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doesn't give error but doesn't work either.
the problem occured after i wrote lines 34-39 float mainpress,maintemp,mainpow,allvariables,mi...
[2 replies] Last: no output comes. ı wrote for a test line cout<< "hello"; and it didn'... (by noktalivirgul)
Thread wrapper class
Hi all, I'm writing a wrapper thread class. Because Posix "pthread_create" needs a static function...
[1 reply] : (by kbw)
by myslf
Airseat program
#include <iostream> #include <conio.h> #include <string> using namespace std; int main() { cha...
[1 reply] : use code tags and proper indentation, it makes the code easier to read... (by Need4Sleep)
please help!
I have a code such that: class ambientvar{ public: float temperature; float pressure; float power...
[7 replies] Last: Note that list gives you the 6th element in list because the indices ... (by Peter87)
by iky
hi. i need help please. i just wrote a program that asks the user to type in three integers. now i h...
[12 replies] Last: Sorry iky. After the changes, I didn't check it would work with only 3... (by whitenite1)
makefile question?
I'm doing a project and using different assignments. For one assignment I made a makefile. Now I'm...
[2 replies] Last: here is an example of a generic makefile that will make almost anythin... (by closed account iw0XoG1T)
copying files
I'm doing a project and I need to use two files Random.h and Random.cpp Those two files are in my a...
[1 reply] : Just copy paste them, then "Add file to active project" or whatever in... (by S7krs)
C++ Exercises with Answers
I just want to share this site the site contains sample exe...
[1 reply] : anyone who are interested..just visit this blog..thank you :P (by raymundpogi)
Any help?
I'm doing a project and one of the assignments includes adding to another. I had to add two variabl...
[5 replies] Last: Sorry, I forgot which board I was posting on. I just don't know what... (by helios)
Make File
How can I retrieve a line of data or write a line of data from this file - MyText.txt - Retrieve Yo...
[1 reply] : Use fstream: (by coder777)
About Array C++
[2 replies] Last: I was going to say what the ideasman said. And also what is true? wh... (by DarthBane)
bool help
I'm trying to make a function to check if a Random number is less than or equal too another number (...
[1 reply] : Variable Random is not declared, did you mean this? bool Weapon::di... (by TheIdeasMan)
How to use SORT() function on class variable
Hello everyone, i needed to sort really large number of class objects on the basis of their one vari...
[6 replies] Last: Sorry no offense, i just said that i am too stupid to understand and u... (by unkn00wn)
help ASAP, why am I getting this error?
I'm doing a part to a project where I'm making a weapon class and a test program. The weapon class h...
[2 replies] Last: Paste here the makefile. (by UldisK)
help with simple program
I'm doing a part to a project where I'm making a weapon class and a test program. The weapon class h...
[5 replies] Last: Honestly i have no idea why you are getting that I just compiled and r... (by Angeljruiz)
by dovip
Exercise 4.1.1 (Without fear)
Write a program that defines and tests a factorial function. The factorial of a number is the produc...
[5 replies] Last: Oh I understand now. Thank you guys. (by dovip)
Simple C++ problem
Hello, I'm practically pulling my hair out because I cant figure this out. My program just won't run...
[2 replies] Last: It would probably be cleaner to just check if if startSet is true afte... (by Gulshan Singh)
Write a program that asks the user to enter today's sales for five stores. The program should then ...
[3 replies] Last: Then you would need an array, to hold the 5 stores sales figures first... (by whitenite1)
Reposted: Is there a better algorithm to solve this problem? (1,2)
This is the problem i am trying to solve: (link:
[32 replies] Last: @ne555 Yes I understood why!! Its because the array test isnt sorted.... (by meteora)
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