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by user42
number exersizes
I am a beginner in c++ and wanted to learn some tips and tricks with working on digits and numbers. ...
[2 replies] Last: there are literally millions of these things. eg x >> 1 is the same ... (by jonnin)
by urko18
How save servos position in a SD card
Hi to all of you! I'm doing the programming of a robotic arm (maybe some of you knows me because ...
[15 replies] Last: a struct in c++ is a user defined type. The most basic ones simply co... (by jonnin)
Read access error thrown when calling destructor
I'm currently writing a linked list project for school and I'm coming across an error when calling t...
[3 replies] Last: The destructor is called whenever the object is destroyed . That's t... (by MikeyBoy)
Can someone help me break down my assignment
I am having a trouble just breaking down this big assignment. I have code done, want someone to tell...
[6 replies] Last: thank you @Thomas1965 (by anon001)
how to solve linker error while using FFTW library?
I want to make use of FFTW library for calculating FFT of a sequence. But when I try to compile it, ...
[1 reply] : You need to make sure your linker knows where to find the library. (by MikeyBoy)
by Lex33
Array (1,2)
The task is to implement the function void CTempSensor::calculateMinMaxTemp() .In the function I ...
[30 replies] Last: I don't think that you should return all sensor types. Just the sensor... (by coder777)
I need help with my autoclicker.
Alright, before you say just use mouse_event, just hear me out, please. I am making an autoclicker t...
[1 reply] : Wow I just looked up the code for a tool called FastClicker, and it ma... (by poteto)
What's the rule on static template member initialization?
Are compilers allowed to optimize these out if they are not referenced? Seems different to normal st...
[1 reply] : > Are compilers allowed to optimize these out if they are not referenc... (by JLBorges)
LNK 2019 && Lnk1120
I have been looking around on the forums, and most people say this is called when a function does no...
[11 replies] Last: In case anyone ever stumbles upon this. I had it for a win32 project a... (by Helquin)
Reverse engineering code
Hi there, I am currently doing an assignment where I have to write a code to decrypt a text file tha...
[8 replies] Last: I had the srand() inside a while loop therefore it was giving me rando... (by AdamWazer1998)
hash table collision/insertion
I think i have the openAddress method working, but i am unsure of how to continue with the chaining ...
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by helios
How to RAIIfy this common pattern? (1,2)
//Foo foo; //Bar bar; //Baz baz; { auto old = foo.get_snafu(); foo.set_snafu(x); ...
[23 replies] Last: @helios, you're not wrong, but the way you replied on page 1 could be ... (by Ganado)
What is a collision in a hashmap?
There are two inputs an inputHash and text which would indicate a collision?
[1 reply] : A collision in a hashmap is when two objects hash to the same value. ... (by Ganado)
How to serialize a time_point?
Having this code: namespace date { using days = std::chrono::duration<int, std::ratio_mul...
[5 replies] Last: I think I got it: date::sys_days int_to_sysdays(int val) { std::ch... (by JUAN DENT)
using Macros: how can i get functions?
using macros, how can i get functions from a class name?
[18 replies] Last: i'm sorry but i will try explain. we create a class.. these class hav... (by Cambalinho)
how do I print out subclass object and int sega int nintendo bool enjoy and string fun
hi there #include "stdafx.h" #include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <vector> usin...
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is there any way i might be able to interrupt loops at given points
i am making this calendar program and i am wondering if there is any way to interrupt loops at a pre...
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by stav
Check whether structs members have changed from the default?
Hi say i have a struct like this: struct example { int ex_value_1 = 435; int ex_value_2 = 325...
[11 replies] Last: I had to resort to a macro to get rid of the ugly &example:: , though... (by tpb)
General tree
I'm having trouble with this program, it outputs me a garbage number when I set another value in a n...
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by JN1982
Given the following array declaration, what is the value stored in the scores element? int scores...
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