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by helios
Mysterious undefined reference error
This is what my setup looks like: A.h #pragma once extern const byte_t packed_image_data ;...
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Error: Expression Must have a pointer type
title character.cpp bool Character::addItem(Item *item) { if(item->m_iType == BATTLE_ITEM) { ...
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I have been stuck on this project for a week and I need a program written for it by tomorrow night. ...
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by keagw
Hi, I am trying to make a program and our schools autogravder doesn't like cout, rather it likes "re...
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problem diffusion limited aggregation
hi I need help, I have this code and I have to change it in a diffusion limited aggregation of radi...
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make an 2 dimensional array (like 6 *6) and then split it in 2 vertical slices in c++?
I would like to know how I can make a 2-dimensional array (6*6) and then split it to two vertical sl...
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how to use MPI for 2d and 1d ?
Hello everyone: { = Thanks to lastchance} I would like to know how to use MPI in parallel proces...
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How to use MPI_Gatherv or MPI_Gather after ScatterV
Dear All: I found the code from: ref:
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Cant print out pattern
#include <iostream> using namespace std; void pattern(int n, int shift); int main() { int n;...
[1 reply] : if(n=2) should probably be if(n==2) What's the pattern rule? How ... (by Repeater)
Help with a class, again....
I have this class: class Horario { horpiece p ; public: void asignarl (horpiece p2 ...
[2 replies] Last: Allright, thank you in advance, I will first try std::copy It.....WORK... (by Demrottens)
Sparse Matrix deteminant and inverse
Hi all , As in the previous post I'm implementing a sparse matrix using vecor<map<index2, valueType>...
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Inheritance CI/SI/fixedDeposit
Question : Consider a Base class as defined below: class fixDeposit { protected int accno; // ac...
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Sparse Matrix class
Hi everybody ! I'm implementing a sparseMatrix class using vecor<map<index, type_value>> as contain...
[2 replies] Last: I've prefer use this solution : template <class T> SparseMatrix<T> d... (by drudox84)
Error function may not be redeclared outsied of its class
Possessions.h class Possessions { private: Item *m_pRoot; public: Pos...
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Issues with points and char arrays.
I am attempting to build a wordcount program for a homework problem. When I run my program I get a...
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by teeper
Randomly Generating String Length
I'm trying to randomly generate a series of letters from a character pool A-Z, but want the string l...
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Need Help Overriding Virtual Function
I'm in the process of abstracting the transport used for queueing in the OSS project ZDB. I've buil...
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New to classes
I am programming a schedule and task manager, something like an agenda for me to use. I have this c...
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need help shifting arrays!
I am supposed to shift the items in the array one place to the left. I also need to throw out the fi...
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i need a little help for my assignment
i need help on the algorithm to write this program. please don't give me the code to solve the entir...
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