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Opening Applications
Two things: 1- system() is BAD, I get that. How could I open wordpad without: system(...
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by zolo
hexa to ascii char conversion
Hi, I have read in a binary file to an array of chars (DATA). So far so good however I cannot con...
[10 replies] Last: Hi, Thanks all for the answers and it seems this not as straightforwa... (by zolo)
by Necip
What do you think about my Thread Class?
In connection with my Dash Bolder Project or any game programming it is important to handle differen...
[1 reply] : And this is a multi-multi-task application ^^ : MyThread_Tasks is a t... (by Necip)
by sam80
Eigen library
Hello everyone, I wonder why people say Eigen library support 2D arrays. I did not see any problem ...
[1 reply] : Eigen definitely supports matrices, even the 2d ones, since it's a lin... (by mbozzi)
changing private data of a class object in a vector...using functions!
Hello everyone. I'm a bit new here so sorry if I make a mistake somewhere. I was recently attemptin...
[1 reply] : [quote=Antman777]All I wanted to test was when the player attacks a mo... (by LB)
by dinex
Segmentation Fault11 caused by istream?
I am still new to C++. I am working on a program to read a set of list. I know a segmentation fault ...
[1 reply] : Accessing an array out of bounds causes the program behavior to become... (by helios)
illegal function?
There is a function that prints a value in the second constructor of class Time: Time(int alph...
[1 reply] : Is this illegal to perform functions within a constructor? No, callin... (by helios)
How to read in newline without using .get()
Just wondering if there is a way to get something similar to this working without using .get(): //...
[4 replies] Last: That is very interesting information, and I appreciate the insight. I'... (by TinyTertle)
[Builder 6] Save Label content to .txt file (1,2)
Hello. I want to save Label content to .txt file void __fastcall TForm1::FormClose(TObject *Sender,...
[23 replies] Last: Common practice is to declare TIniFile *IniFile; in the Form class a... (by Thomas1965)
Invalid types 'int[int]' for array subscript
Hey guys! I'm with a little problem... This code works like this (it's in portuguese and I couldn't ...
[3 replies] Last: bem vinda (by shadder)
Binary Tree Issue with Insert Function
Hi Everyone I'm losing my mind trying to find out what is wrong with my Binary Tree Class. when I go...
[3 replies] Last: @closed_account: Okay, done. (by Arslan7041)
by nappa
array help (1,2)
Hello Ive been working on a program that inputs vendor names into an array to be displayed later on ...
[37 replies] Last: @nappa I modified my earlier solution a little bit to your desire. So... (by closed account 5a8Ym39o6)
Simplex Method Code
Hello, I have simplex method code in C form, could anyone help me about converting it to C++ form w...
[12 replies] Last: my assignment is writing the code and explaining shortly as a rep... (by kemort)
Menu driven program that allows user to maintain a collection of integer values through the following menu options
(P)rint should print the collection (A)should prompt the user for the value to add to collection (d...
[2 replies] Last: [quote=TheIdeasMan]Just a note for the future :+) There also shouldn'... (by closed account 5a8Ym39o6)
codeblocks cpp file content deleted
does codeblocks backups all your code files? when i open my codeblocks project after restarting m...
[4 replies] Last: So does that mean you have found where/how you can recover? (by kemort)
glewInit() not working
Currently I am trying to create a template project for Visual Studio but glewInit() doesn't seem to ...
[3 replies] Last: You say "but" as if the documentation linked didn't spell it out for y... (by cire)
forcing constructor to use a default parameter
Hi, I am trying to initialize the second constructor by forcing the constructor to use just 1 param...
[2 replies] Last: line 10: makeNestedloop needs a return type. Since you're not return... (by AbstractionAnon)
Generate Unique Ids
Generate Unique Ids FormStrings(unsigned int id, string bigText) { //create small strings from...
[1 reply] : When I created my pokemon game (small school project) I seriously cons... (by shadder)
by Willir
Need help with Petrol Station Program
The problem I am having is that I am finding it difficult to output Amount Dispensed & Total Cost in...
[14 replies] Last: I assumed I had to call the main function each time I was declaring n... (by MikeyBoy)
by smesj
Help with recursion and linked list
Hey guys, I'm stuck... I am trying to write a function that recursively deletes elements from a list...
[7 replies] Last: Yea Arslan its for an assignment on recursion so I'm forced to use it.... (by smesj)
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