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Output operator and ADL
Josuttis states the following about defining an O/P operator for a type defined in the std namespace...
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by kopev
error LNK2019 on visual studio
hello everyone, I try to use md5 in c/c++, working with visual studio I've hard time figuring out th...
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Its a bug ??
#include<iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int a; cin>>a; cin.ignore();...
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by ololo
How to change XML attribute value for a list of elements
Hi guys, I have a XML fragment where there are a lot of "Charge" elements. I need to change the val...
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Need assistance with this simple program
This is my first ever OO program so please don't judge me lol. This program is meant to print out th...
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Adding data from class objects
Hello all, I am having difficulty figuring out why I cant correctly add the "size" which is my membe...
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HELP! Reverse loop?
Use a loop to pull in the sets of information. As you pull them off, print only the names, in the fo...
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Check subset,union,intersection,difference and disjoint between two arrays
#include<iostream> #include<string> using namespace std; int main(); char arr ; char arrA ; ...
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Sorting and Display
//playlist.h: #ifndef _PLAYLIST_H_ #define _PLAYLIST_H_ #include <iostream> #include "song.h" usi...
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Make a subgraph from a Boost Graph Library(BGL)
I have a boost graph library that I define it as below: /// vertex properties struct VertexData { ...
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Understanding of code.
string choice; string str; cout<<"Do you want to encrypt or decrypt the message: "; ...
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I need help to write a program to generate digital waveform of a binary number.
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binary to ascii, ascii to binary.
#include<iostream> #include<cstring> #include<cmath> using namespace std; char bin_to_ascii(st...
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Need Root of Tree
This code works, but I need a function to locate the root of the tree (exp). Any help would be gre...
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by shamar
Help with a program
Hello Good night. I'm Beginner and I've received this program to do its due tonight and i'm still ha...
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Beeping function duration determined by key-pressed event
Hello, I'm currently learning C++ through Dev C++, and I'm working on an programme which with keyboa...
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Something weird happening with #ifdef
So I have this code: void TileButton::draw(Graphics *g) { #ifdef DEBUG_TILE_BUTTON g->drawRect(re...
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Compare a string with quotation marks
The function strcmp does not seem to like quotation marks in a string. I'm using GNU C++ 5.x. Did I ...
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by Jakjam
Help with the char function
I must write a program that tells the user how many characters are in the string that they entered. ...
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