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by judo11
How to trap integer inputs in C++?
This is just a portion of my program and I want to trap the integer inputs using while loop. cout<...
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Can someone help me with my code please?
I am a beginner in C++ and I am getting an error doing my project and its driving me nuts! There ma...
[14 replies] Last: /* 9/28/2014 Intro to Programming Project 2: BMI Calculator This pro... (by jasonwynn10)
If/else help
I have the following if/else I am having trouble with, it is displaying both the if and the else and...
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Why wont my program work? Can someone tell me what I did wrong? Design a computer programming ...
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How do i get this pattern using a nested for loop in c++?
this is the pattern. (ignore dots) 0 .1 ..2 ...3 this is what i have so far in...
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Question about dynamic arrays HOMEWORK PROBLEM
I have to do all the comments that says to do.. However I have no idea how to start the question....
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Help with Mips assembly language
I am trying to do a simple for loop that computes sum of a certain number of integers and then outpu...
[1 reply] : thought it might be because I didnt add j loop to the end of the loop ... (by byronflds)
by anduhd
C++ exe code keeps crashing
Hello so I have this program that for now does nothing that keeps ignores the cin.get(code,7); , ter...
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Issue with string and spaces
I have the following code in my program and it is not working as intended. string getName = ""; ...
[1 reply] : I have also tried this with getline(cin, getName); on line 9 instead ... (by cire)
by jodytj
C++ Debug Help
// I am getting the following errors when I try to compile my program... /*C:\Users\aurjagui\Deskt...
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concatenate two char arrays into single char array..
I am trying to concatenate two words from a file together. ex: "joe" "bob" into "joe bob". I have pr...
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Function Chaining?
Can someone point me into the direction of where I can learn how to do something like this: fun...
[9 replies] Last: Is generally a bad idea since the intermediate object would be destro... (by MiiNiPaa)
unable to find out what is wrong
I was trying to solve a problem in In this problem i have to output number of vowels ...
[6 replies] Last: @keskiverto Thank you very much.The code worked perfectly.And i thank ... (by reach devi)
Keeping track of used letters in hangman game
Hi am trying to make a hangman game in c++. Everything works so far but i can't seem to keep track o...
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by N10
read and you'll know
guys im making a kind of game ill show you how it looks like in my imaginations :- ...
[4 replies] Last: @ Computergeek01, thanks but i prefer using kbhit(); kbhit(); func... (by N10)
Problem with using nested loop with file I/O
Hey guys, I have problem using the nested loop with file I/O. Every time I debug the program, t...
[1 reply] : It looks like it's possible you're reading the file too many times, bu... (by jlb)
c++ 11 - how overloading operators?
i'm trying overloading the assigment operator without sucess :( class String { private: str...
[13 replies] Last: > how i can do it? Wait for the C++14 feature? It should become wid... (by JLBorges)
by dev05
Average is incorrect
[10 replies] Last: Interesting...How would that not cause a problem? He is storing all th... (by novellof)
by cybr
c++ header file
"Theexamplealsodemonstratesanimportant C++softwareengineering concept—usinga “preprocessor wrapp...
[1 reply] : I think you're talking about Include Guards. They prevent the declarin... (by Ganado)
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