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Program does what it's supposed to do except for the first time.
Long story short, I wrote a (likely needlessly complicated) program to represent 21 students pulling...
[2 replies] Last: you dont call setTeam() after you call setPull() on line 83. So as kbw... (by stav)
80% Asperges, 20% Asparagus, 100% Career Destroying. (1,2)
Got a code that's producing memory address of stored 24bit pixel data. I'm pretty confident I can ge...
[25 replies] Last: I guess you are just a troll. Whatever. At least I get the last word! (by tpb)
redefinition of ‘class error...
I've encountered this error when I wrote a new class: =============================================...
[2 replies] Last: I don't think the forward declaration really matter (could be wrong), ... (by Ganado)
Sorting and finding index of a vector
vector<int> initial={4,7,16,18,8,11,10,15,5,9,2,6,17,19,12,13,1,3,14,20}; Vector<vector<int>> allpar...
[1 reply] : (1) PLEASE USE CODE TAGS (2) Please consider the intelligibility of w... (by lastchance)
vector<pair<int, pair<int, int>>> a; please explain this in detail
[5 replies] Last: I didn't say you were contradicting me, just thought it was funny. :) ... (by Ganado)
by mc0134
where to put a class?
In general, should class appear in .h file (sort of like normal function prototype style) and then t...
[3 replies] Last: If you don't need to show something to everyone, keep it to yourself. ... (by mbozzi)
by jkim37
I AM USING C++ with XCODE. #include <iostream> #include <stdlib.h> #include <string.h> using namesp...
[2 replies] Last: @helios THIS IS BECAUE IT"S DOUBLE LINKED LIST. I TRIED WITH SINGLE LI... (by jkim37)
good permutations
This is my code for "good permutations " on codechef i am getting correct ans for test case but wr...
[6 replies] Last: Thanks @lastchance for your code. My code is now working.I had missed ... (by shreyk5)
How to count with regex.
This is just a thought, but if you were replacing words with regex and you wanted to count how many ...
[6 replies] Last: Ok thanks for the tip, I'll check them out. (by Doctype)
Extracting algorithm of an Iterative-method module
Dear all, I'm not familiar with vector and matrices as classes. I appreciate your help with extra...
[1 reply] : matrix is not a c++ thing. Someone created a matrix class. vector (n... (by jonnin)
by Borneq
How compile *.proto?
When I run cmake . I have errors: -- Configuring done CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:251 (add_library...
[1 reply] : This is Google Protocol Buffer stuff, right? From memory, the protobu... (by MikeyBoy)
Return value
Hello! I was just "doodling" around with my xml parser. And wanted just to build some error report...
[7 replies] Last: For checking the status you often don't need a variable: if (!doc.Lo... (by tpb)
Calculate quaternion rotations between two values
I have a quaternion Q1: X: -0.023995593190193176 Y: -0.4076451063156128 Z: 0.04357096180319786 W: 0...
[3 replies] Last: OK, so you got it? Nice! Sorry, I haven't looked at those in about 1... (by jonnin)
by jaituk
This is a class exercise that I am doing. Everything goes fine without the delete pl at the end, but...
[7 replies] Last: You have various options: - you could pass the address of the array e... (by MikeyBoy)
How to pass an object as a function parameter of another class
hi, I want to pass an object as a parameter to a function, the object belongs to another class and l...
[2 replies] Last: Overall declarations , definitions , and implementations should be... (by keskiverto)
Observer pattern help THANKS
Am I implementing it correctly? (used for a quiz application) Observer.h: #ifndef OBSERVER_H #defi...
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I'm working on a school activity and i need some help. I'm programming with vectors and i have a mis...
[4 replies] Last: @lehti: the poor formatting of the post got you. The semicolon is wher... (by keskiverto)
by stav
Filestreams and best practice when reading
Hi im making a program that decodes a special fileformat and basically what i need to do is: 1. Rea...
[3 replies] Last: Look at this and maybe... (by closed account D2y5SL3A)
by jaituk
The problem I have is with the delete . If I just eliminate it from the function, it works. But when...
[6 replies] Last: fill_n (&cifrada, (int of the size of cifrada), '\0'); I think. check ... (by closed account D2y5SL3A)
by Amy313
Help please!!!
#include<iostream> #include<fstream> #include<vector> #include<string> #include<iomanip> using ...
[3 replies] Last: well, as the error said, the class Student has no member named cName, ... (by Flaze07)
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