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Deleting elements in a stack(C++)
Hi! I wanted to delete data in a stack if the student code is the particular code. First I copied ob...
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C++ Lambdas - OOP violation ?
I have adopted to the use of lambdas in the meantime, but i would like to start a little discussion ...
[10 replies] Last: [quote=bieblsoft]Typical justifications to use lambdas include stateme... (by Cubbi)
vector of strings
how do i pass in a string as the only parameter to each object’s constructor? new to this thing ...
[1 reply] : don't start a new topic, this is exactly the same problem from the las... (by poteto)
Help If u can
That's the code that I did but there is an extra star in sin(90) and the negative wave is made of a...
[4 replies] Last: @shady1234 : Basically, your problem is a matter of interpolating 0.... (by Ganado)
Someone please help me with this assignment
What is required is to create a submenu called surveyMenu that is called from option number one of t...
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[7 replies] Last: It "looks" right. But I am not a computer. Run it and see if it give... (by jonnin)
by poteto
Elegant bit twiddling?
I don't really want to use <bitset> because I only want to use a unsigned char for the flags, not a ...
[10 replies] Last: NINJA'D (by poteto)
Hi guys I am going to start learning assembly to get a better idea of how systems actually work, ...
[4 replies] Last: ah, ok. I never did any assembler on an intel cpu unix, that explains... (by jonnin)
Bubble sorting with c++
Hi guys, I am trying to bubble sort an array ascendingly, using bubble sort. However, it seems to ...
[7 replies] Last: Hi Jack Van Stone, Bubble sort is a double loop comparing two adjacent... (by punksheep)
First Come First Serve
i'm trying to implement the concept of first come first serve into this code. What can I do? #in...
[4 replies] Last: Hi ChelseaL, Maybe you have a requirement ? Are you just willing to im... (by punksheep)
a PNG image library in C++ ?
Hi guyz, I was wondering, is there a pure C++ library that handle PNG image files ? I on...
[5 replies] Last: the "C++ compiler" invoques the C compiler. I didn't say that.... (by helios)
Buffer overflow problem
Hello again peeps, I am following along with this tutorial
[3 replies] Last: @Peter87, Win 10 Pro x64, Visual Studio 2017. Different memory values... (by FurryGuy)
Stuck on homework question about playing octave
the question says: Write a program that will repetitively play an entire octave: C, D, … I mi...
[3 replies] Last: [quote=punksheep]Tell me, why do you use "while(true)" instead of "for... (by lastchance)
Large data object - declaration, creation, deletion - where should it be done
I have a class which I am trying to implement. This class will be responsible for accessing a large ...
[2 replies] Last: So, for example: If my class was going to be as follows, would this be... (by dr dunno)
by Lfs96
Position of digits
Hi Someone can help me with a code that i can determine the positions of the digits of an integer. ...
[4 replies] Last: Hi Lfs96, Here's the function : #include <string> char getDigitOf(i... (by punksheep)
Please Help ( Nested Loop Pattern)
I tried 2 days to make it but I don't get even near. Using nested loops, write a C++ program that dr...
[2 replies] Last: Hi shady1234, Nested loops... >_< why ? It's a vertical to horizontal... (by punksheep)
C++ Async
Unfortunately, it is impossible to use async to call a member method of an instance object of a temp...
[1 reply] : #include <iostream> #include <future> template <class T> class Class... (by Peter87)
by jaituk
Doubt with c++ object programming
Okey, so this works well: // Student.h #include <string.h> class Student { char name ; double ...
[3 replies] Last: ah ok ;o) That's good \o/ and you are welcome ;o) (by punksheep)
Help C++
How do i read this file 92 91 75 67 63 65 93 99 90 82 81 100 Program should try to open a file u...
[3 replies] Last: The next bit is then check if it was successful . So do that next. W... (by Repeater)
by aidam
The nth digit
Can anyone help me to create a function that I put a number, the position of the digit, and the fun...
[5 replies] Last: thanks to you too aidam. I didn't figure out my "transfert" problem...... (by punksheep)
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