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Serialize Deserialize
Hallo All, I'm trying to serialize and deserialize graphic objects, but it doesen't work. What exac...
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Hangman game with word bank input from .txt file
I am trying to pull my words randonly from a wordbank .txt file and so far i have this #include ...
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by cody
Runtime stack overflow
Hi can anyone tell me why my code is getting a stack overflow? also any other tips would be nice, im...
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Pointer trouble !
I am having some trouble with this pointer problem ! I cannot figure out how we find the input. I do...
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2 player craps game
This is the problem statement: (1) One of the players goes first. That player announces the size ...
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C++ project help please
Write a program to convert the time from 24-hour notation and vice versa. Your program must be menu ...
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by guesto
Craps game C++ need help??
For this program, simulate a craps game for a total of at most 20 wagers. That is, the first player ...
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Error LNK1120: 4 unresolved externals --Initializing class vector variable inside constructor
I am trying to link a vector of vectors from my header file to my .cpp file, but I am getting a coup...
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Codeblocks not finding libs, permission denied (1,2)
I upgraded to code::blocks and now I have the errors while trying to install sfml and sdl (to use in...
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Combinational Logic Simulation using QThreads
Hello! I'm trying to create program that reads in commands from an input file, and accordingly creat...
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difference between cout and cerr
Other than the theoretical difference between cout and cerr where the former puts values to the moni...
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problem with my lexer
im having trouble writing my lexer. i want it to find for right now just strings and identifiers, bu...
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x and y wont work
Hello here is my code so far: #include <cstdlib> #include <ctime> #include <iostream> #include <win...
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Structure and Rational Numbers HELP!!
So I have to create a program that follows these guidelines and i dont know where to start please he...
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by Juicej
Using pointers an string arrays
im supposed to build a simple traffic control program.. i'm done but i kno its full of errors it run...
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by algo89
Floating point numbers / numerical analysis
Hi, I have the problem of trying to find the smallest natural number that makes two consecutive ter...
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need help trying to implement a linked list, but it failed to compile.
I need to write a permute class that will take first and second strings to rearrange letters in firs...
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Arrays getting random numbers
Ok so Im suppose to make this program were the user inputs the size of the array then the user sets ...
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by razr
Class templates - strange constructor behavior
Hey, I am currently studying the use of class templates in C++. I created the class template<cl...
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please help me with this!
hi im a student in college and stuck with a programming teacher who really doesn't know how to teach...
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