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by Ilfau
C++ reading, writing errors
Hi everyone, I am struggling with a program. It shows my file reading and writing (ifstream and ofst...
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by zapshe
Assigning array with .length() ?
int main() { std::string word = "This"; bool arr[word.length()]; } This works fine on online...
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Console prints blank space and is not supposed to do so
So I'm writing a code for my final project and I just encountered a problem This code snippet pri...
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How Can I Directly Use The Iterator Values?
Hello Professionals: Good day. I am honestly a newbie of std::vector and I would like to know how c...
[1 reply] : std::unordered_map<glm::ivec3, float>::iterator a, b; a = b = g_polCo... (by ne555)
How To Properly Input Values in SGESV?
Hello Professionals: Good day. I was having a hard time to input the values in the SGESV function. ...
[2 replies] Last: sgesv_( (integer*)&count_g_polCoeffGerald, (integer*)&nrhs, (real*... (by ne555)
C and C++
What are the differences between C and C++? 1) C++ is a kind of superset of C, most of C programs e...
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by Susie
I made a grid, what do you think about it?
Hello! I'm a beginner C++ programmer. Yesterday I made the grid below, it was difficult to make. (...
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How To Intentionally Assign Constant Value To Array?
Hello Professionals: Good day. I came across this problem when I attempted to assign a variable to ...
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1). Open the file "project.txt" and read the data into an integer array. Below is the sample code to...
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A Problem I've had for a "while"
Hey guys, this is a recurring problem I've had whenever I try to use the while loop. It says it expe...
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Visual Studio Error Help
I have changed the doubles to char's cause on visual studio it said it didn't complie the code. I ha...
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by atatat
Looking for cross-platform IPC
I'm looking for cross-platform Interprocess Communication library. Currently I'm using Boost Interp...
[1 reply] : This perhaps? (by salem c)
Creating a Library
Hello everybody, I'm planning to create my own data structure library. How is the best way to do so?...
[2 replies] Last: or, if you are just now getting started: a library is just code where ... (by jonnin)
BlackJack Simplified ASAP (1,2)
Please create a simple BlackJack code. DUE IN 12 AM NYC TIME!! Hit and stand options, must use class...
[21 replies] Last: I will not write ASAP next time "If you pull at the blades of grass i... (by MikeStgt)
Can you help me finish the Galton Box program? Here is what I have so far: #include <iostream> #in...
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simple encryption program problem
Hey guys, I am doing research/ a project on cryptography and how attacks on ciphers work, so I ma...
[6 replies] Last: its a LOT easier if the hacker can send his own plaintext message and ... (by jonnin)
Selection sort a linked list
Hello, I am trying to programm a linked list with some extra methods, which are "sum", which adds up...
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Roulette Color Streak Program (1,2)
Hi all - Brief history - long time back I wrote a VB program to simulate spinning a roulette wheel...
[38 replies] Last: if the PRNG uses a 3 bit seed then it's likely to have a cycle afte... (by MikeStgt)
by Fadey
inheriting referencer/data class as template, should I optimize getData()?
Sometimes coming up with a good title for topic seems harder than the problem itself in the topic. ...
[5 replies] Last: is this even remotely useful... class 1 creates the thing via a point... (by jonnin)
Copy Control and BST
I've just started the Copy Control chapter in C++ Primer (5th Edition) and stumbled upon a vague exe...
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