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LinkedList CD/DVD Collection - << Operator Overload
Hello everyone, I'm having trouble understanding what this error is saying. I'm terrible at underst...
[1 reply] : the word "operand" gives me a headache Arguments to operators are of... (by Peter87)
by PKumar
Searching and writing in a text file
Create a textfile to accept 5 names and correspnding phone numbers (separated by a single ...
[1 reply] : I suggest using a struct for storing the name and telNr, both as a std... (by nuderobmonkey)
new(size_t, void* p)
Have a look at this; #include <iostream> int main() { int x = 0; int* p1 = new(&x) int ...
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Basic C++ || Questions
Hey guys new to C++ and learning the basics but got questions that I wanna know. Example purposes...
[7 replies] Last: I didnt fully follow the question you are trying to ask, but code is i... (by jonnin)
c++ and DirectX game engine
I am currently working on a game engine using c++ and direct3D and I need help to design a class to ...
[13 replies] Last: Are you really going to argue that if you encountered this interface ... (by mbozzi)
Help with move constructor
#include <iostream> class T { int x; public: T() :x(-1) {} T(int a) :x(a) {} T(const T& a) :x...
[2 replies] Last: Yes that's what is happening i guess; I think the compiler is converti... (by fewdiefie)
if statement vs ?:
What is the difference between this: if(a <= b) max = b; else max = a; and this: max = (a <= b...
[8 replies] Last: This has been a topic I have pondered from time to time. I tend to sh... (by doug4)
Cross-Platform Mobile Development in C++ (Visual C++)
Hello, thank you for graciously clicking my post. I've developed the back-end (C++) for a sports man...
[2 replies] Last: Not that i know alot about this topic but i once managed to port a c+... (by stav)
managing free store objects
stroustrup said: When you construct an object on the free store, place its pointer into a manager...
[5 replies] Last: Yes. 77. Use vector and string instead of arrays. Summary Why ju... (by JLBorges)
BinaryTree & EmployeeInfo; Comparative Overloading
BinaryTree.h: #pragma once #include <iostream> using namespace std; // BinaryTree template templat...
[7 replies] Last: Thank you, tpb. For now, I'll keep the altered T* searchNode() and see... (by DiggyCode)
sockets non blocking mode timeout
What is the meaning of timeout in non blocking mode. If for instance it can not read data in that ti...
[6 replies] Last: If you're waiting, why are you using non-blocking sockets in the first... (by kbw)
by Donyy
Need help for one problem
Write a program in which you have the void ToMilTime function (int hour, int minutes, bool pm) to di...
[16 replies] Last: Yeah i already got it, I just didn't like this: I think you need to l... (by fewdiefie)
ISO c++ or TC++PL
ISO c++ standard or "The c++ programming language by stroustrup"? and why?
[3 replies] Last: The C++ Programming language is also a bit to digest. Its a great boo... (by jonnin)
SetWindowText come andare a capo
Salve, ho un problema sto effettuando un progetto in C++ con un'interfaccia grafica in Visual Studio...
[4 replies] Last: Questa รจ la creazione della WindowW, ed ho inserito ES_MULTILINE: Cre... (by Giorgia)
In c++ if I define a class to have a default constructor as well as a parameter based constructor bu...
[6 replies] Last: Ok cool, thanks for all the answers. I understand now. (by parallx)
by memguy
Not using the heap. Is it sign of being a bad programmer ?
I am using c++ for 4+ years and since then, I did not need to use heap (*Libraries is an exception e...
[5 replies] Last: @Ganado thank you ! (by memguy)
by hb42
C++ Vector inserting elements at indices *before* previous indices are used
Is it possible to insert elements in a vector at a specific index before previous indices are used...
[10 replies] Last: First, what you wrote is incorrect and dangerous; by writing these lin... (by fewdiefie)
Move contructor/assignment
Hello there, can you please explain to me when a move constructor/assignment is called and what exac...
[3 replies] Last: EDIT: Missed Peter87's post earlier; leaving this post here because it... (by JLBorges)
UML and Operator Overloading
Hi Can anyone translate this: +operator+(add:tome &):tome +friend operator<<(output:ostream ...
[10 replies] Last: Ok cool, I follow now. Thanks (by parallx)
Wheel of fortune game
I am having a little trouble with this wheel of fortune type game, it keeps giving me an error that ...
[3 replies] Last: it keeps giving me an error that i cannot find What is the error? Ho... (by dhayden)
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