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How do I get the address of an overloaded function? (1,2)
#include <iostream> int inc(int i) { return ++i; } void inc(int& i) { ++i; } int main() ...
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Recursive function "slow" (sqrt)
Hey guys, In order to learn working with recursive functions, I pogrammed a fcn that approximates...
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why say 'exchange' is a 'read-modify-write' operation?
why say 'exchange' is a 'read-modify-write' operation?
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Input function from other file
Hello everyone, i just want to ask that if i read a function from a c file(input file) using Input/o...
[1 reply] : Your program would need to include a C compiler. The Clang sources inc... (by helios)
visual studio header file
I read vs head file found something, who can illustrate them with simple language, I do not understa...
[1 reply] : 1. Save the current packing behavior on a stack and set it to _CRT_PAC... (by helios)
boost graph library: usage of undirected_graph
Hi there. Have next declarations: #include <string> #include <boost/graph/adjacency_list.h...
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Program terminates after inputting vector elements
Hi everyone, I hope you can forgivably help me answer this kinda noob question. I was coding Ex 8 C...
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How do I create a template function to print based on container passed to it?
It'd be very useful if I could create a generic print function that takes a STL container object (qu...
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by mvgnum
Pointer to Pointer program
Hello guys, I found this exercise online and i need to do it for my class. I have NO CLUE. Please he...
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Linking problem (undefined reference)
Hi my friends. I hope somebody can help me. I have included in my project (written in C++11) some ...
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OpenGL and Multithreading
Hi! I'll try to be short. I'm making my OpenGL application multithreaded, because I want to load re...
[6 replies] Last: Actually, since you mentioned tutorials, here's a good one: https://vu... (by JayhawkZombie)
by a10e29
SDL_RenderCopy Memory Leak?
Hi, void SDLToolBox::render(Coordinate myCoord, SDL_Rect* myRect, SDL_Texture* myTexture, bool fli...
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Can i do this to remove allocations
is this valid/stable method of passing pointers, may be a silly question but i need the memory on ...
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Trigonometry Functions in C++
Is C++ in radians or degrees mode by default, and if in radians, how do i convert it into degrees?
[2 replies] Last: Trigonometric functions are in radians. 1 radian = 180/π degrees. ... (by integralfx)
Printing a double without a decimal point?
I want to print out the result of my output without a decimal. Essentially, like an int. I was looki...
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by mark90
Q-Learning Example isn't running
Hello everyone,I have this q-learning example taken from the following website :http://mnemstudio.or...
[5 replies] Last: cire, thank you . Yes, my console window closed before I see any outp... (by mark90)
by bozmin
Using Pointers or variables
Hey, I am a beginner user of c++. and I have a question concerning pointers. Is there any defer...
[4 replies] Last: Between those two examples you just posted, ex1 is much better. I act... (by kevinkjt2000)
What is the best structure to store matrices for Finite Differences Methods?
Hi, I implemented the so-called Finite Differences Methods which consist on computing a value of a ...
[12 replies] Last: Thanks, Cire, that's certainly something to consider in the final mix. (by kemort)
by ZimCa
How to search faster in c++?
Here is my code : #include <iostream> #include <windows.h> using namespace std; int main() { ...
[6 replies] Last: system() runs a separate program. It has to find the program, allocate... (by dhayden)
practice finding/correcting errors
I am trying to practice finding and correcting errors. I have a decent knowledge about C++ but not e...
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