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by frek
Enumerations and an error in tour of C++
Hi, I'm reading Tour of C++ 2nd edition . In section 2.5 Enumerations , it says: enum class Col...
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HWND txt color
I'm trying to give a color for 1 single HWND in my win32 api.. So far I managed to give color fo...
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Missing type specifier- int assumed
I am trying to build a solution in Visual Studio and the compiler keeps throwing the error: "missing...
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versatility of box2D/chipmunk
I am about 40% done with my first c++ game (being made in cocos2d-x v3.17), that being the UI pretty...
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problem with game.
Gameboard not working. code///
[4 replies] Last: @dhayden yea, that makes sense. It works. thanks. now just trying the... (by Mikeyy222)
Is the articles section on this website still active?
Hi everyone, I recently submitted an article in the articles section of the website which is pendin...
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What is the meaning of scoped object in the context below.
Hi, The Note section of following isocpp guideline,
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by cj1983
Polymorphism - probably simple!
Hello, I am helping out my brother with some C++ revision work and.. well i am stumped. He ha...
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by mikix
Is it possible to change a string/char/variable in a binary file ?
Hi, I have a very basic question I was hoping someone could help me with. Let say,and this is ...
[3 replies] Last: well, yes lol. If the program is YOURS, there is no sense in hex-edi... (by jonnin)
by arjv
A little problem with my assignment on a telephone directory
How do i validate the strings where if someone accidentally types a number in the name category , it...
[1 reply] : read input as a string and check that it is all letters. as for how... (by jonnin)
How to increase speed of large for loops
Right now i'm trying to run very large for loops for some task, nearly about 8e+12 iterations. I tri...
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game. pay
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creating dynamic array that sums prime numbers
Hello guys, I am having challenges with how I am suppose to go about coding the following problem: ...
[4 replies] Last: Any solution will iterate through each element in the array, check for... (by Browni3141)
Having issues with Mindtap coding
This is my code which I wrote for the following assignment. Cindy uses the services of a brokerage f...
[2 replies] Last: Instructions Write a program that allows Cindy to input: The purcha... (by dhayden)
Am I better off learning with GCC rather than VC++? (1,2)
I tried Geany and CodeBlocks and found it took too long to debug with those, and went with VS C++, a...
[22 replies] Last: @Cubbi, Code::Blocks as one of the bundles, the MinGW bundle, includes... (by FurryGuy)
by slei
dynamic_cast and expections disabled
Hey, I've rarely used dynamic_cast and mostly avoid if possible there for I have actually no idea w...
[11 replies] Last: @OP, You keep asserting that dynamic_cast should work like static_cas... (by doug4)
Card Game Printing Incorrect
I'm trying to display King, Jack, Queen, Ace for cards that have a score of 10 or 11, because otherw...
[5 replies] Last: I only posted the code that would need to be seen in order to fix the... (by dhayden)
i want to compare two file and find the same strings
hello guys, I just want to compare two files. Then i want to display the same strings on the screen...
[3 replies] Last: At line 43 you're using myArray1's index to insert into myArray3. So i... (by dhayden)
Deriving classes from smart pointers ?
My question is about deriving classes from smart pointers. I haven't come across examples of code do...
[8 replies] Last: [quote=CABrouwers] However, it requires to give up the delayed calcula... (by TheIdeasMan)
I need explanation on the code snippet
I succeeded in converting a C# sharp function to C++ and the code executed successfully. I however c...
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