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Is it possible to create a vector of multiple type of specialized template classes?
I'm lost, quite frankly. I have an example piece of code where I I have a template class and one ins...
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C++ library with basic capabilities of Node.js.
Hi! I was wondering if anyone knew about a built-in C++ library that has the basic capabilities of N...
[7 replies] Last: I looked at Protobuf and gRPC and am going to try that. Thanks! (by Reader8765)
euclidean distance
Hi Can someone help me out quick. Here is the contents of my h file: class Location { private...
[16 replies] Last: I got it to work, thanks everybody (by parallx)
Default font used by c++?
Hi What font is the c++ code in? Just a curiosity of mine. This is for the Microsoft compiler, when...
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Parallelogram Problem
Problem Description: A number (N) of lines (extending to infinity) in both directions are drawn on a...
[3 replies] Last: Do you see how that's exactly the same as one of my examples: 0, 0, 45... (by tpb)
Can move semantics be used if the class member is not a pointer.
Hi ppl :) I was recently trying to understand move semantics of c++ 11 and found that most of the ex...
[3 replies] Last: To note, the call to move in f(std::move(s1 + s2)) is redundant, bec... (by mbozzi)
Help with Updated Program
Hello, So below is a code I have written; however, it has some specifications that are not being...
[2 replies] Last: So basically what I am missing is: void readingscores(int scores ,... (by katalinaisland)
by Yaxit
Container of Inherited Class Instances
Hello everyone, I've been working a couple of days on this school project, here the issue I stepped ...
[5 replies] Last: I did manage. Thank You! (by Yaxit)
Problem with key registering
Hi guys i have problem with key registering.So i have a program that registering every key press fro...
[2 replies] Last: pseudocode: once static char last = get key press from hardware log(l... (by jonnin)
Where are delegating constructors useful ?
Hi ppl, I just came across this concept of 'delegating constructors' introduced from c++ 11. I...
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Missing code
Hey so I'm having trouble placing the missing code in order to get this program to work here it is, ...
[2 replies] Last: you have three functions digit_name() teen_name() and tens_name(). lo... (by Jaybob66)
by mbozzi
How do I use string_view where a C-string is expected?
I've written a function foo() whose purpose is to call something that requires a C-string: void ...
[5 replies] Last: That entire code is based on the assumption that the underlying sequen... (by JLBorges)
functions pointers for main loop, does anyone do that?
Hi, i have a program's main loop performing different actions depending on it's "mode" (let's prete...
[4 replies] Last: Something like this, perhaps: struct mode { virtual mode* action... (by JLBorges)
Explanation of a quote
I've been reading the book "C++ Primer, Fifth Edition" and I stumbled upon something I seem to be un...
[6 replies] Last: rax overlaps with a single 32-bit register, a single 16-bit register, ... (by helios)
by kgerm1
i need help, please!!!
I need help with writing a while loop statement in c++ that works. this is the endstate. Total i...
[2 replies] Last: You have initialized the variable total to 0, and your program should ... (by fewdiefie)
Ladder Problem using Dynamic Programming (Bottom-up Approach) in O(n)
In the given problem we have to find the no. of ways in which we can reach the top of ladder from th...
[3 replies] Last: This is the partial solution for steps 0 through k-1. This might now ... (by dhayden)
Modular GCD problem of codechef
Given integers A, B and N, you should calculate the GCD of A^N+B^N and |A−B|. (Assume that GCD(0,a...
[1 reply] : Google the properties of modulo arithmetic and see if you can figure o... (by dhayden)
Dot Operator Error
Hello, I am trying to do a code with a header file, main, and client file. I keep getting recurr...
[4 replies] Last: Every line with the fraction::fraction I get the error " Cannot use d... (by Repeater)
Question regarding Simpson's rule
Hello guys, I am working on a Simpson's rule problem. I am said to integrate from a=0 to b=1 at n=7...
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write a program to Finding words that begin with specific letter "s" in text file.
Hi Experts, Question about File handling in C++ .... write a program to Finding all words that...
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