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Poco waitForTerminationRequest
I develop a http server based on waitForTerminationRequest. I enter ctrl+C to kill the server, but ...
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Piecing together 3 programs ive created into one
Hey guys! ive been working on an Encryption/Decryption project and im finally done with the 3 differ...
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Stuck on what to do next
Hi I'm creating a program to rent some movies and to return movies with a balance starting at $100. ...
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C++ 2.5D rendering
Wondering if someone could help me with learning how to ray cast in C++. I am new to trying to make...
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How do i get this to work please?
cout << endl << "If you would like to combine input sequence A and ...
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reading integers from file in to an array
# include <iostream> # include <iomanip> # include <fstream> using namespace std; void seats(doubl...
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by Adec
Login in computer with a c++ program
Sorry if my English isn't good enough. I've created a c++ program which simulates a login program a...
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Small program
How would i create a small little program like this. Enter a value N == > 3 your numbers are ...
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by gull
I have this code it runs it does what is asked of it ,but how can i make this code longer because it...
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Loops assignment
Can someone help me with this C++ programming. I use linux through putty to do this. Create a C++...
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Help on finding an average!
Here is what I have. I have notes in the code where I'm having trouble towards the bottom. I'm tryin...
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RegOpenKeyEx error 2
Hi, I'm development in language 'C' to open registry existing, but return erro 2: strcpy(path...
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Hi, Im trying compile GCC for android phones using ARM. I made e repository with the Dockerfil...
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[Solved]Don't not understand this final review question that my teacher post up "seeding the random number generator"?
write the code to generate a random number between 50 and 100. initially seeding the random number g...
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Even/Odd program in C++ problem
When I type 6666666666666 or 99999999999999 in EVEN/ODD program in C++ it tells wrong
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by miglr
array of strings
I'm having trouble elements from an array and then converting them to its correct code. this assignm...
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Urgent help on solitaire game project
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Help reversing encryption code. Reverse what its done.
Sup guys. First year c++ here. Still learning and ive taken it upon myself to go through old daily p...
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Code + hardware question
Hello everyone. I need some advice. I want to write a C++ software that can talk with a remote co...
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having a problem with a homework problem
I'm currently stuck on a homework problem. I have most of it down, but when my input hits the variab...
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