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by abc1
Time complexity
f(n)=1+n+log2n.Time complexity of f(n) is a)o(1) b)o(n) c)o(log2n) d)o(nlog2n) please assume w...
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Please review my code and tweak it. Thanks a bunch <3
My code is supposed to be for an Arilines that allows the customer to purchase flights, calculate ho...
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by jb2015
need HELP correcting this program
I am trying to write an if else program that gives the tax and child credit based on three options: ...
[5 replies] Last: You did not try with negative children and your uninitialized t happen... (by keskiverto)
Finding min value out of certain group in list repeatably, faster to sort first?
If I have if a list of say <string, int> pairs, and wanting to go through and take out one pair at a...
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Help removing EXTRA whitespaces and EXTRA newlines from file
Hi, I have to submit this assignment to Vocareum which it has 3 parts. I'm stuck in removing extra w...
[4 replies] Last: Checking only for ' ' (space) and '\n' (new line) is naive. In a stand... (by JLBorges)
How to join 3 programs in 1?
I am working on a project where i should convert decimal numbers to binar, octal and hexadecimal. I ...
[6 replies] Last: Have you noticed? bin = nr % 2; nr /= 2; mbetja = decimal % 8; deci... (by lastchance)
Is it common to convert code from one language to another?
For example if I see an application written in Go that I would like to use in my C++ system, would i...
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by biwash
You are going to build a simulator for a Bakery Business. The bakery sells up to 10 different items,...
[2 replies] Last: It is as fiji885 already mentioned, no one is going to do it all for y... (by Misenna)
Mapping a file and display the output
I am trying to read a .txt file and one of the branch from a .root file, I would like to display for...
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Storing the default properties and capabilities
Hello, I am currently working on a C++ project for a range of embedded devices which have several...
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by jb2015
need HELP correcting this program
I am trying to write an if else program that gives the tax and child credit based on three options: ...
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Reading and printing from a Text file
i am trying to read and print from a text file. This code only print one row instead of 5 rows. I ha...
[1 reply] : If you only want to read and print a file you can do it like this: i... (by Thomas1965)
My vector class isn't working when i create objects
Whenever I try to create an object I get this error: "Implicit instantiation of undefined template...
[4 replies] Last: Oh no it doesn't, I didn't realize it needed an overload operator. Tha... (by joshgarza)
Help Needed asap! I really need help!!!!!!
I created the code below with three functions, I am having trouble implementing the following: *Ask...
[10 replies] Last: About why the program closes: I have no further suggestions If you wa... (by blongho)
Code Blocks 17.12: how can i add include directies?
imagine that i have installed DirectX SDK or even the OpenGL. how can i add the include directory? ...
[14 replies] Last: Directx SDK is donned by Microsoft. so GNU isn't compatible with it. i... (by Cambalinho)
defining function inside funtion.
c++ gnu compiler doesn't allow defining functions inside functions. actually what is the process beh...
[10 replies] Last: I think I'm starting to understand why nested functions were never add... (by Peter87)
Sharing Header files (Visual Studio 2017)
Hello, the problem is, I'm not able to share the files I need, the compiler gives a disgusting and v...
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How to Change Static to Dynamic Arrays?
Hello Professionals, I had a discussion with my professor recently about the program I am currently...
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Help with program (if statement)
There is something wrong with the commented out portion of the code where the if statement is always...
[1 reply] : Either // if (arithmetic_operator != '+' || '-' || '*' || '/' || '%')... (by JLBorges)
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