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by bleaz
Shortening the Code
I have never coded anything before 2 weeks ago. i am trying to get as much knowledge as I can so I m...
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Help with Logical Operators.
Ok, so I am learning c++ as a hobby and using an online tutorial and I have come to a section about ...
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Homework Help for Linked List
Hello everyone, I'm having an odd problem. It's really bugging me that something so small is keep...
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Hey need help making mor ethen one frames
Hello, how are you? people i need some help making more then one windows for my windows api. Here...
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Coding a windows api, with beeps at start
HEY PLEASE HELP ME WITH MY CODE: compiler used: DEV C++ as project, windows api. ::::::::::::::::::...
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Equal Range with a 3D multimap
I know many people do not like the idea of having containers within containers as they can get compl...
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Making a login screen
I am trying to make a login screen in which I grab input from a login.txt file which contain the nam...
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Cannot open include file: 'winbgi2.h': No such file or directory
i am using #include "winbgi2.h" in c++. i am using visual studio 2010. the problem is i cant build m...
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by mar11
identify variant type within class object
I am confusing the following problem by identifying the a specific type within boost::variant and p...
[1 reply] : Why not use function overloading and/or template specialization? (by LB)
Need help with C++ (angle quadrant)
Hello everyone. For my Math class I get a bonus credit of 40 points if I write a C++ program that do...
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Passing methods as arguments to other methods in C++
Hello and thank you for reading my post. I have several methods which begin and end the same: fil...
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I've done a tutorial, now what?
I did a long tutorial on c++ to make console programs. How would I use the skills I know to make a g...
[2 replies] Last: Rule of thumb: don't make console games. The console is nice when you'... (by LB)
for each question
hi every body . i read c++11 and i have one question . i use "visual studio 2010 sp1" and i want use...
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by Prog24
Writing to an Output File
Hello, I have my whole program complete except I need to write everything to the screen as well as t...
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by helios
Boost condition variables
template <typename T> class Event{ bool ready; T var; boost::condition_variable cv; boos...
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How to search multiple files
This is a personal project, not related to school or work. I'm on windows 7, running command line. ...
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help po sa assign ko sa C++ Programming...ito po ung problems... #1 Input: 10 numbers Output:...
[2 replies] Last: For #2 lookup the Sieve of Eratosthenes. Its a simple algorithm that f... (by davidcox95)
by iky
need help with starting program?
hi. i need help starting my program. im not sure how to start and im confused after trying a few dif...
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by georgp
Hashtable bad EXC_BAD_ACCESS error
Hello everyone, I'm writing a hashtable for an exercise. I am nearly finished but unfortunately I g...
[4 replies] Last: I goooooot it:) Thank you soooo much took me so long to figure this o... (by georgp)
What code do i need to add into a console application so when the user types in Help (in upper and l...
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