intend to make a game with Allegro only that I want to make changes to th...
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by vpi764
need the same code using loop
Write a program that uses a loop to generate, and output to the screen, the sequence of values 1, 2...
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by Manequ
system("cls") problem help
//rysowanie planszy----------------------------------------- system("CLS") // oczyszczanie ...
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Competitive Programming Problem
The problem and my attempted solution is as follows Being a fan of contemporary architecture, Farme...
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Code Outputting Different output on two different graders
So I wrote a solution to a competitive programming problem as follows #include <iostream> #include ...
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Allowing to omit brackets in try/catch will be useful?
Hi everyone. I sometimes think that it would be very convenient if I can omit brackets('{' , '}') i...
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by RJ008
My program does not work
Hi, this is a program meant to do a counting sort, but for some reason, when I run the program, i di...
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Trapezoidal map search structure
Hi, I'm trying to implement the trapezoidal map algorithm for point location and I have a dilemma a...
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how do i use my wifi dongle to contact devices and give them a command
how do i write code in c++ that 1. uses my wifi dongle to contact all devices in the room 2. th...
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co ordinate geometry problem with SDL
Hi guys, I am just plotting a line with two points x and y, I created a Coordinate class that will...
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by het
Sorting Question
create a function named firstNameSortIndex that takes one argument a dynamic array of structs of ty...
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require help in solving a problem
hello i am almost new to c++ programming and i am trapped with the solution of this riddle questio...
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Papatunga solicita ayuda 1"fichero.txt"); if(fich.is_open()){ while(getline(fich,linea)){ stringstream ss(l...
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