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The C++ ABI
Rob and Jason are joined by Titus Winters from Google. They first discuss some news of C++ tools, in...
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by doug4
Typedefs in Derived Classes
I am working on a code generation tool with which I can generate Data classes and associated Manipul...
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by Dee5
Counting next numbers
Guys I need help...this code only counts the first input from the user and leaves the other followin...
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C puts(char * ..) in c++ of string type arg
How do we convert C puts(char *...) into C++ function of string type arg?
[1 reply] : cout << the_string; (by Repeater)
What is the best time of sorting algorithms?
What kind of time, meaning, which time should I prefer to keep track of time for each algorithm? (Li...
[3 replies] Last: Ok, thanks for that. So you mean, any units of time that would be more... (by jonnin)
by volang
Socket receive buffer
The clients my server serve always sends a initial request with ONLY the headers/info before the r...
[1 reply] : What do you mean by "headers/info"? (by kbw)
by volang
Store pointer in a string
Hello. I need to store a "char *" in a string, and then use that string to access the same pointe...
[9 replies] Last: string v = to_string((int) &b ); int z = stoi(v); char * x = (char*) ... (by jonnin)
Cant figure out a recursive function.
Recently took intro c++ class and learning recursion but im not sure how to approach this question. ...
[5 replies] Last: I think i got it. Thank you so much. int firstTwo(int n){ if(n < 10... (by duhfiant)
Implementing modular Runge-kutta 4th order method for a n-dimension system
Hello, i'm trying to make my runge-kutta 4th order code modular. I don't want to have to write and d...
[1 reply] : Wrap things up in a class. #include <iostream> #include <cmath> usin... (by salem c)
I tried to make a linked list, but it doesn't work. Help me plz!
I want to declare string as protected in the header file, but I keep getting an error. I want to ...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks nuderobmonkey! Thanks to that, I realized that using namespace ... (by somang317)
How to call function in the way require it as inline
How to call function in the way require it as inline function only on this particular call, and the ...
[2 replies] Last: write the function body (no header) in its own cpp file. the variable... (by jonnin)
Is there an easy way to draw a triangular grid in C++?
I want to draw a grid of equilateral triangle using C++. Output suppose to be consist of multiple tr...
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by volang
Functions when multithreading
I have a function and inside this function, I store some variables. Let's say the first thread ru...
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How to remove xml declaration <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>
Hi All, I am using xerces for XML parsing. After parsing in new XML file I am getting below is a...
[3 replies] Last: Maybe post your code. Because it ... (by salem c)
by volang
When you subtract pointers to get the index...
Address(ptr) - Address(ptr) returns the index/pos of a value in a array. Now I wonder, does the syst...
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Populating structure variable with multiple values from file
For this program I'm trying to get the variables of the structure to include specific lines read fro...
[2 replies] Last: There is also operator overloading : // expected format: name on fir... (by keskiverto)
Functions in a STACK header
void DynIntStack::OddOrEvenPrint() { StackNode *currentNode; StackNode *nextNode; int stackOd...
[2 replies] Last: That did the trick. Thank you so much. (by CodingIsHard17)
C++ VS Visual Basic?
I have heard pretty much everyone who knows about programming say that c++ is better than VB, from w...
[3 replies] Last: I agree, the fact that VB scripts work right out of the box is a plus.... (by Ganado)
Run batch file from C++ code
Hi All, I want to run a batch file from specific environment in my sample C++ code. Bellow are t...
[7 replies] Last: Yeah, I usually use ConEmu, but I also use the plain Windows Console a... (by Duthomhas)
URGENT please help this code is not running properly i need to submit tommorow
Hi so i need to submit this code tomorrow as my school project but its not running properly this is...
[2 replies] Last: void quiz_read() {cout<<endl<<"Hey There how are you today:"; gets(doi... (by kinganonymous)
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