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by xoxos
3d rotation matrix
been stuck for about a month on this - i use "euler angles" (tait-bryan angles) to describe rotat...
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Using virtual functions in base classes
I recall when I first started playing with C++ I was told that you should never use virtual function...
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Artwork Program (Inheritance)
This program compiles and runs until the user inputs the media, material, or type then it crashes. P...
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Connetig 2 computers over internet
I'm trying to make my 1v1 game playable online and I would like to have the 2 players connected dire...
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basic polymorphism help
I am making a very basic parent/child class based program that shows polymorphism. It does not compi...
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Please help me with this function!!!!
I've been trying to make a sorted list with x random numbers (the user chooses how many random numbe...
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Mixing audio of different frequencies and mono/stereo?
I've build a mixer for mixing audio channels of different frequenties and mono/stereo samples, howev...
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Best up to date C++ compiler
What are a few. I am currently using a very outdated version called dev c++
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question went to another post
i moved the question to another post with the same code...
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Posting parts of a code on vectors. Cant understand whats going on.
#include <iostream> 9 #include <vector> 10 class A { 11 public: 12 A(); // Default constructor ...
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new programmer
I have an assignment to create a code in my programming class. I will try to explain it the best tha...
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Else-If Compilation Error
Hello, I am currently working on a simple code that calculates and prints the cost of viewing someth...
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by mmess
Invalid conversion from int* to int
I keep getting this error! int *newarr(int, int, int&); //prototype // initializing argumen...
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function calls ,functions prototype
so this is my question.>> Write program that uses a function digit that generates a random number ...
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please help... i`m new with some of c++ programs
i need to evaluate y= 1 - x + (x^2/2)- (x^3/6) + (x^4/24)+...+(-1)^n.x^n/n! to put in my fun...
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by tmason
Sort in Decending Order using Lambda + std::sort ...
Hello, So I have the following code snippet; what I want to do is sort the std::vector using a cu...
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by yo2xia
Image of singular matrix in C++ Eigen using FullPivLU
here is the code I run in C++ using Eigen library FullPivLU decomposition, and I want to get the ima...
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i want to find the position of the first string in input.txt that matches a regex // Input.txt [...
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Undeclared Identifer?
Alright I know this says general C++ but I am working with win32 api, it should be the same concept ...
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Suggestion to improve the do ... while loop structure
We want to share this suggestion with you to improve the do ... while loop structure. Best regard...
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