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by Navyan
Modern OpenGL C++ Game Programming
I have finished loads of C++ Courses and now I want now get into Games Development in C++ and Modern...
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by koaken
Help Please!
Can someone tell me why I keep getting error messages? Please and thank you!! #include <iostream>...
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by ag12
boolean argument in class
I wrote a member function: MA::MA(int ID, int num, const char first , const char last , int* arr, b...
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iostream and structure in cpp
I must write a cpp program to read contents of the file student.txt and produce the following output...
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What is error?
void g(auto x) { g(x - 1); }
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by turqo
count char elements from vector string
Hi Guys Im trying to check if the string have all the same characters or not if it is same i want ...
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by jpao
How to learn Vision Computing from scratch??
Hi there, Instead of looking through, analysing and learning the code of openCV from a top down a...
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static object of class
hi all.i am new in C++. what is goal to determine static object of class?what is diffrnce with usua...
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by afra
car dealer
Objectives: Use arrays, files, searching arrays, manipulating array contents, characters, and string...
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Since when are negative floating points supported in C++?
I never needed negative floating points in my projects, and also in addition I heard somewhere lol, ...
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by frek
Hi all, This is our base class called, Shape : class Shape { public: virtual Point center() cons...
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how to display [k]
i want to display , however its keep getting error at the "cout << setw(3) <<nParents << ' ';" an...
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Random Array of 100 numbers ordered from lowest to highest (1,2)
I want to make a C++ program that can take an array of 100 random numbers, print out a 10 by 10 bloc...
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Best way to avoid code duplication?
I need to loop through a vector in 2 different member functions. One calls the object's void update...
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Sorting Scores from highest to lowest in hangman game
I want to sorting scores while the player playing hangman game.. while the player stop the game then...
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Newbie Boost Question
Hey guys, So I have a pretty simple boost server running that: 1) Async_accepts connections 2...
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Need help please!!! I am stuck
Hi! I am quite new in OOP. I understand the basics and I can create a simple class. But when i get a...
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C++ Projects
Any inputs on following questions please: Is C++ going to be used widely by companies in the United...
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C++ feature
Regarding C++ 20 Ranges Library, Will the C++ Ranges code compile with Visual Studio C++ 2019, Mic...
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