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copy constructor/destructor issues
Hi there. I have code: #include <iostream> class CTest { private: int m_nData; public: ...
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Encryption/ Decryption
Write a program to decrypt a file named “encrypted text.txt” by using the key found in a file na...
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by Hugues
makefile for C++
# PATH srcdir=src/ bindir=bin/ docdir=doc/ savedir=save/ # VAR CC=g++ -Wall -ansi -pedanti...
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Floating Error
So I have been coding this problem and I believe I found the error in the program but I cannot resol...
[1 reply] : Line 28: delete choices; should be delete choices; Lines 44-46: ... (by dhayden)
Hello everyone! Here I have a code which should take an input from a file input.txt, for example an ...
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C++ oop programming . Need Help
Can anyone do it in easiest way ? Write a c++ program to create a base class called STUDENT (name,ro...
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Using a stack to convert a number from binary to decimal
I have a program due for my Data Structures tomorrow and I need to figure out how to make it so it c...
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Program that opens data file containing test scores
Hi, I am new to programming and I am completing an extra credit assignment for my C++ programming cl...
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conversion string to char
Is any funciton to convert string to char*? not to const char*
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Dynamic string array
I need to create a dynamic array for an Employee class. The array must be of the employee names. I h...
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How to convert string to char massive
is any function to convert string to char*? not to const char*.
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C++ error during VS2015 debugging-function not returning value
Hello fellow C++ coders. Below is an error message I received when I debugged by C++ code using VS20...
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