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by YoniG
Get my decrypt key from file
Hello. I'm writing a program for encryption and decryption. I'm given a csv file which contains th...
[1 reply] : I'm having a trouble separating the line a,r for example to text and ... (by Chervil)
how to overcome [Error] expected unqualified-id before '{' token ?
please help me my new user here i want to ask please answer yeah master this is my code that i make...
[1 reply] : You are missing << between "Nama menjadi =" and nama. Correct would be... (by goldenchicken)
Double Buffering
I am trying to implement a class for Double Buffer. Ill also need 2 threads, 1 to generate samples,...
[5 replies] Last: ^^^^ This, so much this. I have used the thread 'hack' to do 2 *c... (by jonnin)
by stav
how the standard and run-time library works
I'm a bit confused about the differences between the standard and the run-time library in c (and c++...
[5 replies] Last: So would it be correct to say that the standard library is, more or l... (by jlb)
If there a way to get the type of an object/variable at compile time?
I want to be able to do something like this: Type1 sum(int x, int y){ setType1(type of x+y); ...
[3 replies] Last: you can do it by hand with void* sum approach, but that is sort of a C... (by jonnin)
Convert C++ code to VB6
Hi friends I have a strange requirement, how do I convert a c++ program to vb6 ? any suggestions ...
[2 replies] Last: You don't, is probably the answer. If it is more than a page or 2 ..... (by jonnin)
how to configure for DLL version
My goal is to link the three include files internally for the project and have the program reference...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks, very thorough. (by technologist)
increasing value of each element in std::list<int> by some number
I need to increase the value of each element in a std::list<int> by 5. The code I have turns a list...
[16 replies] Last: Okay, I almost have it all figured out except for insert() and the des... (by DragonOsman)
Need help with outputting in terminal
Hi! I was having trouble coming up with an algorithm for my program. I have a project for my comp sc...
[1 reply] : ... while (std::getchar()) // reads a character from std::cin ... (by nuderobmonkey)
Eulers Problem - Double base palindrome
Hello guys, this program is supposed to work on Eulers Problem - double base palindromes. It is supp...
[1 reply] : @cirise099 You will get a much better response if you put your code in... (by lastchance)
how to show details by name
how to show details by name
[1 reply] : 1. Create a collection of data objects that contain name and other det... (by keskiverto)
Formatting Ouput
I'm writing a display function that takes an array of record objects which contain a first name, las...
[1 reply] : having a difficult time getting the output aligned with the column he... (by Chervil)
help with vector
Hello all and thanks for the help ahead of time I'm in need of a little help. I need to edit the pro...
[13 replies] Last: can you specify what you are saying as i cant understand sorry (by Shiro12)
Calculating CPU Utilization
Im not sure calculate the percentage of CPU utilization for cpu scheduling algorithms. I got the for...
[5 replies] Last: its made up. I have no idea what you are actually doing. You need OS... (by jonnin)
Nth prime number calculation
I only just recently started learning C++ a few months ago. So i'm not sure how to go about this. In...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you, I really appreciate it. I'll learn how to use code tags the... (by Orberes)
Insert element in Modified compressed sparse row matrix
Hi everybody, i'm developing a Modified Compress Sparse Row Matrix Class (in C++) you can read here ...
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semaphore mutex and a producer/consumer problem
my program is supposed to accept 4 numbers via initial arguments while running the code, ie %executa...
[2 replies] Last: It's what is expected to be used by the assignment outline (by Roflbcopter)
brightness and color value of image
im looking to create a program that can save the brightness and color value of a picture pixel by pi...
[4 replies] Last: ah. I don't have a current suggestion. I used to use the jpeg librar... (by jonnin)
by Baluv3
I'm studying my higher secondary and I am working on this project for my final exams... I'm saving t...
[3 replies] Last: You're trying to serialize recipes - that is, to write them out comp... (by mbozzi)
This is Facebook's Liar Liar. Where should I go from here?
I've been stuck for a while now. I've gotten the input, I'm just having a problem with finding consi...
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