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need help creating hollow triangle using for loops
for a school project i have to try to make a hollow triangle whose size is based on the user's input...
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Understand of "quasi" external sort
How can I sort these 120 integers with only 20 integers at a time by using a "quasi" external sort? ...
[9 replies] Last: Ok, that's helpful. Thanks for the information. (by mlanuri10)
Call of overloaded constructor is ambiguous
When I try to instantiate objects of class Foo in main() of foo.cpp, I keep getting errors about how...
[12 replies] Last: @Enoizat- I didn't think about "const". That qualifier would definitel... (by vaderboi)
Copying closure of lamda expression
Hello, If you think this is a beginners question feel free to beat me for not using the correct for...
[11 replies] Last: OK. Thank you who responded. I was thinking, a lambda is a function ... (by NorbertMueller)
by amjim
3 number Random generator
Hello!! I’m currently struggling on my program with changing the function of getNumbers() . What ...
[9 replies] Last: #include <iostream> #include <random> #include <ctime> using namespac... (by lastchance)
Finding a lexicographically minimum permutation
I want to make a program that finds me the lexicographically minimum (basically where all of the num...
[16 replies] Last: Yeah, I had a sh!t-load of memory problems which I've solved but not p... (by againtry)
by Norej
create a human readable output file with char arrays
The program must be able to work for an input file that contains following information: # of temp...
[4 replies] Last: It's now up to you to convert what's in the buffer each time to format... (by againtry)
Solved Sudoku Puzzle (Need help)
Hey guys I need some help identifying the error in my program, as I'm using nested loops to print ou...
[3 replies] Last: Line 13. What makes arr so special that it doesn't need to be checke... (by dhayden)
Minimum count of irregular bitmap regions before multi-threading?
Minimum count of irregular bitmap regions before multi-threading? Some conditions to set up the que...
[7 replies] Last: coder777 Thanks ! I WILL learn C++! It will happen. I am going to w... (by rollerbladegirl)
Broker Chain
Hi, I'm reading Design Patterns in Modern C++ by Dmitri Nesteruk (I'm not sure I can recommend it...
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Using execution file vs debug
The git hub for my project is: I'm using visual studio 2019...
[2 replies] Last: ^^ The above is a common issue as VS sets up paths for you when you r... (by jonnin)
It is not detecting any syntax errors but it just ends instantly.
//******************************************** //File:wk1_change.cpp // //Summary: a program that...
[5 replies] Last: Type: System("pause") or cin.get() This worked for me, so I hop... (by b p t)
How do you solve these problems using algorithms
I've been in this USACO training camp, and there are quite a few problems that I don't know how to s...
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by Norej
project dealing with char arrays
YYYYMMDDHHMM (e.g. 200708201425) This should be converted to: 08/20/2007 1425 i need to con...
[8 replies] Last: For a one-off timestamp I wouldn't need base, and I could initialise b... (by lastchance)
by bibo
Segmentation fault:11
vector<int> solve(vector<int> arr, vector<int> queries) { vector<int> res; int n = arr.size...
[5 replies] Last: Thanks it worked :) Thanks for using code tags. :) And note that dh... (by dutch)
CppCast: Conference Organizing
Rob and Jason are joined by Phil Nash, Adi Shavit and Fred Tingaud. They talk with the three meetup ...
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by eladb
MFC project
hello guys , i just start to bulid my first MFC project. i wondring if this is the right place f...
[3 replies] Last: From what I recall radio buttons can be queried to see if they are tru... (by jonnin)
by ravss2
Creating a hashtable from File Contents(Unknown Size)
I would like to create a hash table by reading the number of entries from a file, file size may be i...
[8 replies] Last: its not technically wrong. But you are most likely making more troubl... (by jonnin)
Reverse Diagnal of matrices
Write a C++ program that inputs a square matrix and reverse the contents of its diagonal values. Ex...
[4 replies] Last: #include <iostream> #include <valarray> #include <algorithm> #include... (by lastchance)
Weird Error List using VS2019
Have tried to compile several C++ apps downloaded from Github and they all compile with numerous err...
[1 reply] : '10.0.16299' is most likely the windows sdk version. It seems rather o... (by coder777)
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