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Why is it sometimes necessary to cast to (void)?
Hi, I have this code from a book, but do not understand why there are so many casts to (void): ...
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Programming Arduino hardware with c++
Hello today i bought an arduino kit and i want to know if is any form to program it with the c++ lan...
[2 replies] Last: Or, more accurately, no, you can't program an Arduino with C++. The Ar... (by helios)
Implement a Map using Hash Tables, program keeps crashing.
Hello, I'm trying to create a function that returns true or false if a key is inside a map. My cod...
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Linked List
Hi so this is my code, 1.After I input the elements then use 000 to exit, it also takes "000" as...
[3 replies] Last: insertstart and insertend: if you insert into an empty list then must ... (by dhayden)
by yurmom
Need help with this
this is what I am supposed to do and what its supposed to look like: Write 3 functions: a) Functi...
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by Heymid
How are strings printed without calling an operator function?
I'm wondering how a string variable "x" can be printed out by just typing "x", without any parenthes...
[2 replies] Last: You're right. The << operator function calls a function to print the s... (by Heymid)
c++ structs/ vector/array
I have no idea how to do this program and need it done from scratch. program directions link: ...
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I need help with this homework!
Hey guys, I have a project which I've been trying to do, but I don't know how to do it. Can you plea...
[5 replies] Last: #include <cctype> #include <iostream> #include <iomanip> #include <str... (by davidllerenav)
C++ Snippets
/*C++ Program that contains four user defined function(s) addition(), subtraction(), division(), mu...
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by lidder
Airport Simulation.. keep displaying wrong results
// so my program keep displaying wrong results. // the problem is that it keep displaying only one...
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by wafty
i want to thses .cpp files and .h header file put in one .cpp file without using separate file only...
[2 replies] Last: Is it possible? Yes. You'll have definitions and declarations impleme... (by keskiverto)
Detect if two rectangles overlap (objects collide)
Hi, I need to detect if two rectangles overlap. The first rectangle is an object, and the second on...
[9 replies] Last: return (RectAX1 < RectBX2 && RectAX2 > RectBX1 && RectAY1 > RectBY2 ... (by dhayden)
Please Help, Sorting Program
I've created this program and it is wrong. It is written for this assignment. (Sorting) Read a set ...
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by jaituk
This is a function in the program I'm working with: void hacerReserva(int **av, int fil, int col) ...
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by emayu
Transform for loop into while loop
Hello! I am trying to resolve a sudoku and i have got this code that is working well. I would like t...
[1 reply] : I would like to transform all the for loop into a while loop Why?... (by helios)
Computer Science Forum Grand Opening
Hey Everyone, I've created a Forum dedicated to Computer Science. It would be great if eve...
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I'm having problems with the output of my zip code. I want it to be 32 characters long. The string I...
[1 reply] : Why does your function bc always return "" regardless of the input. A... (by Thomas1965)
Roman numeral addition
#include<stdio.h> #include<string.h> int digit(char); void decimal2roman(int num){ ...
[3 replies] Last: you have used wrong int num of base values you have to find the number... (by shivkumar12)
Different Outputs for C++ Project (used atoi and atof)
Here is my input file: Plain Egg 1.45 Bacon and Egg 2.45 Muffin 0.99 French Toast 1.99 ...
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by vkalam
issue with fscanf
Hi, please help with below program. it is just reading a file and printing it. while reading the fi...
[6 replies] Last: Ok here is a dumb question - my current bit of non-working code is ver... (by CharlesPhillips)
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