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char input help
[1 reply] : return name ; This is attempting to return the 31st element of the a... (by Repeater)
float numbers
Create a program that asks the user for two float numbers. Then asks the user if they would like to...
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help me :(
Create a program that asks the user for two float numbers. Then asks the user if they would like to...
[1 reply] : Basic input and output: (by Repeater)
by Ganado
Image editor - efficient pixel data
I'm making a simple image editor for fun. It has a feature that's analogous to having multiple frame...
[10 replies] Last: You're describing software-based rendering. This is still possible (in... (by helios)
Do While Loop
I need help making this program work #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() ...
[1 reply] : Original code with code tags to aid legibility : [co de] your code... (by Chervil)
The advantages of iterators
Hello all, I finished chapter 20 of the book " Programming Principle and Practice using C++ ". Ther...
[5 replies] Last: Theory is fine but when there is an example (on the explained subject)... (by Frank14)
Can I use cout statement in a void func in a Header class?
Below is the Header, I have trouble with. Anyways I cant use cout here, please give me some pointer ...
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C++ and Linux
Hello guys, I'm an intermediate-level programmer of C++ and have recently started studying Qt, QML ...
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by AB21
Help with ERROR statement please?
This is my assignment. Write a program that computes the quarterly average sales for a salesperson ...
[1 reply] : If you've removed the statement you're having problems with, how are w... (by AbstractionAnon)
Calculate highest grades
I am creating a program that when you input a .txt and input an output file .txt also into the progr...
[2 replies] Last: Thomas1965 how would i do that, and yes (by Brandon i)
Loop won't break right
Hi folks! Got stuck on an assignment. It's 99% done and does what I need it to do except for one thi...
[2 replies] Last: Had to tweak it a little bit to fit my code, but it made SO much more ... (by Corbenik)
File handling problems for struct.
Hi guys. can someone help me? my problem is that i want to put the data i streamed to a file back to...
[3 replies] Last: > what is stm stm is the name of the variable (of type 'reference t... (by JLBorges)
What does ambiguously overloading the initializer_list constructor mean.
Hi guys :) Pardon me if I have not framed the question clearly :/ I was reading through Herb Shut...
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Random number generator
#include<iostream> #include<cmath> #include<string> #include<cstdlib> using namespace std; ...
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by dkaip
My wxFrame dont take key events
I have a wxFrame and do not take key events. Can it happens because my keyboard is an old ps2? I am...
[1 reply] : I am using wxWidgets 3, Mint OS. (by dkaip)
Urgent Help..Array of Structures
I have an assignment and I am stuck on it and need help. Im not very good with coding so I appreciat...
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cin to an enum
How do I overload the >> operator to cin to a type enum?
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help with program that accepts a date in the format MM-DD-YYYY from the user and determines and disp...
[1 reply] : DUPLICATE POST - same program, same problems (by whitenite1)
Phone Database Program - Need to Call One Function to Another
Hello, I am trying to write a mini-phone database program that can display phones based on name, pro...
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