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Mac OSX Launch Daemon
I have developed a dummy Launch Daemon for Mac OSX that keeps writing something to the console(syslo...
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I need to add in my code the computation of employee payroll?
Hi! i need help in my code,so here's my problem. How can I write in my code the basic pay of the emp...
[1 reply] : Use f.e. a std::map (see (by tcs)
searching for errors within a code
i use cygwin and i have a program that was returning an error saying "undefined reference" and i fig...
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by joeysx
C++ passing multiple array to function sum using inheritance
questions is: write a program using inheritance allow user to enter grades of his students 5~8 stude...
[2 replies] Last: Grades.h, Line 47: You'r accessing a non existing array item. exams... (by tcs)
by anup30
What happens to pointer if variable is reallocated?
what happens to pointer pt when string s is reallocated to accommodate bigger size? does it updates ...
[1 reply] : does it points to previous s which is not used anymore This. Do not e... (by coder777)
binary semaphore with NON-busy waiting
can someone please help me on how will I be able to program this? So, say I have a process and it...
[1 reply] : In C++11 (and boost) there is no semaphore but mutex: http://www.cplu... (by coder777)
Problem with homing missiles
I'm trying to make homing missiles for my game but there is a little problem. I don't want them to i...
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by smosh
Tic-Tac-Toe Game w/ 2D arrays Help!
This the question: Two Dimensional Arrays (courtesy of Dr. Huo) The following program is the...
[1 reply] : Alright 1st you Really need to Comment your work! Always good practice... (by Sanction)
Need help making a dart score board source code.
So I want to make a code that keeps track of peoples scores when we play darts that is fairly organi...
[1 reply] : Use an associative array (eg. std::map<> ) to associate name (string)... (by JLBorges)
Treasure Hunt program (arrays) help
In a 5 by 5 board, the user must type in x and y coordinates (e.x 4,5) for treasure, specifically 10...
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by rko786
C4244 warning
i can not gid rid of these 3 errors i'm new to this so please take it easy thanks ...
[8 replies] Last: I recommend using iostream like this: #include <iostream> #include <c... (by jasonwynn10)
How does one go about...
How does one go about Playing a music file that they picked and playing it in the default player? I...
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Help please
Hi, I'm working on this program and I wanted to know if I was going in the right direction or not. H...
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bresenham's line algorithm
Hi. I need a program to count pixels for bresenham's line algorithm. I just can't think of how s...
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Ranged for loop with arrays of arrays
int arr ; for (int(&row) : arr){ for (int &column : row){ } } Why do we n...
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help with int
while (number <= 0 || number > 16000000000){ cout << "Please the size of memory: "; cin >> numbe...
[2 replies] Last: Integer values are constrained by the number of bits they have to stor... (by Duoas)
C string style problem
Hi, I'm not sure if any one will have the time to take a look at this and help me but I've been work...
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Static linking the boost library
I have written a program that uses boost in visual studio 2012. The only boost library I used is fil...
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by rko786
it will not open text file help
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by jcoach
Syntax error 'return' etc...
Sorry if this question will be answered with a trivial solution, but I really can't work it out. ...
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