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by Durpo
Reading from file - Using While Loop
I am having trouble with the following code. I need it to end when it reaches -1 however it reads th...
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by ataik
running c++ console application without Visual Studio
Hello, i wrote a c++ console application for a person but i need to send him an application for w...
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Template Problems
For an assignment I have to write some code in only a header file to get practice with templates. Al...
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by Wynn
Dynamic Memory Issue
So i've just gotten around to researching dynamic memory allocation and it could be that its 4am but...
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Continuous vs Random Storage
What is the difference between these two? I'm trying to look up for it online but there are no clear...
[1 reply] : Do you mean sequential vs random access? A sequential device can only... (by helios)
memory acses violation
i'm new to pointer in c++ , can someone help me solve this class student{ public: int id; student(i...
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OS Coding help
I'm Developing an OS. I know it very hard to write a OS and takes a lot of work but I would like to ...
[1 reply] : you need to implement a way to parse executable files like elf or coff... (by heepoo)
While loop looping when it shouldn't
I am using visual studio 2013 to create a game where a random number is generated when the program r...
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Any expert know how to write this program? Average each student score and assigned a letter grade
Use this information student names and test score Andrew Miller 87.5 89 65.75 37 98.5 John Doe 8...
[1 reply] : This is a very common beginner's homework. You need to learn to writ... (by Duoas)
what is a blueprint ?
can anyone explain what is a blueprint in classes..
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Forgot binary file read :(
Hi I have a file users.txt in server and client send a user name and server checks it, but I can onl...
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Can someone please help me find the base address of game to hack
I found the pointer in cheat engine its "isaac-ng.exe"+00222A60. I have been googling it all night ...
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Beep in turbo c++
Is there a way i can use the beep function in turbo c++? Like it is used in codeblocks. ~thanks
[2 replies] Last: Thanks a lot! nah, i dont need to play a wave file, i just need the be... (by GeneralSkyKiller)
map class index operator
so i have no idea how to write the index operator overloading i have a class called pair already. ...
[2 replies] Last: I tried but I can't even make a pair and insert it into the bst I tri... (by curtiscavalier)
How to convert binary file to its original format
Hi. I am sending file to server as binary I read file from clinet store in buffer and send it I...
[1 reply] : A file is simply an array of bytes, it doesn't have format by itself. ... (by helios)
STL Maps:How to copy an element from map(string,vector<string>) to std::string
Hi all, I am writing a program that implements a uni-directional graph using std::map. I have to sea...
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String class implementation
For coding practice I am writing a String class based on something a professor gave us back when I t...
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Fisrtly, i would like to apologize for posting here,the reason being i coudnt login to java forum (a...
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Why don't I have to declare this namespace?
Hello All, I have a question about namespaces. Here's an example program. Header: #ifndef __SAL...
[1 reply] : ADL aka Koenig lookup: (by JLBorges)
by hoolD
How to provide users with options to input
Hi.I am trying to make a game in which the computer will ask the player which ship it wants to user ...
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