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Error In A Program For Hangman Function
Hello, I am wondering if anyone could help me out on what the error is for the following program, I ...
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by Kalcor
The use of this condition
DZY loves chessboard, and he enjoys playing with it. He has a chessboard of n rows and m columns. ...
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by SoloCc
I need help Fixing this code
#include <iostream> #include <cstdlib> #include <ctime> #include <vector> #include <fstream> #inclu...
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Macro usage with variables names
Hi, I am trying to debug a software by printing out the values of variables. However, I am having s...
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by Kalcor
Simplifying this proof/method
Question: Drazil is playing a math game with Varda. Let's define for positive integer x as a prod...
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[C3861 error] Identificator not found.
I have a file "HSlider.h" it is using "Draw.h",where I defined my functions to use them . But compil...
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2 D array of list<char> both static and dynamic
Can someone help me out with defining 2D array of lists. Given a string I was asked to print longes...
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Class Assignment File Saving (LOOPS)
Hi! I need help with saving data into a text file. What I did won't work and I'm not sure what I'm d...
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EXC_BAD_ACCESS(code=1 ,address=0*8) in getting vector.size() function call
i am using c++ in Xcode, i had import <vector> in .hpp file, all other function working properly i...
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will constructor automatic inherited by child class?
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Hi, Am trying to solve this problem that unfortunately has surfaced in my program. My program is to...
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Error, request for member is of non-class type?
while(!input.eof()){ input.get(search, 100, '\n'); if(search.find(keyword) != string::npos){ cout...
[1 reply] : but if anybody knows why I can't run str.find It fails because "sear... (by jlb)
Text based rpg examples
Hi, I would like to show you guys a text based rpg that my friend and I made, it involves 2 guys d...
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Array of files problem
i am currently studying files i c++. Can someone tell me where is the problem in this simple code. ...
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by Domcys
Need help
Hello guys, i'm new here and looking for help. I am stuck with one assigment, and run out of time wi...
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The purpose of classes
This isn't so much of a technical question as it is a question on programming practices. I unders...
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Absolutely LOST in making Snake
As a diversion from my regular learning, I was making a game of Snake using NCurses. However, my Sna...
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My problem here is that, it cant display the name and average of student with the highest and lowest average. Thank you guys!
#include<iostream> using namespace std; struct student { char name ; int score ; float ...
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by Kalcor
We know that prime numbers are positive integers that have exactly two distinct positive divisors. ...
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I'm creating a udp server code in C++ but I keep getting an error in my if statement with "sscantf"...
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