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Get input from ports and send output
I'm learning C++. Is there some way to make program function on input from a port like usb port and ...
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Writing output of while loop to text file!
Hello everyone! I recently looked up how to write your output to a text file and came across this tu...
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How to obtain the total of numbers greater than average without using an array (1,2)
Hi guys , im facing a problem which i could not obtain the total numbers which is greater than the a...
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please help !
can u please find error in the runs upto enter month and continues without stoppi...
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How to implement multiple consoles library into project?
I've been planning on making use of multiple consoles for a while, and after I found out about this ...
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by bencwl
Data Encryption and Decryption
i nid some help how should i write a full program..... Pseudo code for encryption: 1) The user w...
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by heepoo
how to build a compiler using LLVM for AngelScript
hi all, i'm making a game engine for blind and vision impaired users using AngelScript now, the qu...
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by zxrp
Replacing word in char array
Hey guys, I'm writing a function that accepts a char array containing the title of a book as paramet...
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by vanev
Classes and Constructor help
Hi all, I am struggling with classes and constructors. I have no clue if I am even on the right trac...
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Changing text and window size
I would like to find out a way to set the text and window sixe for the window in c++. I am using cod...
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Best way to handle c++ and python program
I want to write as much of my game in python as possible, using c++ to handle graphics and low level...
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Compler Fun!
So i am going to need a symbol table for my compiler but i have just discovered that an array is lim...
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Structs and Arrays
If i want to input (FROM A FUNCTION) information into a struct: * How do I define/ call/ prototype ...
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good online video tutorials
Hello, can anyone recommend me a good youtube channel or online video tutorials for C++ programming?...
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Write hex in text file to other file (1,2)
I need some help getting hex from a text file and writing it to a different file. I made a program ...
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I need help with this program
// Test12.cpp : Defines the entry point for the console application. // #include "stdafx.h" #i...
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The new operator and 2-D array
Hey, so i came across this code and i hoped someone would explain it to me. int*val,r,c; cout<<"...
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My version of a Caesar Cipher works, except for one final problem.
Hello, First off I'd like to say this is my first post on these forums so I apologize for any forma...
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Problem with GUI text boxes
Hello Cplusplus, I'm currently writing a program and a problem has occurred. My problem is that ...
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Last piece, looking for statement help
I'm so close. I have everything working up until my input. Code first, explanation to follow: //...
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