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by Trib
why does the value of d do not change?
#include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int a,b, c, p, x, x1, d; int nr=0...
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Solutions to Quadratic Formula
So, I need help for my plate 2 in school, I think my code was wrong because it didnt give the correc...
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how to do you chain arrow operators together?
like the following foo1->foo2->foo3->foo4();
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C++: how find a dot on a word\number?
i get these print: "0.45" ok... these number is found on vector. now i must test if i get the dot...
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by frek
constexpr (1,2)
Hi, Please consider this simple code: constexpr double square(double x) { return x*x; } Now...
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Game Puzzle - My number (1,2)
I need help for school. I cin(enter) 6 number and I need a program that the first 5 number combined ...
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by frek
Start learning C++ socket programming
Hello, I'm a C++ programmer and my experience is rather fine in this case. For some Qt app writte...
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Differences in warnings between compilers
I regularly use Visual Studio 2017 and Code::Blocks 17.12 (TDM-GCC) 5.1.0 to compile C++ code. #...
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Need help to compile a program
Hello, I am new in C++ and I tried to compile below program
[1 reply] : Maybe you have the wrong project type. See: (by coder777)
Why does vector's capacity does not reduce when they are assigned fewer elements.
Hi, I tried running the following code (main()) and found that capacity/space reserved for vector...
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Can someone explain the logic of this codes please
QStringList Para_Meters; std::string Secret_Code; QString CaptureInterval; ...
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need help understaning pointers to shared pointer
I came across this function that I'm having a hard time with the syntax std::vector<std::share...
[1 reply] : It is actually not a pointer to a shared_ptr. It is a pointer to a ve... (by coder777)
The value of array outside the domain
Dear all, In the following program, I have initialize the value of compound array to 10 (where j=...
[1 reply] : What you are doing is an error and is considered "undefined behavior",... (by dutch)
Asynchronous event handling in c++
How would I go about making an asynchronous event handler. I am working on making a terminal game an...
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Can we insert 0/null into the AVL tree?
I was wondering can we insert a null/0 into the AVL tree or not.
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Priority Queue and Mergesort
Is there anybody who can tell me in which situation it will be smart to use Priority Queue instead o...
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Code Blocks: when i use the dot, why i don't get the list?
i'm using Code Blocks 17.12... speaking on vector... when i do: FuncList . 1 list menu is showe...
[6 replies] Last: that's true, but it's fixed... ok on header i must change it ;) thanks (by Cambalinho)
Class and while loop
#include <iostream> #include <string> #include <fstream> #include <iomanip> #include <ctime> ...
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Cocos2d-x physics project help!
Hello, I am making a physics-based game for Windows computers, I have the main menu set up as wel...
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The cocos2d-x drawnode
This question will not be in the knowledge boundaries of everyone. What is the drawnode capable o...
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