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Passing input file into function
I have posted the code I am working on below. Right now everything is working except for the printin...
[1 reply] : use the variable Tsize to manage the loop: #include <iostream> #incl... (by gunnerfunner)
by saleha
source code
Hi I need Lamport bakery white black algorithm code in C/C++. Please sere if any one have source ...
[3 replies] Last:'s_bakery_algorithm#Code_Examples (by mbozzi)
Matrix printing
Hi all, so i'm trying to use a function to print 2 matrices, i expect it to print in the 2x2 form bu...
[2 replies] Last: oh, thank you. (by apollocreed)
by SCB3
Why this is happening?
So I'm trying to implement reading in a file of a board game. Now, I know the error is something to...
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by blippy
Using _Decimal64 from g++
I am mixing and matching C/C++ in a single project. Whilst gcc recognises _Decimal64 as a built-in t...
[4 replies] Last: Nice, I didn't catch that these were OS specific defines, sorry. (by jonnin)
Integer Array that can be sorted in different kinds
Our professor haven't taught us about these parts yet the only clue we got is that it uses array. A...
[1 reply] : c++ has built in sorting, but usually these problems are to re-invent ... (by jonnin)
Plugin <stdlib> works no more. What plugin instead ?
Hi all! My O.S. ubuntu Linux 16.04. My compiler GCC, belonging to Code::Block 13.12. My program : Ec...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you very much. With <cstdlib> it's OK !! (by sylvain)
hook sendmessage without DLL
This is a example hooking windows api messages normally i must to use dll. Example: Injector. #incl...
[1 reply] : You can copy executable code directly into the other process' address ... (by helios)
find matches between 2 arrays
trying to find matches between my 2 arrays and display how many matches. int matches(int userarr , ...
[7 replies] Last: To see what's wrong with your code, here it is, indented to show the b... (by dhayden)
by cmisip
Returning from SIGIO handler prevents future SIGIO handling
I am trying to read from a serial port only when there is data available. I used fcntl to attach a S...
[5 replies] Last: Getting segfaults when I mash the x10 powerhouse palmpad remote thus f... (by cmisip)
PPP2 Chapter 12 Exercise 1
I need to draw two rectangles. One as a Rectangle ( Rectangle class) and the other as a Polygon...
[9 replies] Last: And for #4, I'm guessing it should be 9 squares inside one big square... (by Thomas1965)
Issue with filter
I'm getting a duplicate in my array and I cannot figure out how, here's my output and code below ...
[17 replies] Last: Okay was getting the same result only because I didn't notice that com... (by awsdert)
issue with validation loop
Hi, my assignment is as follows: Write a program that uses the following arrays: • empId: an ar...
[1 reply] : Your do while loop conditions are wrong - you're just missing an = for... (by prc27)
Convert int to LPWSTR
How i can convert a int to LPWSTR?
[9 replies] Last: This shouldn't be happening: those symbols are defined by the standar... (by mbozzi)
Help with using functions!
Im trying to use functions inside functions... this is what i have... void Init_Keno(int arr , int...
[1 reply] : Im trying to use what i have in each funtion without typing the same c... (by iosgaming700)
Help calling a function in a function
made a function and need to use a function inside a function. I hope it makes sense. Ask below if yo...
[3 replies] Last: EDIT it worked (by iosgaming700)
Calculator Program
I've been assigned to make a program which can calculate all of the options stated below. I'm receiv...
[1 reply] : getOperands(num1); This only passes one number when it was initial... (by Hengry)
Show console since dl using mingw
The dll will be: // dllmain.cpp : Defines the entry point for the DLL application. #includ...
[2 replies] Last: How i can link the console to my dll?????? (by omarespanol)
char question
i have a question about the rand() function say i want to read two character in like AB or and WC ...
[9 replies] Last: i already solve it and i got to work in the loop thank for the help (by ghost1111)
creating all permutations of a grid?
I have a list of 2d vectors of characters, and I need to create and save all possible combinations o...
[4 replies] Last: yea that is what I got also, assuming you didn't want caps and lowers ... (by jonnin)
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