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Invalid use of incomplete type class Vertices (with templates)
I think I did everything correctly. I just can't understand whats the problem. Heres my code: templ...
[3 replies] Last: template<typename T> class Vertex { public: void t(); }; template<... (by Peter87)
Unexpected Timing Results
Hello there! So I wanted to do an experiment to test timing difference between using a switch state...
[6 replies] Last: @jonnin Nah, I'm pretty sure by now it had to do with CPU caching or ... (by Spirrwell)
File stream reading line with specific criteria
classA, (-7, 11) // classA requires 2 variables(x,y) classB, (5, -31, -22) // classB requires 3 var...
[3 replies] Last: After reading the data for a particular line, extract and discard the ... (by JLBorges)
Object with volatile private member
Hi guys, I'm writing code for Arduino, for interrupt function. Any variable must be volatile, so in...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks for explonation (by Pararera)
Creating LinkedList by Text File
hey guys as you read on title i have to make linked list.Now i have txt file which named sayi.txt th...
[1 reply] : Your spacing is insane. A you haven't really done enough. Show your at... (by tpb)
by mqndv
My code does not compile!! Can anyone help me compile c++ code
This is a c++ program about palindromes. It does not compile, and I do not know how to fix it. Pleas...
[1 reply] : Stack's push and ToString methods are missing their return values. Sho... (by tpb)
This is a homework assignment for my class, and the professor didn't explain switch and two-way stat...
[1 reply] : In the end of there are... (by keskiverto)
Deck Of Cards Game (where user beats cpu by 2 points)
I was supposed to create a deck of cards and then use the deck of cards to play a game where I give ...
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why i am getting "expected primary-expression before '<<' token|" while printing the datatype passed into the template
#include <iostream> using namespace std ; template <typename T> void function_(T ...
[2 replies] Last: With a template function, the T gets replaced with the type that is ac... (by Repeater)
How to remove a directory along with it's contents?
How to remove a directory along with its contents in C++11? I thought rmdir() removes directory alon...
[6 replies] Last: you can do it with commands. del /s deletes all the files under the p... (by jonnin)
by faeory
polynomial class
hi, can you help me in writing the functions for this program please?! "Design a class to perform...
[5 replies] Last: see : (by homy18)
Im actually just trying to understand the logic behind why does variable "Value" not counting proper...
[5 replies] Last: No no it's not even 0.1% your fault.. it's because he didn't use codin... (by Nwb)
Conversion for functional-style cast from node* to iterator
Wondering if there's a way to convert node* to a iterator for a linked list #include <initializer...
[1 reply] : Why can't you just add a constructor on line 83 [code firstline=83]exp... (by mbozzi)
unary operator overloading using non member non friend function
can anyone help me how to do unary operator overloading using non member non friend function?
[1 reply] : There's multiple unary operators in C++, each with different technique... (by Ganado)
by skink
Looking for valarray performance benchmarks
Valarray was supposed to be the next big thing in C++ speed, but that was years ago. I wanted to see...
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by laedus
To curry or not to curry
Hello, Has somebody already implemented these functions ? template <typename X, typename A, typen...
[7 replies] Last: I remembered that C++17 provides std::apply , so here's a version of ... (by mbozzi)
by d0253
Rule of three memory leaks
==901== Invalid free() / delete / delete / realloc() ==901== at 0x4C3029C: operator delete(void...
[6 replies] Last: for the assignment operator use the copy-and-swap idiom Grocery& Groc... (by ne555)
Basic image processing
Hello again, I wonder if you can help me and see if I am on the right track. We have an assignme...
[15 replies] Last: Cheers, I've worked out the border thing too. (by Vostok17)
Removing punctuation from start and end of string
I would like to remove the punctuation at the start of a string and at the end. My code so far: ...
[9 replies] Last: This defaults to whitespace trimming* but you can give it a string of ... (by Grey Wolf)
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