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Write a program to print the following table. Each row in the table has an integer, its square, its ...
[1 reply] : We are not a code writing service. If you want to learn programming, m... (by Thomas1965)
Help with getting an item in a list
#include <iostream> #include <cstring> #include <string.h> #include "Item.h" #include "Character.h"...
[1 reply] : Hi, Have you heard of std::string ? This seems like a classic case of... (by TheIdeasMan)
What is a good algorithim to pass through the void playGame() function
#include <iostream> #include <cmath> using namespace std; // check if a certain position on t...
[1 reply] : I suggest a neuro fuzzy approach that learns as it goes. That way, i... (by jonnin)
by Kiyani
Problem with string in header file.
Hello, I'm having problems with making a class which includes one data type of string. However if i...
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Need help with menu driven program
I'm trying to create a menu driven program using arrow operators (->) and linked lists to track/upda...
[1 reply] : First problem: 126:10: error: 'buf' was not declared in this scope Is... (by Thomas1965)
Looping Calculator help
Hi folks! I'm having trouble with the last segment of this assignment. It's pretty much done otherwi...
[2 replies] Last: Never mind, I figured it out. Had to change the while code to "op != '... (by Corbenik)
std::find_if function
Hi, In the code: class Larger_than { int v; public: Larger_than(int vv) : v(vv) { } boo...
[2 replies] Last: I tested the code by VS 2917. Its output is much simpler and more natu... (by Frank14)
filestream confusion
Writing an application for a friend to split an .ini file into multiple smaller files. Everything w...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you so much! Yes I was declaring another stream instead of openi... (by therealcplusnoob)
by helios
Workhorse classes
What are your go-to data structures/classes that you use to solve the following problems? * A buf...
[4 replies] Last: * A buffer to be passed to a C interface. std::vector * An ASCII strin... (by Cubbi)
No matching function for call error with a function never called?
I have a World class in my game that holds an array of "Regions" called _map. In the for loop to pop...
[3 replies] Last: Oh, I didn't know I needed to do that, but now that I think about it, ... (by Matt13w)
A while loop messes up my array without being executed... why?
Hello, I am trying to create some kind of parser for MathML. It takes a piece of text code and trans...
[3 replies] Last: I can't answer that question without being able to run it. (by helios)
Singleton class. Getting std::system_error error.
Hi ppl :), I am trying to write a singleton class using smart pointers but getting the following ru...
[7 replies] Last: Appreciate your help @JLBorges :) Thanks :) (by kapil2905)
A few questions about Microsoft VS
I don't know if this is the correct forum to post this, but I have 2 problems: 1) When I go to Bu...
[2 replies] Last: That worked, thanks alot. (by goldenchicken)
Inheritance problems
I have a Button base class from which I create derived buttons. However, when I try to call the draw...
[7 replies] Last: I just realise, that I indeed call a virtual function from a destructo... (by goldenchicken)
by dkaip
I need to save an wxBitmap to SQLite to a blob type.
I need to save an wxBitmap to SQLite to a blob type without save to disk or on some media. i have my...
[2 replies] Last: Can you not just save the char data directly, without converting to s... (by dkaip)
Linked List Trouble
I have a program that takes an input file and stores it into a linked list. I'm having trouble with ...
[1 reply] : add needs to not read from the keyboard, if I understand your question... (by jonnin)
i Need help please
its a vending Machine problem i need a program that displays 1. coke $1.20 2. Diet coke $1.00 ...
[3 replies] Last: This is better at BEGINNERS, btw you can make your code look prettier... (by AndreGS)
systems of tridiagonal equation in C++
why doesn't the following code work? which code would work to solve a system of equations using newt...
[1 reply] : It's syntactically invalid. (by helios)
by smejia
Swap positive void function
I need to create void function called "swapPositive" which takes two reference parameters and swaps ...
[1 reply] : #include <iostream> void swap_if_positive( int & a, int & b ) // n... (by JLBorges)
Can someone help me please
its a vending Machine problem i need a program that displays 1. coke $1.20 2. Diet c...
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