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Do/While literation statement help- c programming
1) Given an int variable n that has already been declared and initialized to a positive value , and ...
[4 replies] Last: Hi @all for 1) first attempt is ok, U can add : printf("\n"); aft... (by CptJY)
Reading numbers from a file (1,2)
Hi. I'm completely new to programming and I have a question about a program I have to write. I n...
[23 replies] Last: Oh, right. Duh. I had initialized them in the beginning and I don't kn... (by Guy1988)
Am I missing something in my while loop?
I'll give the instructions first: Write a C++ program that has a while-loop to loop indefinitely un...
[11 replies] Last: @LullaBelle You always start a new thread IF you are referring to a d... (by whitenite1)
am working on project that i Need to change index in string but without using replace any suggesti...
[6 replies] Last: array =new I got it Thank U (by closed account 9ECjNwbp)
Trapezoidal Rule in C
Looking for some help with my code. I'm new to learning c and either my arrays or my loop is not com...
[6 replies] Last: There are multiple ways to calculate it. I tried a program with that e... (by jtkelty)
Finding Center point of a polygon using triangles' center
I created a program that finds the center point of triangles but when I use it on things other than ...
[1 reply] : Could you explain which center you are trying to compute? (There seems... (by keskiverto)
applying a rule in c++
The payments will start in the amount of 1 dollar. Rule A - Double the installment amount. Rule B ...
[3 replies] Last: You are declaring payment inside the loop, so every time you go throug... (by doug4)
by Faz777
Searching 2D Vector
I stored strings, from an array of strings, in a 2D vector of string... Each string in the array rep...
[no replies]
by ajayk
Merging of sorted doubly linked list
why this code giving me an error! #include<iostream> #include<assert.h> using namespace std; cla...
[5 replies] Last: Maybe you need insert both of your nodes if both data values are equal... (by nuderobmonkey)
by Tarbal
Precision and rounding errors
I wrote some code that will fit data from an ascii file to a polynomial. Ultimately, I will add regr...
[1 reply] : Using a library called Eigen seemed to do the trick. Here is the code ... (by Tarbal)
Issue with printing code. Constant prints extra times
I'm doing this assignment for my class. I have gotten the program to ork but I am having an issue. ...
[1 reply] : MAX_STUDENT is the maximum capacity of the array. What you need is a... (by coder777)
Please Help
I need to get the x and y center Point for this project, however, I cannot seem to understand how to...
[1 reply] : Since Point does already contain x/y you don't need it twice: ... (by coder777)
I don't understand
Hello all. So I'm working on an assignment and I'm having trouble as to why my code doesn't seem to...
[1 reply] : Holy crap! Sorry, I figured it out.... if ((studentAnswers != 'A')... (by DannyD303)
by nile12
Help with incorrect output when Adding and Subtracting Time
The program currently adds and subtracts time correctly by not allowing the time to go into a negati...
[2 replies] Last: People are significantly more likely to help when you put your code in... (by Duoas)
by agulbs
Random spaces and "-" being inserted in wrong spots
My assignment for class is to create a program that reads a user's file and formats it to 60characte...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you!! so i changed the for loop to this: for(int i =0; z ; i+... (by agulbs)
inFile problems
I'm trying to do a real simple read of an inFile. I'm using a .dat file that contains "100" #incl...
[3 replies] Last: Initialise a = 12345 in the first line of main and run again. If it pr... (by kemort)
Which library should i use for my program?
Hello, My program will basically get prices from around 20-30 webpages on the internet of a pr...
[1 reply] : from around 20-30 webpages,,, I want it to be done in as few lines as... (by mbozzi)
method-address longer then long long long
Hello there, I tried to print out addresses of class methods. But i have noted that they are greater...
[3 replies] Last: The problem is that pointer-to-member functions on some implementation... (by mbozzi)
How do I get rid of the spaces in my code output?
The code is written correctly and works but its putting spaces where spaces shouldn't go. Error r...
[1 reply] : Hi, You have given a space before the first letter of your output p... (by shadder)
by cmisip
How to properly call destructors on exit
How do I ensure that destructors are called on program exit wether normal termination or with ctrl C...
[5 replies] Last: I will mark this as solved. Feel free to leave comments. Thank you fo... (by cmisip)
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