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by Sid123
Code compiles and starts running, then stops? no errors found though?
The code is too long to paste here but does anyone know what could cause "project.exe is not working...
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by JDev
Seeking a Mentor
I have been dabbling with C++ for a few months now having read a few books and finding resources ove...
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Big O Notation
Question: Algorithm of: for ( j = 0; j < n; j++ ) { for ( k = j; k < n; k++ ) { <so...
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Verification of code
hi can someone advise me on why my programme code cannot run properly. The program supposed to promp...
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Is it possible to do this?
Is it possible to make a program create file with certain data points, and then load the file and re...
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by leourb
Custom Iterator for list<class>
Good morning. I have a problem regarding iterators and custom classes. I confess that I am not so co...
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function to cal avg, put in performance formula and compare
Hi all, need to do a function to cal avg, put in performance formula and compare Performance = (...
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how to find the no of digits after decimal point exactly
//c++ code int nocheck1(float e) { float q; int count1=0; q=e; while(q!=(int(q))) { count1++; q=q*1...
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if statements on parts of a string
Hi, can someone help, I want to write "if statements" on parts of a string and I am not having any s...
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What to do after cplusplus tutorials?
I've followed the tutorials on this site up until pointers and am now following lazyfoo's tutorials ...
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Templates and lambdas, "incomplete type is not allowed" and
Right, it's been a while since I've done anything in C++ so if it's something really stupid gimme a ...
[5 replies] Last: Okay I'll apologise for that as I moved the templates above and it's f... (by SatsumaBenji)
Getting this error here: warning: incompatible integer to pointer conversion passing 'int' t...
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Taylor Series Lab
Having some trouble starting this in c++ language Consider the problem of approximating ln(1....
[1 reply] : 1. In series (A) use -0.9 . In series (B) use 0.9/2.9 . (by skaa)
by AcarX
How to read from a file with hex address
I need to read an entry from a packed file by it's hex address but i'm not sure how to approach this...
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by nbt
Initialization via constructor
Hi! I am learning about classes right now and I am getting used to initializing data members like th...
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by leourb
Sorting half of vector - Syntax
Hi everyone. I have read on my book that to sort an half of a vector I can write sort(v.begin(),...
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q: abt static-cast function
Below code - simply experimenting with it to learn more abt static cast functions. THe purpose of th...
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by LASims
Type cast issue
unsigned long mSecDay = 0; double secondsOfYear = 0.0; mSecDay = 52575812; secondsOfYear = (dou...
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Reading from file input problem !!
i face a problem when i read input from a file, so what is the solution of this problem ? the input ...
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