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Can you help me simplify those IF please
Can you explain to me how to simplify all those IF, thank you Here's the code : http://textupload...
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Input and file implementation not working
Here is the input case for my files : #include "Person.cpp" #include <cmath> const double EP...
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Test Input not working with CPP file
For an assignment the following test input is as follows: #include <cmath> const double EPS = 0.0...
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Compile Error- Need help with 2 file implement
**IT works correctly as one file in a C++ shell but when I separate it into the findMedian file and ...
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by shamar
Help with structure c code
I'm a beginner and I need help with a C code to define a structure. I understand some of the basic c...
[5 replies] Last: he is using c. Its gcc not g++ and the assignment text says 'in C'. ... (by jonnin)
Segmentation Fault with BST
I am a bit of a beginner with c++ but I was practicing with binary search trees and for some reason ...
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Help with math tutor 3 major issues left to solve.
hey guys I'm writing a math tutor program and i need it to 1.keep track of the number of correct s...
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Compile Error- need help with multi. file implementation
Listed below are my four separate files that I'm using to compile my program. When I try and compile...
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by ayme
Uso de arrays como valor de un map
Buenas, la cosa es que quiero hacer un map donde el valor sea un array de structs y no se como naric...
[3 replies] Last: I've reorganized your structs slightly. You can't put an array dimens... (by AbstractionAnon)
Cross Platform Mobile Development C++?
Hello I been trying to get started with mobile development. But having some issues with finding a g...
[1 reply] : You stick to the C++ standard. However, this way you do not reach far ... (by shreyapandey)
by Xris
Looking for c++ programmers for game project
Hello my name is Xris, I am here developing a multi genre game on the unreal engine it's called "Pro...
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reader/ writer problem using semaphores and test and set
Hello, I am working on a project.. I have a reader writer program I am writing but we are not all...
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Need Help with Funciton to find Median- Using Array
Below is the code for the function to find the Median from an array. However, it is not working when...
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Binary Search Tree with a Class?
I am trying to implement a Binary Search Tree from a template. I am trying to have the list sort an ...
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Design of a parking lot. Anyy and all suggestions to improve design are welcome.
Hi ppl :), here is my design for simple parking lot, please put your valuable suggestions on how ...
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Question about negative tender in my output
wondering why at the end of my program the tender is showing negative... #include <iostream> #...
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list in class creation problem
#include <list> using namespace std; class node { float ang, dist; node* parent; list <node*> k...
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by BJ19
I need help!!!
Assignment: 1. Create a vector (snow) that will hold integers which represent snowfall amounts for...
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Incrementing and decrementing strings of letters
#include <bits/stdc++.h> using namespace std; int main () { int n; string let; cin >>...
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