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Sorting strings in descending order using parallel arrays
I have been given an assignment to create a customer contact program that takes 8 customer names and...
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stacking issue in a game
Hey guys, sorry about the second question in the space of 30 minutes,I'm pretty bored so I decide...
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[C++]Code for outputting maze
Hi, I'm in final year of High School and IT university I want to study (the best one in my country) ...
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How to code all the items bought
So I need to finish this code. I need to show all the items bought under one category(example:drinks...
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How to solve these equations?
We are given following equations: a1 ^ a2 ^ a3 = A a2 ^ a3 ^ a4 =B a3 ^ a4 ^ a5 =C a4 ^ a5 ^ a6 ...
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can i create an especifique macro?
imagine that the macro is only used with some types and not change on all code, can i do it? the ve...
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Hello again...
I am writing a program that will act as a loan calculator. I do need a bit of help though. The main ...
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CFieldExchange* pFX
CFieldExchange* pFX is passed to the DoFieldExchange function of an object of a class derived from C...
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by haikuu
(HELP) Computing area of rectangle using function - Call by Value
Formula: Area= length * Width
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by haikuu
(HELP) Computing area of circle using function call by reference
How to make this as call by reference? #include <iostream> using namespace std; float areaO...
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Looking For Comprehensive Code Completion, Syntax Highlighting and Error Checking Library
Hi there! I'm wondering if there are any free to use C/C++ libraries for code completion, syntax ...
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Help !!!!!!
i need someone to create a c++ code for me reply if u up for it more info will be given out
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elements of array have incomplete type
Hi guys, I am getting the following compile time errors User\4inarowGUI\main.cpp|18|error: el...
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by jonnin
Program does not run
I am not going to fix the whole thing, but for starters you seem to need a default constructor, cons...
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Buffer overflow
Hi guys, so this post will be a little different and is a pretty fun topic,so as you may or may n...
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Registry Symbolic Links
I can successfully create this registry symbolic link; Link => "hkey_local_machine\software\tec...
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by lnel
My switch statement code isn't working
/* QUESTION */ /* Write a function named getPrice It takes in one parameter called size which is a...
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Game Question
Hello I'm doing an assignment for my c++ class and i need some help with a game I'm making. Its a va...
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Arrays and searching help. Great at organizing but bad at implementing.
Hi! My name is David and I’m trying my best to pass my only computer science course. I am grea...
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arranging variables to be read
If I do this: ex. 1 void load_custom() { string path = "customOpenCVsettings.txt"; ...
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