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Is there any thing wrong in this vector code ?
I am tying to delete those customer whose age is 15 So entered the data as 12,13,14,15,16,15,17,15,...
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use a content of one vector into other vector
I introduced the random generator binary vector like this: vector<int> b; srand(time(0)); for (int ...
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"Debugging" meta programs
Hi, I have some code and I want to verify which template is being instantiated. The code is as fo...
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Changing an overloaded operator's signature
An operator can be declared only for the syntax defined for it in the C++ grammar. For example, one ...
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by barryo
new code::blocks download compiler issue
am learning c++ at home. using code::blocks IDE. downloaded recent update with GNC compiler. Comp...
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Can this be done? If so how?
Don't get hung up on why or what is global. This is the simplest example of the problem I am tryin...
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by chuvak
Pinging Google and reading from file
Hi I am a C++ beginner, and I am wondering how it would be possible to program an android/web app. ...
[5 replies] Last: Java yes, because it's the native language of Android. C#? If you us... (by kbw)
confusion about class header, implementations names
Hi everyone! I'm using Code Block IDE and totally confused with the names of files when a new clas...
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by Khaye
How do one write a c++ code to solve 150!
[2 replies] Last: First, you need a concrete problem statement, because I can solve 150 ... (by Duthomhas)
What is the best List/Collections for objects
Hello guys, I'm new on the C++. But I have to use some kind of list that must contain the objects...
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C++ byte array conversion
I have used the following code in C# to load an image column from DataGridView to PictureBox: var d...
[4 replies] Last: As others mentioned you can load the bitmap into a vector of bytes wit... (by Thomas1965)
Hi! I hope you can help me out here, I've been trying to get a code that will sends a signal of 0.5...
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Indroducing Codiva Online C++ Compiler
Hi, I am excited to launch the new Online C++ Compiler - One of the cool f...
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Does money_get<> work correctly?
On coliru, I have tested the money_get <> facet for USD and EUR. It works correctly (as far as my ...
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How to deduce the template parameters of a vector?
Hi, I have a variadic class vector that contains types. I want to access its elements in a metapr...
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Parallel Technical Standard
Any C++ compiler on Windows 10 that can compile a C++ 17 program that uses Parallel Technical Standa...
[9 replies] Last: As of the current release, the parallel algorithms:supported are the o... (by JLBorges)
Code X
#include<iostream> #include<string> using namespace std; int main() { string apno; float hrtr,...
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Code X
#include<iostream> #include<string> using namespace std; int main() { string apno; float hrtr,...
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by sid911
A car dealer ship program
Hey guys I seriously need your help I have a project from school, and I have to create a c++ prog...
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BitField structure vs single 8 byte word
Hey, I am currently working on my draughts engine (See: wher...
[3 replies] Last: It seems to me that a move is a starting position on the board, and th... (by dhayden)
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