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List with numbers biggest to smallest
Ok so i'm working on a task which i stumbled onto from some earlier days of this site (2008 or somet...
[2 replies] Last: @TarikNeaj haha i was actually watching his videos while you replied ;... (by Kristofferkh)
Doubly linked list SWAP HELP!
I am having an issue calling my swap function. My swap function looks as such: void Double :: swa...
[14 replies] Last: Re test your Toswap function. You assign both Switch and ToSwitch = fa... (by fun2code)
Decimal to Binary conversion (16-bit)
I need help with a C++ programming problem, for some reason I can't even think of a way to start on ...
[1 reply] : This problem is worded somewhat strangely. I'll try to explain withou... (by Disch)
While loop is pulling in extraneous number
I am making a space combat game for a class project, but when the combat loop starts it will sometim...
[2 replies] Last: I took your advice and replaced health as an interger instead of a flo... (by sumig25)
Template functions for all types except one?
Hey there, I wanted to overload operator+ for std::string and started like this template <typen...
[2 replies] Last: Thats a very good start, thank you! So, I have used is_arithmetic ins... (by Gamer2015)
Min/Max function
A void function that takes 5 int parameters. The first three are call-by-value parameters the second...
[1 reply] : This is how I get smallest number and largest int small = 10000;//(bi... (by jae0014)
hi there.. can anyone help me to wite a program that have the function of add, subtract, multiply an...
[1 reply] : Addition: http://e... (by LB)
Writing a code with for loops, help!
I need to write a code that will satisfy the sequence (1/n) + (2/n-1) + ... + (n/1) with an inputted...
[1 reply] : What have you written so far? Hint: a traditional for-loop would work... (by LB)
by juju1
Problem of compilation with cmake
Hello, I am trying to install a C++ program called mawiilab_evaluate, which uses a library called a...
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PLEASE SOMEONE SHOULD HELP TO DEBUG THIS CODE NEED HELP!!!! #include<iostream> #include<iomanip...
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by Gyiove
messing with bits and 8bit variables
Hello everyone! I tried to mess with the bit operators, yet couldn't figure this one out. I ha...
[11 replies] Last: Thanks for everything! Its working now. The problem was that if i cha... (by Gyiove)
Read into an array of a class from a text file
I need to read into an array of Employees from a text file. Here is my header file (which I know is ...
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Why the ambiguity?
#include <fstream> class Item { public: virtual Item* createFrom (std::istream&) const =...
[4 replies] Last: Yes, for this sample. I need covariant return types in my actual prog... (by prestokeys)
What is wrong with this Class? LNK 2019 Error
Here are the 3 files my class program is divided into. File 1 Class Date Specifications #ifndef D...
[5 replies] Last: Just to reiterate and expand on what's already been said: 1) The des... (by MikeyBoy)
by Ulutay
Hello, I would love a recommendation to a book and a graphic engin to start learning and desigm game...
[5 replies] Last: Aha you guys are awesome, thanks alot for the time. That was really he... (by Ulutay)
Design and write a C++ program that reads 3 integer values from the keyboard
(be sure to print a prompt message for the user). Then calculate and print on the screen the sum, av...
[4 replies] Last: your response wont compile :( (by lensalexis)
a C ++ version of the example
someone shows me a C ++ version of the example please // class...
[4 replies] Last: thanks (by ACHRAF92)
Modulus function
How do I write a function that takes 4 integer parameters? the first two of which are user-suppli...
[1 reply] : void Modulus_function(int num1, int num2, int &quotient, int &remaind... (by coder777)
program out puts only 1 with numbers
** This is the file *** I need to generate the totals sales for the first seven weeks of a movie ...
[1 reply] : The type of movie needs to be string not int... (by coder777)
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