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xor of every subarray in an array ?
given an array with length n, with every number <= 1e6, as there are n(n+2) / 2 subarrays there will...
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by yukine
solovay-strassen test
HI! This is primality test and this code is giving only "else condition"(thought it shouldn't) with ...
[1 reply] : write out the results of each part. write out the result of the mod()... (by jonnin)
by MRH
Auto Clicker
how can i make that when left click is held it sent infinite left click, and when its no longer held...
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string literals of different character encodings
I am trying to create string literals of different character encodings: 1) UTF-8 string literal (us...
[1 reply] : There is std::wcout , but in it only worked for the last one. ... (by TheIdeasMan)
C++ SDL 2.0 main menu Function
I'm currently trying to write a menu function for one of my projects. I'm remaking pac-man and I'd l...
[1 reply] : I would suggest not to use outdated function. If you have these old fu... (by coder777)
by stav
library on top of library
Hi i'm trying to build a 2D game engine on top of SDL. In my "engine" folder i have a file called ...
[1 reply] : For a pointer you can always have a forward reference (like struct SD... (by coder777)
Advance reading from file
Hi! I tried to find an answer, but I couldn't find anything on this. If I need to read from file suc...
[3 replies] Last: OOOOOOO, thank you for help so much :D problem is solved And yeah I ... (by Rododendron)
Connect four trouble getting pieces to stack
// Connect 4our // Created by Gregory Hagins II on 11/2/17. #include <iostream> #include <st...
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Help please with receipt calculator!
How do I get this to work properly... I want it to output the item price and sales tax and total...
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quicksort algorithm problem
I attempted a quicksort algorithm with a 10 element array but there seems to be a problem. After it ...
[1 reply] : quicksort should be recursive. It looks close but it is missing the r... (by jonnin)
Explanation c++
What kind of array is in each row of argv?
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by NG99
update and delete the record from text
how to use the c++ to write the code : case 1: how to write the code for update the record (string)...
[3 replies] Last: If you need such thorough examples, then you really should be consulti... (by Chervil)
Binary Search Tree sorted by two keys
I have a fictional character class with a unique string member variable, name, and a second member v...
[1 reply] : Typical use case for Boost.MultiIndex, perhaps: (by JLBorges)
Insertion sort for Linked lists
This assignment consists of getting linked list and sorting it using Insertion. I have completed the...
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A problem with overloading the >> operator for a custom array class
Hello everyone. i'am making a simple class for dynamic arrays in C++: #include <iostream> ...
[1 reply] : T& operator (int index) return a reference (not a value), so you can... (by ne555)
C++ Programming for the Absolute Beginner
Hello everyone! So i started reading this book it is called ,,C++ Programming for the Absolute Begi...
[1 reply] : If you want to know the "why" of author choices, ask the author. Don... (by cire)
new int with no overwrite
I have a int* that named arr and have a function that called in main(); this function named push_bac...
[1 reply] : actually, they aren't being deleted, they are simply lost, drifting in... (by ne555)
how to convert block compressed row to dense matrix?
I'm interesting to create a class for storing sparse matrix in Block Compressed Sparse Row format : ...
[1 reply] : I've figure out the way to plot the "blocks matrix" the smaller in the... (by drudox84)
What is wrong with this binary search algorithm
Hello, I have currently written a code for the binary search algorithm. However, the code does not s...
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by blanm
Route planning algorithm (1,2)
I have a design project for an engineering design course, the goal is to design a tunnel system bene...
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