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istreambuf_iterator STL question
hi everybody . please help me freopen("in.txt", "r", stdin); deque<char> dq; copy(istreambuf_ite...
[2 replies] Last: my dear i want use copy function !! i think i must define my char_trai... (by ahura24)
set::erase(iterator pos) complexity is amortized constant
Is it mean that if pos somewhere inside then it really takes constant but if position is first or la...
[3 replies] Last: The way I understand amortized constant is that the average time it ... (by icegood)
Fast Fourier Transform ( FFT )
Hello I am Ali from Iraq, I am a Master's student in Electrical Engineering / Electronics and Co...
[1 reply] : (by mik2718)
Trouble clearing cin or getline() buffer - !!!
I have the code below, searching an array for user entered 'city'. Then search and when found, retur...
[2 replies] Last: I think getline() should not need cin.clear() after it. However, cin >... (by Hucaru)
using pointers to find the mode
I have to write a program that will find the mode of a group of numbers. How should I tackle it usin...
[3 replies] Last: Yes, that looks much better! Thanks :) (by MikeyBoy)
C++ prog won't write to xml properly
Will someone please give me some insight as to why I'm not getting the right output to the xml file ...
[14 replies] Last: ok, got it completly figured out. A guy in my class took it upon himse... (by userpike)
Substitute digits in an array for their English written equivalent
As a part of my coursework, I need to substitute digits in an array to their English equivalent . ...
[7 replies] Last: Thanks! :) (by pnagpal)
Passing an array through multiple functions/heap sort
Any help on this would be appreciated. I have been trying to get this heap sort to work by passing m...
[5 replies] Last: If the compiler has already seen a function definition or declaration ... (by MikeyBoy)
Help please 2d array
Hi i need to write program that sort number in ascending order with 2 D array from inputfie to an ou...
[8 replies] Last: thank you for your help (by abdelboch)
by m1m6
print function in circular list
my code dousn't print members of any object i try another code it print all members but will fall ...
[5 replies] Last: thanks it's work :) (by m1m6)
Can't find the way to work with array to find cgpa from the grade that user have been enter
The question is, write a program to find cgpa for a student, the student need to enter their name, m...
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Not a typename?
Hi guys, Ive got a problem with this class, I'm sure its something stupid again, it helps if someon...
[4 replies] Last: That worked guys, cheers! feeling silly. (by RyanCook1993)
text to image conversion
Hi Everybody, thes days I'm trying to do something that I totaly ignore how to satrt it, thus I h...
[3 replies] Last: You shall download it. (by Moschops)
by lyla
Need Help & Review on my final project
This is my final project and below are my final code and the instructions. I am not sure if I cove...
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looking for help
well i have to do a task asking me to list all the folders and subfolders in the whole hard disk.......
[7 replies] Last: I haven't ever used Boost myself, though I hear it does have a great f... (by ResidentBiscuit)
by iky
input/output file error?
for my program i have to send everything to an output file while reading it from the input file. i m...
[3 replies] Last: There's no way we can possibly help you without some code to look at. ... (by MikeyBoy)
by iky
how to store values in arrays? (1,2)
hi. im having trouble storing values in arrays. i have to enter them in one by one but they dont see...
[24 replies] Last: @Aramil of Elixia: line one of your program you cant just have int&. ... (by MikeyBoy)
Inheritance: cant get a function to work properly
Hello fellow programmers! I have an assignment that isn't due till a few days, I'm just trying to...
[3 replies] Last: Well, what makes you think those methods "will not do its job correctl... (by MikeyBoy)
by m1m6
proplem in palindrome using stack
my code should check if the Entered string is a palindrome or not // stack.h typedef c...
[2 replies] Last: thx Zaita my proplem isn't with stack but with c-string i didn't kn... (by m1m6)
by maliks
new to c++: problem creating any logic of program
problem creating any logic of program help me how to make logic
[1 reply] : You need to go to the Beginners section of the forum. That is where Im... (by Victor714)
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