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Files in c++
Hi guys, I want to make a programme in which I want the programme to read from the file edit it usi...
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I need help with the total.
Hey, guys I need help trying to total these three columns individually. Thank you. #incl...
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Find length of every word.
While bored of DBs and Oracle started practicing C++. Here is the problem: It's requested, they ...
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Need help on a painter program
So I wrote this program in visual studio that has you input number of rooms and the sqft of walls fo...
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for C Programming help
Write a C program that allow the user to enter his age and the program will print the associated age...
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help exam, spot black
hi, i need help! I have to write a program in C ++ with allegro and I don't know where to start. The...
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Why is typename not needed always?
Hi, I have this doubt: why is typename required in some cases and not in all? For example, it ...
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Anyone? Please
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by Murozo
C++ Türk Bayrağı (türk Flag) program
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filling a three-value tuple with contents from file
I have this file: Afghanistan,Afghan afghani,AFN Akrotiri and Dhekelia,European euro,EUR Aland I...
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C++ class
I'm am taking a c++ class as a beginner. I know its a simple program. . Create a vector called myVe...
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while loop average grade program **PLZ HELP**
Create a program to continually input grades from the user. Exit the loop when the user types a grad...
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smth wrong
I am using DEV-C++ on my windows PC; When i try to run this simple program, it says ( iostream: N...
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by Hengry
Using C++ to changes bytes of assembly instructions
Given as set of assembly instructions I have to change the bytes so that the binary file would accep...
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by Jsmo10
Help with Assignment
Here is a general overview of my assignment: Description: In this assignment, you will write a pro...
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by BNv1
Simple Array Name Storage Program: Search / Remove Functions not working
Novice C++ User trying to make a simple program to practice arrays that saves 5 names to an array an...
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by Jakjam
Array & Pointer Issue
I need to write a program that averages user-entered test scores, assembles them in ascending order,...
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Help with Homework
Create a program has a class called calculator, which contains four functions: ▪ Addition ▪ Su...
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