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sorting problem only sorts sometimes.
This program allows the user to enter a name followed by a grade. It stores them in separate arrays ...
[1 reply] : It only manages to do it sometimes.. anyone know why? Does this con... (by cire)
Really need help with Arrays
Okay, so I've been at this for hours, editing, deleting, remaking my code and I can get one array ea...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks for the help guys, problem solved. #include <iostream> using ... (by hardworkpaysoff)
linked list and stack
Hi there, I am creating a linked list and a stack. My linked list contains getters and setters...
[3 replies] Last: Hello, I didn't actually run your code, but you seem to be re-assignin... (by Ganado)
How to find matched character in string using input file?
Hello everyone: I am trying to write the code that can searches the string for the first character ...
[9 replies] Last: Nice one! (by jonnin)
Most frequent character by using arrays
Hello, This is my first semester of programming so don't bash me too hard when it comes to formatti...
[1 reply] : for ascii you can exploit the small size of the table (256 possible ch... (by jonnin)
New simulation game
Looking to create a new simulation game, it is going to be 2D and rely mainly on the interface (GUI)...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you :) I will look into it, from first glances it looks relative... (by DylanMorganx)
c++ reading from file and finding element with most children
So i am writing a program which reads data from a file, which contains: person_ID Gender Name S...
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Difference between Fortran code and is C++ version
Hi all , I don't understand why this two doce give different result ... I know that Fortrn start ind...
[8 replies] Last: C++ #include <iostream> #include <iomanip> #include <vector> using na... (by lastchance)
Array of template type
I am working with dynamically allocated arrays that are template type. I know it is a common prac...
[1 reply] : you can use the empty braced initializer in both cases but std::string... (by gunnerfunner)
Insertion into linked list not working - size is 0
I need help on my STL-like linked list class. Right now the insertion because it's not working. He...
[5 replies] Last: Actually, it turns out that erase() is fine except for the fact that i... (by DragonOsman)
shared_mutex deadlock
Hello. I've written a code from Anthony Williams's book - "Concurrency in action". It's a lookup ta...
[4 replies] Last: Even this simple example causes a deadlock in MSYS2. There should be m... (by OmegaDoom)
by dawny7
How to get the values of an array from another class?
So classB is inheriting from classA, and classA has array1 declared and values assigned to it from ...
[1 reply] : Could you please post your code as well? Might be easier to understand... (by kimchiboy03)
I have generated 5 random dice value. That I have generated. Let say the 5 dice values are 2 2 4 5 6...
[2 replies] Last: I am actually creating this game; When the dice has been randomly roll... (by programnick)
Recursive reference issue in hashmap and list definition in implementing LRU Cache
Hi ppl :), I am trying to implement a LRU Cache but stuck with the recursive definition for "list...
[2 replies] Last: This is an ill-formed question. Please ignore. (by kapil2905)
User defined O/P stream buffer not printing output
Josuttis has given an example for creating a user-defined stream buffer, by inheriting from the stre...
[3 replies] Last: The problem in the code in the book is that in virtual int_type overf... (by JLBorges)
by rona7
Snake Or Ladder Game
Hi I am a beginner in c++, my problem is that how to make player1 turn first to play and then player...
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Code::Blocks Installation Error
Hi All! On installation of Code::Blocks 16:01 and trying to create a project, I am getting an error...
[2 replies] Last: Recent versions of Windows tend to limit which directories are writabl... (by jlb)
by Johnn
Really need help.
1. Design your own linked list class to hold a series of integers. The class should have member func...
[1 reply] : This is not a homework site. We won't make your homework. Give it a tr... (by goldenchicken)
Matrix vector multiplication problem
Greetings C++ pals! I had an excercise in my assignment to read a vector and a matrix from 2 .txt f...
[7 replies] Last: shouldnt it be += instead of = for p's assignment? Ok so ultimately ... (by lekfanda)
issue to compare char
I need to compare two characters at line 101. But even though they are equal, it does not enter at t...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks! I haven't noticed those problems! (by unkinkedash)
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