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Need help!
Hello, I am relatively new to the whole C++ thing. However, I have picked up some skills to ma...
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Create Virtual Smart Card using TpmVirtualSmartCardManager class
Hello I wish to create a Virtual Smart Card from code in the easiest way possible, with the standa...
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User defined header file
I wants to know if user defined header file needs to be compiled before we can actually use it in ou...
[1 reply] : No. The content of the header file will be compiled each time a source... (by Peter87)
Dev c++
E balagurusamyk sample programs not running on devc++ Input is taken but no output is show...
[2 replies] Last: Version devc++ is obsolete - last updated in 2005. Nowadays a ... (by Chervil)
Time complexity of recursive function question
Hi there! I just had a quick question regarding the time complexity of this recursive function I imp...
[1 reply] : It runs in O(n) time. (by helios)
by Soso93
Strategy game code in c++
I am looking for the star craft 2 code, does anyone know a good websites for such a project?
[3 replies] Last: I've got about $20. it can't be more than that right? edit: the pot i... (by nchambers)
Directly execute or through functions?
Because I'm working on my game engine called Light Speed Engine (my private), my first priority is s...
[3 replies] Last: The inline keyword does (did not) not force a function or variable t... (by mbozzi)
by Soso93
Strategy game code
Does anyone have a c++ code for any strategy game even if it is simple? Or do you know where can I f...
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Can somebody please tell me why this wont work?
Basically my whole program nearly works correctly, however i have made an if statement so if anyone ...
[7 replies] Last: Yea I used isalpha an islower in the end at it looks more simpler (by hhjkkh10)
by Anon99
How to put conditions on parsed data
Can someone tell me why this will not work #include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <sstream...
[3 replies] Last: Your code is far too complicated. You basically need to read the data ... (by Thomas1965)
Web Programming Frameworks?
I'm thinking of trying to do Web Programming in C++ as well along with Python (where needed or appli...
[11 replies] Last: Well, I was just having a hard time building Wt for some reason, so I ... (by DragonOsman)
Sum the first n numbers (1,2)
I need to write a program PPP2 Chapter 5 Exercise 8 for which I have to ask for an input n from the ...
[24 replies] Last: As I said, the header file I'm using puts built-in range-checking in o... (by DragonOsman)
Inverse modulus<type> return ?
Code below, I know is bad code, but is not even what I'm trying to achieve, that code is only an "e...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you Peter, that's exactly the kind of trick I was hoping to lear... (by Marcus Aseth)
How can I create an array of vector or vectors ?
Suppose I have two vector of vectors: vector< vector<double> > v1, v2; created inside a function,...
[16 replies] Last: @kemort (4151) I am more than sure that your last code will prove to b... (by quantatanu)
Not declared in this scope
Hello everyone! I have a question regarding the programm below: #include <iostream> using names...
[1 reply] : int a is available only from where it is declared at line 7 up to th... (by Chervil)
opening files from a folder
i need to open files present in a folder. i found a code from here
[3 replies] Last: thanks a lot for help (by Abdullah0001)
How to sort an unsorted set of values using vectors and for loops in C++?
How to sort an unsorted set of values using vectors and for loops in C++? Background: I have a begi...
[5 replies] Last: At worst, the use of using namespace xxx can cause the behavior of y... (by mbozzi)
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