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determine wether a year is a leap year
i have an assignment that asks me to input a year and then output if the yer is a leap year or not. ...
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calculate the number of minutes in a year.
I need help with my c++ university assignment the assignment want us to write a code that calculate ...
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by elsa
Unresolved errors in main: "type name is not allowed"
As the title suggests, I am having errors: on line 59, 63 and 65. They are "identifier is undefined"...
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what's the type of a lambda expression ?
I have written some code using template classes that take a function or functor type as a template p...
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what is the difference between returning decltype(auto) and returning only auto?
What is the difference between these 2 functions: decltype(auto) doitDA(int a, char c, bool b)...
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Activity Diagramm
Hi Guys ist the the Activity Diagramm drawn write of the following code ? https://s16.directupl...
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What is "Expected primary expression before..."?
The following is what i have typed up. i am not finished but basically i am trying to enter a temp i...
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How can I make a function that prints the value category using decltype?
This works for the expression rvalueRef++, but I have to put the 3 part if: auto&& rvalueRef...
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developed a templated class wrapping a std::vector<T>. All was fine until I tried to use it with T ...
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Help with a shopping cart
Now I'm still in the beginning stages but I'm just testing out my first 2 functions and I am getting...
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by frek
How to create an automatic player using AI in C++
Hi all, I'm dealing with a QML ping pong game. It now works ver...
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Shopping Cart Coupon Help
Okay, So the whole program works, I am suppose to have a couponOne, that takes 50 percent off and a ...
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Need help with a C++ Program
I have been trying to work on this project for a day now and I am stuck on what to do. The problem I...
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obj({ ...}) intialization, what is happening ?
I wrote something equivalent to the following by accident, and it worked. However, I am not sure wha...
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>> not Displaying Float
I am trying to make a vector class. Here is a simplified version of my code: #include <iostream>...
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Add https support to xupnpd2 mediaserver via lib-curl lib-openssl c++ wrapper
Hello, I'm not a developer, but I hope someone could give me some hints how to add https support ...
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by elsa
How to use strcpy() and strcat() functions to create a full name?
Hello, I need to use the strcpy() and strcat() functions to assign a full name to the variable...
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Return Type Defaulting to Own Class
I am trying to write a class and it's functions return types are defaulting to it's own class. I am ...
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making a schedule in dev C++
I need help to make a schedule on dev C++ This is the code that i have right now This is in my m...
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C++ crash on exit (CryEngine, Ultralight)
I'm coding a game in CryEngine and just finished implementing HTML renderer called Ultralight to rep...
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