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how to ?
hey guys im studying about recursion by myself and i want to make a recursive function that prompts ...
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need help
expected class-name before '{' token here is the class: #ifndef STUDENT_H_INCLUDED #define ...
[4 replies] Last: Ty lazaro and mike for your time i solved the problem.........i remove... (by mr kutch)
avoiding negative integers
i have the following code kit://----------------------------------------------------------------...
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Rule or Rules of evaluation in C++
hi. Is there any Rule or Are there any Rules of evaluation in C++ ? This will help me code with in ...
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recursion problems i need
hey guys i have a question about recursion. ive been trying to learn it for a while now and i go...
[3 replies] Last: No. Consistency is required. Your function -- if we call it with valu... (by keskiverto)
Output Unicode Number?
How do I output a Unicode number if I extract a character off a console or out of a file. If I do...
[3 replies] Last: char cannot hold unicode points. What happened is a lucky combination ... (by MiiNiPaa)
First Steps
"Hello World", I am in 3rd Semester(1st half of 2nd year) studying Applied Informatics. I knew s...
[1 reply] : Well, the easiest ways are to use the libraries that have already been... (by Pured)
by Anakin
how to sort? (1,2)
Hi all; I should sort an array of mixed float and integer numbers by merge method, and using the po...
[23 replies] Last: by searching I found my problem and fixed it , thank you all for your ... (by Anakin)
How to make a Copy of a Queue
I was hoping you guys can help me in my specific case on copying of a Queue. I'm suppose to make a c...
[1 reply] : From design standpoint, why should you deque and remove the item, make... (by SreeB)
Searching in Data file handling in c++
i am not able to search more than 11 or 12 records in dfh after 11 or 12 records there is output whi...
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Problem reading from file
Hello everyone, i have this code, but when i tried to read from the file, it crash. this is my code...
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by Pured
Overloading operator << for use with iterator and array
Hello, I need help with an error with my overloaded operator <<. The following works for my vector ...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you, norm. I was struggling for such a long time, yet that's all... (by Pured)
VS2012 Compile as x64
I apologize for my lack of knowledge but that's why i'm here. I am a .net developer don't all boo an...
[4 replies] Last: Apparently, this can happen if _X86_ is in the list of predefined macr... (by helios)
looped in loop
i have the following program int a,b=100; do { cin>>a; cout<<endl; b=b-a; cout<<b; } ...
[3 replies] Last: You need to check it before you decrement it. if(b-a<0) b=0; els... (by Pured)
by Pured
Overloading comparison operators for use in a Set
Hello, I have a small piece of code that used the set::insert function on a set of myClass. For that...
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Bubble sort strings from a 2D array.
Hello, I have a project where I have to create a Bubble sort that will ask the user to input name...
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Creating header files with functions
Hey guys, so I currently have a running program "game.cpp" that runs a game of tic tack toe. I want ...
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by Ndrewm
Structures function
I'm writing a function that compares two fraction. if the fractions are equal it returns 0. If the f...
[3 replies] Last: I see where thesethese solutions would work but I'm look for something... (by Ndrewm)
Returning a template pack nested N-dimensionally in another pack
To explain this question, let me jump straight to main() and my current output: struct Base {}; ...
[10 replies] Last: Inspired by JLBorges' method with his design, I've solved my original ... (by prestokeys)
by Jweim
Logic - Writing input to .txt
So I'm trying to take some information that a user inputs and to then write it into a .txt file. The...
[1 reply] : There's the structure. I need to use nested loops for the input, a wh... (by soranz)
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