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by aloo12
guys i need help with this...
hi! iam a beginner in c++ ...i dont under stand how to make this programme... Write a C/C++ program...
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#include<iostream.h> void main() { char c= ' '; for(int i=1;i<=5;i++) { for(int j=1;j<=i;j++) ...
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malloc error when reallocating?
Anyone knows what can cause a fail of malloc allocating less memory than available? It can allocate ...
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Menu driven
What c++ codes should be in this problem? Need it ASAP :) Thank you! Ask your students to write a...
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by mas12
could anyone help me??
Iam using visual studio 2010 and iam trying to use pow but it doesn't work it is keeping say >>>...
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Evaluate these funtions
Can anyone explain me a this code line by line and word to word that what is going on in this co...
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enums?? (1,2)
Could someone explain what are enums, and how do we use them?
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by AceK
Hi everyone, I have this line off code qry.prepare("SELECT * FROM public."Users""); . My problem he...
[2 replies] Last: To elaborate on what DTSCode said, to have quotation marks in strings,... (by J4ke)
snippet needed
i need a snippet for drawing a box and a circle of desired dimensions in c++ without the use of grap...
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by Bolbi
why do we need float *f*?
i learned that everytime we use a float we have to put an f at the end of the number, but if i forgo...
[2 replies] Last: i googled .. 0.2 == double and 0.2f == float (by Bolbi)
Help, Object Oriented Programming C++ (1,2)
Well, just as the title reads I am taking a course in Object Oriented. We are having our last assign...
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Managing lots of code
So, I have crossed the 5,000 line mark in a project, and I am finding it to be getting a bit harde...
[5 replies] Last: well, thanks for your time then... I do have git, though, which does ... (by IWishIKnew)
Local function def's are illegal errors in my code.
#include <stdio.h> #include <conio.h> #include <math.h> #include <stdlib.h> void rpt(char in )...
[2 replies] Last: i solved it, but i now have the error "missing function header" at lin... (by Alinur Caglayan)
retrieving array of strings from java web service
Hi to all, I would like to ask about a problem I have in C++ programming. I have created a web s...
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MFC Exceptions
I have an application that utilizes ODBC to access a database. Often the app crashes and shuts down...
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std::cout<<"\nEnter Type Of The Account (C/S) : "; type=getche(); type=toupper(type); if(strc...
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Does putchar remove the item from array?
Does putchar remove the item from buffer when it prints to the outstream? The reason I ask is becaus...
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undefined reference to WinMain@16
I am using a header file and a cpp file on codeblocks, and it seems the codes looks fine, but when I...
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by Suad
Help in C++ project
Hello everyone , I need programming help , it's for a class project in c++ , I've spend almost three...
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by Ingek
Please help | read matrix travelling salesman problem
We are working on the travelling salesman problem in c++ for school, but we cannot figure out how to...
[4 replies] Last: hmm so all you need to do is: -Place zeros down the diagonal (distan... (by Mats)
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