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by kordi
linking erros 2028 and 2019
Hi,All I am a beginner to C++ coding and I have managed to write the following code. I had successf...
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by Ceset
simple button
hi i m trying to create a simple button but i get the following error. main.cpp ............. .......
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by dkaip
In cantainer of vectors how i can find the number of objects without loop?
Hello. how i can find the 5 without loop? vector<int>i; vector<int>j; i.push_back(1); i.push...
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by m1m6
how to fix this error error C2582: 'operator =' function is unavailable in
#include<iostream> #include"LongDouble.h" using namespace std; LongDouble:...
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How to cut off input when using getch??? If user repeatedly presses key it screws the game?
I am asking for input for a char by using the _getch() function. The thing is that when a key is...
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Can C++ be used for server side programming?
I know this question must have been asked before, but the problem that I am facing is that I am usin...
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this is code for a game in which one star moves with specified controle when it reach a specified po...
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suck with game. please help.
ok here is my stuck I know how to read and write a file but i cant get the same letters on my data f...
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by Damon
Using List to implement huge numbers
Im trying to implement a way to use really big numbers to be able to add, substract and multiply the...
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dynamic bitset
i want to assign number of bits by a variable in bitset ? how to do that? like bitset<4> foo; ins...
[1 reply] : The STL bitset is not dynamic. It is a compile-time constant size.... (by Duthomhas)
by m1m6
how to add two numbers in my own datatype
hello i have made a new data type which named LongDouble it takes 16 byte to save the number ...
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Help!!! writng a program that outputs to a .dat file
I have been asked to write a program to grade several multiple-choice exams. The exam has less than ...
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by srj
How to Change Clock Time
The system clock starts once the system is executed. But how can I update the clock value to certain...
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Need help with my C++ homework
I wrote this on notepad++ and I cannot get it to run on Dev++. The code is made up of a switch with ...
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by y0xuz
Hi all if i have class of Type T what would this line mean exactly? T t (); greetings,...
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reading line by line c++
So I'm reading from .txt file: My first line looks like: 16 5 12 18 3 14 12 8 My second line looks l...
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Smallest Number
How to find the smallest number amoungest 4 numbers
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Program that takes a Sum of Products and generates the Sum of Minterms
Have this homework assignment and I seriously don't even know where to begin. Any sort of help will ...
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hi every one "I want to help me to know where is the error in my programming" Q: Write a C++...
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Style Program-Error bringing it in
For some reason my string isn't working in my OpenFile function. I have put the whole program in jus...
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