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using sentinel in a while loop
I don't know why i keep getting the value of sentinel converted to Fahrenheit every time i enter the...
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No errors but not Playing/Running HELP :( TURBO C++
#include<stdio.h> #include<math.h> #include<conio.h> #include<process.h> #include<malloc.h> #in...
[1 reply] : } //Graph per iteration void graph2() { clrscr(); int gd=DETECT, gm;... (by darkiostream)
Need Help in Arrays
Write a program that demonstrates various gradebook utilities. The program should first create a tw...
[1 reply] : Please try to write the code on your own first. When you get stuck, po... (by dhayden)
How to test the written functions in the liked lists
I have written the following code for the linked list and now I want to test whether my function wor...
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Please help, i am suppose to Create a class called Palindrome. This class will have a single functio...
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printing stars using Nested for loop
i want to print stars below using nested for loop. ** **** ****** i tried this code but, i didn'...
[1 reply] : Obviously, that code will print 3 stars on every line. You see why th... (by MikeyBoy)
Using object in a another object
Hi guys! I have little problem with using one object inside other object. So, I'm writing code f...
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by volang
Receive "at char" as "@" instead of "%40"
When I submit a html form that contains this char ( @ ), the server receives "%40" instead. Can I...
[1 reply] : That's the way it is supposed to work. You need to url-decode the stri... (by Duthomhas)
by cmisip
Building a fast "blobbing" algorithm
I am trying to put together an algorithm for sorting data into containers. Basically, a video frame...
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How do I make this for loop work
So I've been messing with this code for a while trying to insert an integer into a list with a funct...
[1 reply] : Maybe something like this. #include <iostream> using namespace std;... (by tpb)
Each student now has 3 raw scores from 3 exams, and their corresponding weights for grade are 30%, ...
[1 reply] : I need to change the array into a vector Student s ; becomes std... (by Repeater)
How to build a program with SDL2
I have a program which works fine on my computer which uses SDL2. If I send it to someone who has in...
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by Trev
window not declared in this scope
Hi i'm useing windows 10 ,codeblocks 1712, sfml 5.2 and after 2 and a half weeks i finally have it w...
[4 replies] Last: I was really surprised when you said "SFML 5.2", but then realized you... (by Ganado)
program to ask for email and password
hi guys i am kinda new to programming i was thinking is there any way to make a program that asks fo...
[1 reply] : Sending emails requires an external library. Google for "sending email... (by Thomas1965)
Assignment Help - Code Inside
Good day everyone, I have a c++ Assignment that says: Write a program that will have two user defin...
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KMP algorith with a vector
In the following program I have a three class hierarchy. Item is the base class and Product and Serv...
[1 reply] : Start by writing the KMP algorithm. Test it. Then call it with your ... (by dhayden)
by volang
Read from text file. Set position x y
I can not find anything about it, but I want to ask anyway. Is it possible to read a character f...
[4 replies] Last: If you are allowed to use std::vector you can read all the lines into ... (by Thomas1965)
by volang
Creating GET/POST arrays
Hello guys. PHP is built with C. How do they manage to create/deliver "GET" and "POST" variable-a...
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by ssol
split words in file by using getline
hello, I want to get words which are split by tab('\t') for example, Hi my name i...
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C++ input and strings
Hello everyone I am working on a project for my CS class and I am stuck on part of it. I am new to C...
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