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Please help! How do I code this?
New to c++ and need help. please help me out! PART II: Read a file, input the data to a two-dimen...
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by Duffka
How to have Makefile read other extensions as .cpp
this question seems odd but dont ask i dont have any program so i can give source code im just wond...
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Error when deleting object holding reference
I have two classes. Class Root and class Other. An object of Root is created and this object holds a...
[8 replies] Last: not the same: vector<int> vs vector<Other> read the compiler message... (by ne555)
Code not working and I'm unsure why
My code isnt working and I dont know why. Error messages on lines 9, 11, 15, 20, 21, and 21. Code...
[1 reply] : You are leaving a space in some of your variables. Example: ... (by chicofeo)
How to add a method to 2 classes by using templates?
I have 2 very simple classes and both need to perform a canDelete() method. How can I "insert" such ...
[4 replies] Last: I created a RefIntegrityManager class with a canDelete template method... (by JUANDENT)
by MaRahl
Translation from python to c++
I have a question about translating code from python to C++. I translated a program in C++ and ckeck...
[13 replies] Last: in a game of raquetball both players start at 0 points the player ... (by ne555)
GUI applications (1,2)
Hi, Total noob question here, so I do apologise. So, a lot of tutorials online show the presen...
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Need help on combining 2 programs can you please combine these
So I need help on merging a program that finds perfect numbers and one that displays deficient numbe...
[5 replies] Last: Consider: #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <cmath> us... (by seeplus)
Trying to pass a form by reference to a function
Hi. I am trying to pass a Form to a function that will change the forms Appearance. code: void Ch...
[2 replies] Last: How do i pass slide1 to Function ChangeBackground() ? The same way y... (by andywestken)
File storage issue
I'm trying to dump a file that is stored at a place in memory with 41mb's in file size. Any idea's ...
[16 replies] Last: most don't even give a good answer because they cant. How true is th... (by againtry)
by rnima
How to create a default size array (1,2)
So my whole program works but I am beating my head on something that should be really easy. I need m...
[20 replies] Last: #ifndef ARRAY_H #define ARRAY_H using namespace std; #include <io... (by againtry)
.FromFile won't take string variable as argument.
Hi. I am trying to change the background image of a form control passing a string variable instead ...
[9 replies] Last: Found the solution myself. This doesn't work: slide1.BackgroundImage... (by Razorhead69)
Question about IDE
On Windows, Microsoft Visual Studio is the obvious choice - it's feature-rich, and is straightforwar...
[9 replies] Last: looks like some forums are vulnerable to edits that would not have bee... (by jonnin)
Implement iterator
I read somewhere that it is possible to implement an `iterator` through defining begin/end methods, ...
[10 replies] Last: for (auto i = v.begin(); i != v.end(); ) if (*i == 2) ... (by mbozzi)
by rnima
How to deallocate an array
How can i make sure I delete my array, my destructor is not being called and now i have memory leak....
[11 replies] Last: This is true. I rarely need these, and misspoke as to its usefulness... (by jonnin)
by rnima
How to allocate an array
Completed question, thanks!
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Grading code
When I try to run my code, after 2 tries, the average does not compute. I have to compile again for...
[1 reply] : You need to do 2 things: 1) In future please use code tags - see <> i... (by againtry)
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