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using pointers as members of struct
i want to use pointers as member of prgram should read ISBN numbers of multiple books fro...
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linear feedback shift register
I am dealing with Linear Feedback Shift Register. Most of the codes that I found are written in C. I...
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ECMAScript assertions: how to specify the maximum number of matches of a certain character class?
Hi, I want to modify the following regular expression: // string: "Ab,CDf" // reg expr...
[3 replies] Last: Actually, the greedy match (no question mark) is a better choice in th... (by mbozzi)
by LHHH25
Program Help
I need some help on how to properly execute this program Input/Output 1- Create an input file...
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Do not understand a regular expression using default grammar
The regular expression is: auto pattern{ R"(^\s*(?!#)(\w+)\s*=\s*([\w\d]+)$)"s }; The ...
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by Ric
Stuck on a problem (1,2)
I need help with writing a program that initializes an array of characters with the phrase, “Take ...
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iostream string
why doesn't work the following code?( I want to use char and not the class string) #include <iost...
[5 replies] Last: @Cubbi, I don't agree that is a defect, just a more "relaxed" way to d... (by Furry Guy)
lab using dynamic memory
below i have code where i am asked to fill in some information #include <iostream> using name...
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Need some explanation.
My code is like this: struct Performer { string name; double scores ; double final;...
[1 reply] : Change the return type to what you really want to return: Performer ... (by coder777)
by Dee5
Changing file extensions.....
The flash disk contents are in a folder named “flash-disk”. Please help me create a program that...
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dynamic arrays
i understand the general concept, the last 2 labs i did on my own, here's one where I am trying to g...
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no constructor exists to convert datatype to queue of datatype
I'm trying to enqueue the ints and doubles for the queue of ints and the queue of doubles. But there...
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Lab Assignment Help
I currently need help with a C++ lab assignment and it would be greatly appreciated. The assignm...
[6 replies] Last: The assignment in the original post states: You are to keep a count of... (by BlasianKid)
chrono::time_point object is supposedly a struct.
I need to make a variable with the type std::chrono::time_point. How would I do that?
[1 reply] : #include <chrono> std::chrono::time_point tp; (by doug4)
Random Character Program Assignment!
You must follow these requirements exactly. Your program must loop, asking for character names that...
[3 replies] Last: Your program must loop, asking for character names that may contain s... (by kbw)
Can you initialize an object within an object taken as a parameter?
I have a header which allows the class to take another class of the same type as a parameter. Callin...
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by zolo
Extract a vector from a vector of vectors
Hi, I have to work with medium large data files. They are anything from 1 to 1024 x 262144 double...
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by cgm2k7
help from loop
Hello! Good night everybody! I am "trying" to develop a fighting game in SDL2 c ++, I have the fo...
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Structures and Arrays
I need help with the following question: Design a structure Student containing the following members...
[7 replies] Last: Sorry guys, this is what I have edited, still incomplete but I'm worki... (by Anton12304)
Structures and Arrays Question
I have completed most of the problem I've been working on so far. This is the full question (1-4). I...
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