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c - how read binary files?
i'm trying read a binary file, but i'm getting problems :( a binary files is contitued with bytes(a...
[13 replies] Last: finally i put it to work like i need.. the problem was the DrawIcon() ... (by Cambalinho)
Turtle Graphics
I have the most of this program set up but I do not know how to set it up in two classes like I need...
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VGA vs MDA/CGA/EGA I/O compatibility?
How compatible is the VGA with the older cards, when looking at I/O ports (Looking at the different ...
[2 replies] Last: I mean that, when running older software of EGA/CGA/MDA card on a VGA ... (by superfury)
Qt issues
Tried to run a main.cpp with a qt creator 2.0.1 but the compile output was 'could not find make comm...
[1 reply] : Maybe you only installed QT Creator, or didn't install MinGW/VS. Go he... (by EssGeEich)
C++ Proxy
Hi. I would like to make a c++ proxy, but I have no idea where to start. I know most web browsers us...
[1 reply] : port 80 is for HTTP traffic. (by hatsack)
by dkaip
wchar_t and reading unicode strings
Hello. With this code by helios(thank you) all in UTF8 are ok. But now i must use ranges from U+10...
[11 replies] Last: The size of wchar_t is 16 bits on Windows. That's why the second versi... (by helios)
Error in calculation of time. Pls help! urgent!
This is for an assignment given by our teacher. The question is to write a program to add two time o...
[5 replies] Last: I am asking you about single line: cout<<Sum.seconds<<" : "<<Sum.minu... (by MiiNiPaa)
no valid kits found
I tried to create a new project with Qt creator, but after choosing the type of project, location, c...
[1 reply] : Please go to Tools->Options->Build & Run->Kits and set up one kit to u... (by zxrp)
C++ tic tac toe problem
HI, i am trying to make a tic tac toe 2d array game.The game that i am making is actually human vs c...
[1 reply] : please make sure to add every new detail in the main function,please ... (by kemort)
Working with programming
Hi, I have a quick question about working with programming. Since we all know that there are cou...
[1 reply] : Will my program be tougher to use for the computer Usually more line... (by MiiNiPaa)
pointer to class member
this project is for an embedded micro controller. in the project i wrote a class that genericall...
[9 replies] Last: Bind and wrap (freestanding implementation): struct uart { void ... (by JLBorges)
Weight loss report
the body for energy when we break down those triglyceride it's kind of like dumping rocket fuel into...
[2 replies] Last: Please, do not reply to spam posts. That makes them undeleteable by se... (by MiiNiPaa)
generating sums of rand numbers
Hey all, i'm new to coding and trying to understand the basics. Right now I'm trying to create a cod...
[9 replies] Last: awesome thanks a lot! and your explanation made me understand what I w... (by ninjarun)
no system("cls");
I ´m trying to develop a really simple word processor / text editor in C++ console. No matter...
[1 reply] : No. http://www.cplusplus.... (by LB)
Super confused C++
I figured it out :)
[1 reply] : It looks like this person can help you: (by LB)
by Ritik
Books on software building in C++
Are there any books that explain the building of a software? I don't mean a book that teaches the ba...
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searching vector with maps
Currently im creating a simple phone directory. I am having a problem when searching the vector. It ...
[1 reply] : It is not trivial matter. I suggest you to read on Levenshtein distanc... (by MiiNiPaa)
Binary search help
need help implementing a binary search on the sorted numbers and then adding a value returning funct...
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by bebu
.exe has stopped working windows is looking for a solution
I am trying to write a program that reads from a file, puts the words into an array counts how many ...
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help me understand this code
recursive codes have an evaluating condition that is checked for exiting the loop, this procedure do...
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