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Array of structs
I'm trying to create a user-defined array using struct, create an array of contacts, and sort and se...
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Help with assignment. ( class, array, members)
A corporation has six divisions, each responsible for sales to different geographic locations. Desi...
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by loredo
help comparing file input using getline()
I'm don't fully understand how im supposed to compare the two different files, i got the program to ...
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Neep help for an assignment please
Hey I need some help please. I have this code, it works somewhat fine, when i compile in the ter...
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by leoo
Run functions under what?
I downloaded some source codes that I compiled, and when I run it nothing happends, just a regular c...
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SDL Issues
Hi, I've been working through the lazyfoo tutorials for SDL and have been trying to make something ...
[9 replies] Last: You never set screen to point to anything. (by Peter87)
Problem using lambda function with std::for_each
Hi! I had tried to use a std::for_each for iterate through list elements. The problem is that I do ...
[1 reply] : It looks like that your compiler does not support lambda expressions. (by vlad from moscow)
error object returned from stl::map
Hi! I have the next code in which i put an object of class 'testclass' ( child class from 'objeto...
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OpenGL and VBO
Hey everyone, I got this code: #include <stdio.h> #include <GL/glew.h> #include <GLUT/glut.h> #inc...
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by blaa15
reading line by line from txt file
I am trying to read data from a .txt doc line by line with delimiters. we also have to populate a ve...
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by amir22
I am getting an error on this. what Did I miss?
#include <iostream> #include <cmath> using namespace std; int main() { double L; double rate; in...
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std::is_function fail!
Why this fails: #include <iostream> #include <type_traits> template <typename T> void foo...
[3 replies] Last: Would this work for you: #include <iostream> #include <type_traits> ... (by closed account z05DSL3A)
data file handling output problem
i made a txt file & added some text to it when i opened it from a c++ code to display the data, i...
[5 replies] Last: Looping on eof is almost always the wrong thing to do. file >> a; f... (by cire)
// Includes #include "stdafx.h" #include <iostream> #include <conio.h> #include <vector> #in...
[2 replies] Last: The integer value of a space is ' ' . A char (as denoted by the sing... (by doug4)
by Balrog
OpenGL Windows 7 error (window creation)
I've been working on an OpenGL project for several months, and recently ran into a problem after tra...
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cross platform software example c++
Hello, I am looking to create a small cross platform software using only c++ and i have no clue h...
[7 replies] Last: Thanks for all the info everyone. Really really appreciate it. I ha... (by babbarbhangoo)
Heap Corruption in C++
Hello Everyone, I have one socket client c++ program it has some heap corruption in that. i m not u...
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something wrong with bool true
Hi! I want to make my program return to the main menu when the user inputs "1" This is my code ...
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by rollie
Boost for non-boost programmers - how to sell it?
I'm working at a small software shop, so my manager is open to suggestions for improvement. VC++ 201...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks for the ICU tip Duoas, appreciated! Looking for specifics to de... (by rollie)
by Tomdub
Help With Converting Digits Or Symbols Into Numbers
Hey all, I'm a little confused on the proper method for converting symbols and what not into numb...
[1 reply] : cin.getline() cin.ignore() (by TheJJJunk)
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