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Need better understanding + need to solve an error.
I'm learning C++ off of this very website, and i'm up to this section :
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Binary and String File Protection
Hello, I am using private copy constructors to protect my string and binary files. I am wonderin...
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by Gamytr
Double, int and float. See the differences.
I don't know where I made the mistake #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { in...
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Simple encryption program runtime error
I am trying to make a simple program for encrypting a char* with the XOR operator. The code compil...
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by nines
Needed explanation
Hi, I need help with this code : 1. # include <iostream> 2. # include <cctype> 3. using name...
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explaining of codes
can someone explain the function below to me void readFile() { ifstream read("bs.txt"); ofs...
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How to know if a variable has been accessed
I wondered if anyone knew how to tell whether a variable has been accessed in memory, no matter what...
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by bairsh
large array of objects isnt freed
Hello, strange behaviour have seen with large array of objects in the following code. If class inte...
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Dangling Pointer Memory
I appear to be having difficulty freeing memory and I think that it may be causing leaks, I could us...
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Is the expression with multiple '<<' full?
Hello to everyone. I need to implement simple wrapper for logging function log(const char *). S...
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C++ 2D game library
Can you recommend me a 2D game library ( NOT a game engine ) that is similar to Apple's SpriteKit, b...
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explaining of codes 2
and this function too void writeFile() { ofstream fout("tmp.txt");//opening file"bs.txt" for ...
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c++ vectors struct dilemma
i want to know what the struct is being used for if everything is being stored in the tmp variable...
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Random function better than rand()?
So I need my program to very rapidly spit out random numbers. Now I don't remember where I read this...
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The progran flashes
Hi. Why is it that the program doesn't stop for me to see the output? Here is my code: // accessin...
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Struct: Help with my grade function please
My code has no errors. I'm just having problems with getting the grades of the file sorted. grades i...
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Please help
I have this program, this is giving junk/garbage values in output: Statement: take input from user ...
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Using vectors vs arrays.
So I'm new to C++ and am trying to understand inheritance. Specifically in my cod below i'm looking...
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Help with audio
Since im bored and don't have anything better to do, I was wondering how do I play a simple mp3 thro...
[6 replies] Last: So you can hook audio? that's AWESOME and exactly what I was looking f... (by ScriptKiddy123)
Trouble with player jumping on 2D Gravity based map
So, I've recently been working on a side-view, 2D game using a 2D array for a map. So far, world gen...
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