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Please hepl me by completing vector's find function
#include<iostream> #include<vector> using namespace std; vector <string> names; //Getting...
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How to convert a char pointer to unsigned short
Hello, I am working on this project where I receive a char pointer, but need to cast it to an unsig...
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by Ammo
Initializing Char Arrays
Hi, I wrote a simple program that takes a users information and displays it back to the user. Fo...
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Reading Data from File
Can anyone help me to retrieve data from the file. How do I display the appointment of Peter with fs...
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Code is Done Can You Just Explain My While loop? :D
Hello. I failed my C++ class two semesters ago and I am retaking it. I am doing really well comple...
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3 little problem with class
1. int * p; p = 0; // is this right? if(p == 0) .... //in this case, the 0 means the address or t...
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Alphabet Permutation (All possible combinations)
So I have been coding a small program in C++ that prints all possible combinations of up to 3 charac...
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help me understand dec to bin work
like this: unsigned int uiNum = 38; for(int i = 31; i >= 0; --i) { cout << (((uiNum >> i...
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Stack vs Heap
Hey everybody I was wondering when to use heap based allocations vs stack based ones. Even though i...
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MySQL c++
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Importing and Exporting from Excel in C++
I'm writing a program to sort a Binary Design Structure Matrix. Ideally, I'd like to use Excel as a ...
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if -else statement
i dont understand th if else statement with it block statement please help me .. :))
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Having trouble finding my errors.
I am trying to get this programming running to turn in for an assignment however I am banging my hea...
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Compiler does not recognise Include Path?
CPP Include Path not seen by compiler?? I'm trying to build a CPP library and have set the CPP Incl...
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Segmentation Fault (core dumped)
Code snippet written in C: int main(int argc, string argv ) { char final_cipher_txt ; cha...
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Can I use a union declaration in a constructor ?
Hello, I am trying to learn C++, I used to work with C I have a question about constructors, l...
[1 reply] : You mean like class foo { private: union uni { int foo; double... (by Angeljruiz)
Switch statement into an array.
Hello, I'm trying to store the count of each roll into an array to simplify the code. However, I'm f...
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Debug buggy program
I am tring to figure out why this program wont run???? // Monthly Sales Analysis #include <i...
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undefined reference to
Hey I am having some problem with my code I just cant figure it out. I keep getting undefined refe...
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Help me with my assignment "NO TIME"
I tried to do my homework but there's no time because I have to send it to my professor today and th...
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