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Deleting a record from struct array
Hello. I want to delete selected records from struct array using cstring reading from files. Here I ...
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by zxrp
Saving data from a textfile in a 2D array
Hey guys, I'm making a text-based maze game. I want the user to be able to specify his own directio...
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How to add time delay in turbo c++ version 4.5 in windows32bit
hi guys this is my first query..... I usually use codeblocks until my professor gave me a project ...
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help with program selecting OS
Hello. I am making a program which needs to do specific tasks depending on OS. How can i make a code...
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Hello Everyone! my name is Raymond and I am 16 years old n I live in Kuwait.Our school does not teac...
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Recommended directory structure for emulator source code?
I'm building an emulator for the x86 architecture atm (running on a Sony PSP). I'm currently using t...
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Online c++ compiler
Just wondering what online C++ compiler you think is best? leave link below
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by DevTK
Elements of array will be default initialized.
I have a `char*` data-member in a class. I get the following compiler error, the error refers t...
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Binary String?
I'm working on writing a predictor function for descrambling decompressed pdf streams and one of the...
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Recommendations on how to record data
I have two functions which I am making available to a lua application: register(str name); rec...
[1 reply] : First: better not using a c/c++ keyword (register). Make it more descr... (by coder777)
how to use getopt
Here is my code: #include <iostream> #include <ctype.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib....
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removing duplicate strings in a vector
Hi, I'm trying to create a database/search engine program and I'm having remove duplicate strings f...
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Roman Numeral Project using classes
Here is the problem: "Write a program that converts a number entered in Roman numerals to a positiv...
[1 reply] : I would start with a constructor for "romanType". Something that takes... (by Computergeek01)
Assigning colors to individual characters in an array
My problem seems simple yet has confused me for quite a while. I've seen some help on this site but ...
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Classes and Structs
I'm doing a project for my Advanced C++ class and I am to use a class to get the user to input a rom...
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One glitch in my program
I am able to do the following program with limitations. I am not able to successfully compare the ar...
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initializing pointers to memory addresses or values?
What is the difference between initializing pointers to a memory address using the address operator ...
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<> Compiler and Linker errors for my linkedList class and application
I am trying to write a program that will take a list of integers from a file and write them to anoth...
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stopping threads without using local var?
hi, here's my code, #include <iostream> #include <unistd.h> #include <thread> using namespa...
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comparing two string in if statement
HI i actually i want store string in r and try to compare other string (room_no) in function check b...
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