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by Mallet
Quick ifstream & ofstream Question
Hey guys! So I wrote the proper program my professor wants. Now she needs me to copy that pr...
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by Dani95
How to convert string array to ascii
Hello how to convert 2d string array to ascii? This is my array string n = { { "1", "2", "3"...
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Why do I get expected a ')' before the 'y' in if (compare = 'Y' || compare 'y')
How do I fix the error I get? This is only a section of my code the entire code is 400 plus lines...
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Need to slove c++ error as soon as possible
Hello , I need to create a program to simulate waiting time, and I am following à tutorial on dat...
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Problem function calling, with compilation options
hi! I'm developer of a program designed to provide features for games under GoldSrc (Half-Life #1 b...
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Help Needed in completing STL-like list class
I have this code here in the following Gist that implements an STL-like list class: https://gist.git...
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Why does the string become a loop?
I am trying to make it so it replaces every r in a word with 3 r's. Ex: there }
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by Dani95
How to find odd and even numbers in string array using func
How to find odd and even numbers in string array and put the odd number in array and even numbers in...
[1 reply] : 2 ways... you can convert the strings to integers and use %2 or you ca... (by jonnin)
HELP WITH PROJECT c++ (Array, string file, sort)
Okay, I have this project due today. I have written the codes. I need to read a .txt file and put i...
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by ed13
Infinite for loop
I'm having some odd results in the following code: while (shapes.size()>1){ for (...
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by haley8
#include<iostream> using namespace std; void Introduction(string, long); float CalcGPA(float, floa...
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How to Prevent TLE from happening even after unnesting loops
My code ended up with TLE even after i unnested loops. I had switched algorithms between versions bu...
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Hey, I wrote this code and trying to decode the codes that I have in my packets.dat file. In the pac...
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!! Due in 4 hours !! Recursive function
Hi! I have an assignment it's called the Markov-Chain. In principe I have a Directed Graph with 10 ...
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Why is this code "disgusting"?
In the book PPP2, there's a "Try this" exercise that says: Why are we so disgusted with that use of...
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Why is my minimax algorithm not working?
Hi, I am a new user here and I would like somebody to help me with my minimax algorithm. I have been...
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Singleton Instantiation Syntax
I am using VS2017 on Win Pro x64. I am having trouble with the proper syntax for instantiating a ...
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i need some explanation about the exceptions.
Hello everyone. i've got a several questions in my mind,but first take a look at this code: cla...
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How to pass size of an array from command line
Is there any way to pass the size of an array using a command prompt. #include <iostream> using ...
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