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by zevxc
Big O help
Would the big oh notation of the Algorithm of: for ( j = 0; j < n; j++ ) { for ( k = j; k ...
[4 replies] Last: It's a bit more complicated (due to k=j) : O(n 2 - ((n 2 - n) / 2)).... (by coder777)
Convert "string" functions into "char ...[]" functions
Hey I used a XOR-encryption method to en- and decrypt strings. Link to this article: http://www....
[1 reply] : Oh never Kind, I found out how :) (by ANproCUBE)
issues saving and loading from txt file(strings w/ whitespaces)
hey guys, I am having issues with loading the string "Dirty T-Shirt" from a text file i use to sa...
[5 replies] Last: Thank you, that took care of it! (by Skwidman157)
by Dkob1
Menu question ?
cout << left << setw(5) << "Menu" << right << setw(5) << endl; cout << left << setw(5) << "Coke......
[1 reply] : #include <iomanip> #include <iostream> #include <string> int main() ... (by MiiNiPaa)
by Dkob1
Help, why is it not working?
#include <iostream> #include <string> #include <cmath> #include <iomanip> using namespace st...
[7 replies] Last: Thanks, think I got it. (by Dkob1)
Why isn't this program running?
Hey guys, I am pretty new to C++ programming, but I don't know what is wrong with this program. Any ...
[2 replies] Last: thank you so much, it works now! (by maximus87)
Decimal to Binary
Hello, I have never done C++ before and I am having trouble writing a program in lab. This is due pr...
[3 replies] Last: Good luck. #define _CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS #include <iostream> #inc... (by Pindrought)
Diamond Class. Please Help (1,2)
I am in an object oriented programming class and I need to figure out how to get this to print out p...
[25 replies] Last: last 5/7 years not programming cpp. overall i programming in diff lang... (by sujitnag)
Negative number
For my program, we have to make our own class and implement it through our choice of Offense or Defe...
[1 reply] : sorry boss, give an example to understand your project. input, interna... (by sujitnag)
error: undefined reference to `__glewDeleteBuffers'
I'm working with OpenGL and glew32 and, while trying to do some work with buffer functions, came up ...
[6 replies] Last: I included the build libraries like you told me to: #include <SDL.h... (by captpman)
Testing an object in a vector against all other objects in the vector?
Hi there, I'm working on collision detection for a game in SFML. I succesfully designed a Spatial Pa...
[10 replies] Last: > If A and B test against each other and collide, how do I ensure tha... (by ne555)
by zevxc
Help With Recursion
I am not asking for you do my homework im just really confused on the question that is being asked c...
[1 reply] : Well basically that function uses recursion to do the following: Retur... (by Pindrought)
by zevxc
Help with a Big O Algorithm
Algorithm of: for ( j = 0; j < n; j++ ) { for ( k = j; k < n; k++ ) { <some operat...
[1 reply] : No one is going to do the homework. What part is confusing you? (by Militie)
Vending Machine C++ Programming
How do I modify the below program to repeat the process until all drinks are sold? All drinks hav...
[5 replies] Last: Hey You can make a simple while-loop Start here: while ((currentA... (by ANproCUBE)
Convert to int part of 1000 digit long numer defined in char array
hi please how do i convert just the number from position 4 to 15 from this char array and convert...
[4 replies] Last: yea i wont copy anything i just want to see the principe of it how do ... (by Tommy1998)
by tmason
Help with conversion of code to modern equivalent...
Hello, I am trying to convert some old code I found online to a modern equivalent. I can easily co...
[3 replies] Last: Functions attributes. They aren't standard C or C++ per say, more so a... (by Computergeek01)
by Gyiove
dynamic file
Hello everyone! I'm planning to create 'Dynamic file' here's of it works: dfile d; // void ...
[4 replies] Last: somewhy i dont really like boost. I guess it would not hurt if i would... (by Gyiove)
Euclid gcd don't working
#include <iostream> #include <stdlib.h> #include <time.h> using namespace std; int v int gcd(v...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you very much! (by Thebeatboxer)
Help with a rookie's program!!
I am a newcomer to a CS class on my campus and am having trouble starting to build one of my first a...
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Why I hate std::vector
Aside from the word vector being a misnomer, I have issues with both std::vector and std::string, es...
[10 replies] Last: This is an example of something that drives me nuts: telling programme... (by dhayden)
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