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Using execution file vs debug
The git hub for my project is: I'm using visual studio 2019...
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It is not detecting any syntax errors but it just ends instantly.
//******************************************** //File:wk1_change.cpp // //Summary: a program that...
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How do you solve these problems using algorithms
I've been in this USACO training camp, and there are quite a few problems that I don't know how to s...
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by Norej
project dealing with char arrays
YYYYMMDDHHMM (e.g. 200708201425) This should be converted to: 08/20/2007 1425 i need to con...
[8 replies] Last: For a one-off timestamp I wouldn't need base, and I could initialise b... (by lastchance)
by bibo
Segmentation fault:11
vector<int> solve(vector<int> arr, vector<int> queries) { vector<int> res; int n = arr.size...
[5 replies] Last: Thanks it worked :) Thanks for using code tags. :) And note that dh... (by dutch)
CppCast: Conference Organizing
Rob and Jason are joined by Phil Nash, Adi Shavit and Fred Tingaud. They talk with the three meetup ...
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by eladb
MFC project
hello guys , i just start to bulid my first MFC project. i wondring if this is the right place f...
[3 replies] Last: From what I recall radio buttons can be queried to see if they are tru... (by jonnin)
by ravss2
Creating a hashtable from File Contents(Unknown Size)
I would like to create a hash table by reading the number of entries from a file, file size may be i...
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Reverse Diagnal of matrices
Write a C++ program that inputs a square matrix and reverse the contents of its diagonal values. Ex...
[4 replies] Last: #include <iostream> #include <valarray> #include <algorithm> #include... (by lastchance)
Weird Error List using VS2019
Have tried to compile several C++ apps downloaded from Github and they all compile with numerous err...
[1 reply] : '10.0.16299' is most likely the windows sdk version. It seems rather o... (by coder777)
by SemC
Add search functionality to your program according to the user inputs. Use switch-case to deal with different user inputs
Having trouble with searching in my program. #include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <st...
[1 reply] : use code tags (by dutch)
check if my program is correct
i should write a program to find the median of two sorted arrays is it correct? #include <iostre...
[2 replies] Last: But what does it mean to find the "median of two arrays"? One after th... (by dutch)
Pacman With Classes practice
Hey first post here so let me know if I'm doing something wrong. I wanted to practice classes with ...
[8 replies] Last: @jonnin It works! Thanks for looking it over. I hadn't displayed the ... (by Doraonroids)
CppCast: Clang Hacking
Rob and Jason are joined by Saar Raz. They first discuss blog posts covering a new project managemen...
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Splititing a string into multiple lines with each line having at most N non-space characters
Bessie the cow is working on an essay for her writing class. Since her handwriting is quite bad, sh...
[13 replies] Last: line 12: Since you are reading in the value of N you have to create a ... (by againtry)
C++ 2020 News
Rob and Jason discuss C++ news and the new year after the Holiday season: - The Merger of MISRA C...
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How to count non-space characters in C++ and to split a string into multiple stings on the space. split a?
Does anyone know how to count the non-space characters in a C++ string? Also, does anyone know how t...
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by DMX
inheritance and polymorphism
Hello, I have a general question about inheritance and polymorphism. To start right away, here is...
[2 replies] Last: Hi DMX, The way you're asking these questions makes me think that you... (by Aaron Vienneau)
by Hanske
Saving and loading objects from classes in C++
I would like to save objects from a parent class in a text file and then be able to load the objects...
[8 replies] Last: The problem is that all the objects are pointers so only the addresse... (by againtry)
Most inputted number wins
I want to make a program, which takes multiple inputs and counts the quantity of ones,twos,... I ha...
[2 replies] Last: Variable names are important; try to make them meaningful. You have on... (by Ganado)
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