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How to add spaces to this output?
I want to separate this binary string every 4 characters..I am trying to get a better understanding ...
[2 replies] Last: #include <iostream> #include <bitset> #include <cstdint> #include <li... (by JLBorges)
Going crazy behind OpenGL (1,2)
I'm trying to solve a run-time error since a lot of time (around three or four months?) The crash p...
[21 replies] Last: If you're asking for my code, it's way too much to be posted easily an... (by EssGeEich)
by RRW
Opinions on simple Gaming Project
Hey everybody . I have a computer science project due in about two months. I want to do a simp...
[2 replies] Last: Ok thanks miinipaa ...i appreciate your help (by RRW)
BigInteger Class
This is my code so far. I was wondering if anyone would offer any advice on what I have or what I sh...
[4 replies] Last: [quote=MiiNiPaa]first of all 8 in your formula is technically wrong. U... (by a k n)
please help me it doesnt work , i dont know whats wrong
4. Write a program that reads positive integers until a –1 is entered. Once input terminates, the ...
[5 replies] Last: @cire thanks for info. sorry for not being good at expressing my er... (by deepestblue)
i need your help :(
hi we have this homework which involves an input of a username and password. i figured i should use ...
[1 reply] : You need to use strcmp() to compare strings. (by helios)
Programming Assignment - I dont understand what he wants me to do?
Design a computer programming experiment in C++ to determine what happens when a variable of type i...
[7 replies] Last: Im just a beginner, He wont let me turn all of this in like that. He p... (by Corey21Woods)
question about boost::multi_index_container
I used to use map to access elements. map has a good feature that it sort the element automatically....
[3 replies] Last: > re the elements sorted according to the first key, > then the eleme... (by JLBorges)
Birthday Program
Hello, I have an assignment in which i must create a program which prompts for user input of curren...
[1 reply] : In the class, you have the month as type int. Instead, try having it a... (by sherre02)
overload delete[] operator with specific arguments
We're trying to overload the delete operator with specific arguments. Which is the right way to cal...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you very much cire for your time and your answer :D (by ncomputersorg)
C++ Dictionary
I would like to make a dictionary in C++, but I do not know what kind of coding would be used for a ...
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by poteto
Boost asio multicast, but through the internet.
For these examples:
[1 reply] : Never mind, multicast cant be used over the internet, or it's not gene... (by poteto)
I am inventing a product that requires my own Internet Browser. This is probably the most difficult ...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks ill look into it (by JBossman)
'Native' C++ string performance
I am not a fan of string classes, even though I have written several of my own. Especially when pro...
[9 replies] Last: > Each thread might have its own copy of the string thinking it can ma... (by JLBorges)
c++ - how use GDIPLUS library?
i'm trying use the GDIPLUS library. i did the include and i add the library to link options. but the...
[15 replies] Last: using Image, can i get\set the pixels colors or i must use the Bitmap? (by Cambalinho)
Debugger in visual studio
Hi, When I would work on C++ Win32 console application s I would use of F11 for step into an...
[8 replies] Last: I don't know what do you mean by entry point but if you mean entering ... (by khoshtip)
by heepoo
passing data structures to function pointers and get there values
hi all, please see this example and say what should i do typedef struct example_dt_struct { in...
[5 replies] Last: In my example func is a typedef. (by MiiNiPaa)
Threading with Inheritence
I've made a background worker which uses a queue to hold events. If an event is added, a conditiona...
[2 replies] Last: Am I understanding correctly? Indeed. That is an interesting idea, ... (by Lowest0ne)
by poteto
Boost pTree json parser, how does it work? I think that this exampl...
[2 replies] Last: Got that xml parser to json very easily. Lot more easier than I expec... (by poteto)
How can i unite 2 strings in array?
#include<iostream>; using namespace std; int strlen(char ); void strcat(char S1 , char S2 , i...
[5 replies] Last: My blooper was pretty fundamental. (by kemort)
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