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Need help finding the basic operations and analyzing this program. Do I count the *= as the basic ...
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int main() { int x; cout << " Please choose betwee...
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by EgorV
enumerations class
Hello, How I can declare the enumeration class as an interface and a realization in this situation:...
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algorithm to code help
function FIND SHORTEST PATH(Grid world) q<-new Queue; s<-new Stack; Initialise a Distance arr...
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by Rob85
How to Search for a File Online
Hello, I am trying to create a program to locate a file on the internet in C++. I have not idea h...
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Help please
Please help me with this, it is supposed to find all roots of a quadratic formula. I can't get it to...
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Quadratic Equation Imaginary Roots
Hello, my professor is wanting us to make a program that calculatates the quadratic equation. Howeve...
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Help Please
I keep getting the result of nan for the x1 and x2 values, can someone please tell me what i'm doing...
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need help with my merge sort code!
#include <iostream> #include <algorithm> using namespace std; void merge_sort_array(int* v, int l...
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Multiple if or if/else statement with only one cout
I cannot figure out how to write this without using multiple cout statements for the output of the l...
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Making a gui binary calculator
I'm trying to make a binary calculator that can only use 0's and 1's using QT and visual studio. Onl...
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assingment operator
can any one plz tell me the program of assignment operators?
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Printing 2D dynamic array from file
Hi everyone, I'm working on an assignment that is required to use a 2D array to store data from a te...
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How can I make members point to other members in a class?
I'm trying to build a simple virtual machine. I have a couple 8 bit registers that can also be acces...
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string header
I'm able to use all the string functionality in my program even though I have not declared #include ...
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Array of Pointer - 2
Please explain the difference in the output of 2 programs cout<<branch in Program 1 gives output ...
[1 reply] : *branch points to the beginning of your string instead of the whole... (by Jareth)
Input: - the number of office supply items requested by our department for the Fall semester 2016 ...
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by CPSC23
While loop help
My instructor asked: Your job is to create a program that takes, from keyboard input: 1. The numb...
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Reading from a file and storing into an array
Hi, everyone I could really use your help. I have this text file 1x+1y+1z=5 2x+3y+5z=8 4x+0y+5z=2 ...
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