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please help
[8 replies] Last: i have to do both forward and reverse, which i did but my issue is not... (by MaseratiDeluxe)
Code Not Tracing Back Through Parents
I have been working on A* path-finding for a couple days now trying to make it work. I have everythi...
[8 replies] Last: NEVERMIND, I have solved it. I just needed to change the default index... (by Mayday556)
by helios
Self-referential function pointers
While trying to come up with an elegant way of emulating TCO in C++, I came up with this odd constru...
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Using "get function" properly
Hello, I have been browsing the forums for a while trying to find the proper way of using "get" or "...
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Looking for some insight on a book.
Hello all, I'm looking into getting a data structures book in c++, but it seems all of them have the...
[2 replies] Last: The tutorials on this site are great/good, I just wanted a book as wel... (by Queso36)
Writing a void function
Guys i need help!! im fairly new to the c++ world. Im dealing with the infamous glass rod problem Ho...
[1 reply] : write a void function void is the return value. there is no such th... (by Little Bobby Tables)
Access Granted
Im trying to get the program work correctly and its running, but the problem is as soon as i enter t...
[2 replies] Last: @ Disch thank you for help, i got it now. here's my updated code #in... (by krrish123)
Class Terminology question
Hello all, I just got a homework assignment today that has some terminology the book doesn't help...
[7 replies] Last: You can use the old function from the old class, yes. A more precise ... (by Little Captain)
by r85
nested if-else statements
I am new to c++ programming, and I wrote this program. It runs perfectly but the problem is I want t...
[6 replies] Last: Thank you All That was helpful (by r85)
C++ Program/ Challenge
Hello Everyone Im new here and I need your help. Could anyone do one of these programs? https://...
[2 replies] Last: If you need help, I can tutor you using gmail chat. Email me at: spark... (by Little Captain)
how can i make function that can read an unsigned integer into a variable of type unsigned short int
How can i write a function that will read an "unsigned integer" into a variable of type "unsigned sh...
[16 replies] Last: I figured it out. thanks for trying to help. (by Noob Programmer)
Network fetching
Hi, I was wondering if and how it is possible to fetch network data like Nighthawk does, I don't nee...
[7 replies] Last: I have never done anything related to packet sniffing, I'm just tellin... (by LB)
Hi, I wrote something like that: #include <vector> #include <utility> class S : public class...
[6 replies] Last: I love You LB!!!! Everything works perfect. (by Hiciorman)
sort predicate w lambda = compiler error
Here is some code with the error messages at the end. I can't figure out why I get compiler errors. ...
[7 replies] Last: Why are you using a linked list here? Most likely it is making your co... (by LB)
no error but program not moving further
i am very sorry to post this long code but i was in great pain figuring out whats happening...i che...
[5 replies] Last: no (by praneshiitm)
by edo
sort by name, surname, number,
hy everyone! I have a text file containing the names and surnames of enrollment numbers and grades...
[1 reply] : Look at (by keskiverto)
Chess game In C++ with error handling
hello this is my first topic and first game in c++ i hope you like it it a simple chess game b...
[3 replies] Last: so guys what is your opinion .......... (by nacer14)
array help.
I am trying to make a program that goes thro a data sheet that has a students id and there test answ...
[2 replies] Last: Honestly the question isn't really clear or I would've tried to help a... (by Pindrought)
Flappy Bird !
Hello! I have created Flappy bird game for Windows console! I want to share my code with you. Code ...
[2 replies] Last: Now try doing it without goto or global variables. (by LB)
by ayu05
Convert text file containing 0 &1 to binary file
Hi I just wrote a program for Huffman Encoding, where I take a text file, encode it in the form of...
[1 reply] : I highly recommend editing your post and use code tags. http://www.cpl... (by SamuelAdams)
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