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by frek
How to create an automatic player using AI in C++
Hi all, I'm dealing with a QML ping pong game. It now works ver...
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Shopping Cart Coupon Help
Okay, So the whole program works, I am suppose to have a couponOne, that takes 50 percent off and a ...
[1 reply] : Not sure why this is marked as solved. Line 30: total is not passed... (by AbstractionAnon)
Need help with a C++ Program
I have been trying to work on this project for a day now and I am stuck on what to do. The problem I...
[3 replies] Last: You need #include s for required headers. If you're going to place y... (by AbstractionAnon)
obj({ ...}) intialization, what is happening ?
I wrote something equivalent to the following by accident, and it worked. However, I am not sure wha...
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>> not Displaying Float
I am trying to make a vector class. Here is a simplified version of my code: #include <iostream>...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks! I left C++ for a while and am having trouble getting these str... (by Reader8765)
Add https support to xupnpd2 mediaserver via lib-curl lib-openssl c++ wrapper
Hello, I'm not a developer, but I hope someone could give me some hints how to add https support ...
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by elsa
How to use strcpy() and strcat() functions to create a full name?
Hello, I need to use the strcpy() and strcat() functions to assign a full name to the variable...
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Return Type Defaulting to Own Class
I am trying to write a class and it's functions return types are defaulting to it's own class. I am ...
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making a schedule in dev C++
I need help to make a schedule on dev C++ This is the code that i have right now This is in my m...
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C++ crash on exit (CryEngine, Ultralight)
I'm coding a game in CryEngine and just finished implementing HTML renderer called Ultralight to rep...
[4 replies] Last: I think you're spot on. I threw a dump into WinDbg and if I understand... (by LazyKernel)
Declaring variables, classes, etc.
When writing code and one has to declare a variable or class, is it good programming practice to dec...
[9 replies] Last: Thanks for the replies, I think I will leave it to discretion dependin... (by nicholasjb1996)
by Borneq
Class/module dependency and objects
I am importing data from WhereIsIt report. There are “chunks” of data - several dozen of rows, ...
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hasKSmallFactors() not giving desired output
Hello guys, I am working on a problem where I am supposed to write a function hasKSmallFactors with...
[9 replies] Last: that is about the same logic/idea as what I was replacing the second f... (by jonnin)
Platform differences encapsulation
In our app, we need to detect if the debugger is attached to either allow CrashPad to catch the cras...
[6 replies] Last: Thank you all for your input! I like the option of having the impleme... (by Anton S)
by elsa
Error: Operand types are incompatible, char & constant char
Hello all, As the title states, I have a problem where all the comparison operators are generating...
[5 replies] Last: It usually means that the linker can't find a function with the proper... (by jlb)
Help with code that allows exponential problems.
#include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int x; int y; int result = x^...
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Incorrect output behavior when function calls itself
I am making a program that gives the user a certain number of tries to guess a hidden word. The comp...
[6 replies] Last: The "solution" would be to implement this in terms of a loop instead ... (by jonnin)
fprintf vs storage in matrix
Hello, I'm writing a numerical code and I need the results in a .dat file. My question is: Is it fas...
[5 replies] Last: You could also recast a pointer to the double's bytes and write it in ... (by jonnin)
by H00G0
Anyone having this issue with VS 2017?
Hey guys! I'm currently using Visual Studio 2017 and I've run into a bug of some sort. For some r...
[18 replies] Last: you can build a little tool (depends on OS what is needed) to update t... (by jonnin)
by nmn8
help write c++ code
For this assignment, we want to process WORDS in input files and, potentially, change some of those ...
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