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Calendar Program
I have to make a code for a calendar to show any date that the user asks for and then when the user ...
[16 replies] Last: Didn't you use tpb's snippet to calculate which day the month started ... (by Nwb)
by Ryan15
How do I use else if
I'm making a simple program to calculate worker pay but the else is having an error saying it's expe...
[19 replies] Last: @jonin but he used '\n' in his own original post ;p! @Ryan, Unless in... (by Nwb)
QSort, Merge, Heap, and Shell Sort
Does anyone happen to know where I can find code examples for timing anaylsis for Qsort, Merge, Heap...
[3 replies] Last: type 'best case for shell sort' and hit search ;) https://en.wikipedi... (by jonnin)
by faiq12
Compiler Construction compaction code in c++
this code is reading file which will be given randomnly by our teacher which contains in first line ...
[1 reply] : hint... if you read the file in transposed, you can check rows with a ... (by jonnin)
Cannont convert
im getting a compiling error: cannot convert ‘const LinkedList<int>’ to ‘LinkedList<int>::Node...
[6 replies] Last: The thread has been marked as solved so perhaps you no longer need hel... (by Peter87)
weight across planets problem
I am trying to write a program that will incorporate enum and the purpose of the program is to take ...
[10 replies] Last: Nice! Ive said it before, but maybe this will help a bit going forwar... (by jonnin)
Exceptions not getting when using shared c++ library
I have an executable test which is linked to a shared library All I am doing is thr...
[2 replies] Last: The following code works on my W7 machine: test.cpp: #include "test... (by Enoizat)
by volang
Chat MULTIPLE clients
Hello guys! The method below is the only way I know how to achive a "chat function". Other/better m...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks man. This seems interesting. I'll dive into it (by volang)
Maximum score of a linescore
I am stuck on this problem that I have been trying to work for a while i am just looking for some di...
[5 replies] Last: What have you tried so far? Can you post your code with an explanation... (by Browni3141)
Overloading Operators using Time Object
I have a task to implement the overloading of the operators: -- (pre and postfix), -, -=, <, <=, >, ...
[1 reply] : You can't assume that if n > sec (i.e., sec -= n goes negative) that y... (by tpb)
by volang
Socket support and keep alive connection
Does every webbrowser support sockets? If not, how do I detect this when the client connects? And is...
[2 replies] Last: In a console application a made before the connection between the clie... (by volang)
How Can I Write This Program Using an Array of Structs?
I have an assignment below that I am working on. I also have a skeleton of a program down below that...
[6 replies] Last: The single most important bit of my post is this: Honestly, you use ... (by MikeyBoy)
Very Hard Queries (Problem From Contest)
I need help in solving the following problem which was asked here -
[1 reply] : What kind of numbers have an odd number of divisors? If you're not sur... (by tpb)
by mearvk
Nana UI Library
Nana uses the basic_types.hpp for nana::rectangle and others. Trying to compile this into a libnana...
[8 replies] Last: We compiled the libnana.a via Netbeans 8.2. It does have references f... (by mearvk)
How to grab random line from a .txt file?
Hello there, I am struggling with figuring out how to grab a single line from a .txt file at random....
[4 replies] Last: Thanks for the help! (by sankarl)
High performance parallel for as possible as standard
Dear experts, This is so basic question, so that I would appreciate it if you could answer to me....
[5 replies] Last: Dear JLBorges, Thank you for your reply. They seems so practical for... (by Mitsuru)
Audio Analyse library
Hi, i want to write an App for Android that can analyse Audio. There is no need for Speech recogn...
[5 replies] Last: I'd say fftw is easier to set up than ffmpeg Yeah, I absolutely agre... (by mbozzi)
Im having trouble getting my program to rerun an insert function. cout << "Enter the coefficie...
[1 reply] : Your condition is NOT C AND NOT P. (where C means c == 0 and P means ... (by tpb)
USB Passcode
I was wondering how to make a program that when I plug in my USB drive the console then spits out a ...
[2 replies] Last: I am using windows 10, with visual studio 2017 community. (by Dawsoncodes)
Can functions be applied in this scenario?
Hello! Is there any way to make one small function out of all of the cases inside case 2 to make the...
[3 replies] Last: Some functions always return a value. Other functions return no value ... (by keskiverto)
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