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by malugu
STM8S103F3P6 TIM1_CH3 capture problem
I am using the STM8S103F3P6(Product details:
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How to interpret the question?
How do I interpret the following practice problem: (I have done the problem and finished it but I c...
[1 reply] : I would suggest that you remove 18 completely and pass the pointer dir... (by coder777)
Using Recursion to List all Prime numbers from 1 to n
Hello everyone. I am struggling to use recursion in order to list all the prime numbers from 1 throu...
[1 reply] : #include <iostream> using namespace std; void recursion( int n ) { ... (by lastchance)
How to specify more than one field as a variadic template function?
The following code: template <class C, class D> std::vector<Model::Category> getCategoriesSor...
[3 replies] Last: template<typename ...Ts> std::vector<Model::Category> getCategoriesSor... (by JUANDENT)
strange error at std::cout
I tried to implement a partitioning algorithm for later using at quicksort, but when I try to compil...
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Programming and deployment in Server
We have a Server where all our programmers develop in the same environment and deploy. This means a ...
[2 replies] Last: What does "software services" mean? If you have virtual machine(s) an... (by keskiverto)
No errors, but program execution not working at all
Hey, I feel like the solution to my problem is simple, but I've spent hours trying to find it and I ...
[4 replies] Last: += doesn't need to call simplify() because operator+ already did. oper... (by dhayden)
Can someone explain this pseudocode
It was one programming question for a telecom entry-level new grad job. I am just wondering if the v...
[10 replies] Last: Ah, C++17, and in <numeric> . (by Furry Guy)
switch-case being most efficient
In C++, how do I code switch-case the most efficiently by making use of the fittest alignment?
[4 replies] Last: I was quoting a post before mine, that has since vanished. I guess the... (by mbozzi)
Getline not working
hey everyone when I use getline with strings, it doesn't work. In my code, I am creating a string ...
[6 replies] Last: The actual newline sequence depends on your OS/compiler. For Windows, ... (by Duthomhas)
by chr0w
Class object overwritten
Greetings I have an issue where I've made a simple point class. When i instantiate two different ...
[3 replies] Last: Good. Note: Your constructor assigns values after initialization.... (by keskiverto)
multiple heritage between classes and imbiguity
I have a class Personne which has two inheritors : Enseignant an Etudiant, another class EleveVacata...
[2 replies] Last: Yes it worked thank you so much. (by MarouaneM)
matrix and vector multiplication
Hi, i am trying to do multiplication of matrix and vector using block_prod( ) boost library in my co...
[9 replies] Last: Thank you all for you help, will try manual way. (by kavyaGN)
by Ric
Help with a Card Trick Program
Hi,I need help with a Card Trick Program. I need it to print out like this: Jack of Spades 2...
[2 replies] Last: BuildDeck() and PrintDeck() don't use the size parameter. Remove it or... (by dhayden)
by atoken
How to check if char input is a single character
So while input is not x I want the program to run a loop. However, if I enter two letters at one tim...
[4 replies] Last: If the user enters some like hey it will output the 'h' and the 'y' o... (by dhayden)
C++ sequences of numbers 1 and 2
Is that "don't know how to do it on paper" or "I can do it on paper, just not in code".
[2 replies] Last: #include <iostream> #include <algorithm> #include <string> // print ... (by JLBorges)
by rp140
Vector bug
I have this assignment that asks me to separate a program into 5 files. The program runs fine as a w...
[19 replies] Last: Thank you so much Furry Guy!! That worked perfectly. (by rp140)
Problem with std::isnan() in combination with __float128
Hello, I am using the GCC compiler's __float128, but I've encountered a problem. I have a class t...
[4 replies] Last: I've decided to choose the easy solution and use mbozzi's method: boo... (by Peter88)
Please help!
I am admittedly very new to c++ and am working on a project, with which I am very stuck. ((I artic...
[3 replies] Last: Take the bullet list from the instructions and paste it into your code... (by dhayden)
uniform initialization issues
This code: #include <iostream> int main() { unsigned short width { 5 }; unsigned short leng...
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