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Boringssl mingw compile error
I need helps and assistance on compiling boringssl for mingw i686 aka x86, the compilation stops at ...
[1 reply] : can't reproduce your issue. downloaded from https://boringssl.googleso... (by ne555)
Displaying the output file??
Here is my code, and it displays the content of input.txt to the screen. I want it to do the same th...
[8 replies] Last: Interesting. It must just be my C++ compiler that is causing the issue... (by xerxes2985)
Taskkill a browser
I'm having a bit of trouble getting the following code to work #include <iostream> #include <cstdli...
[2 replies] Last: There is a batch file, I'm doing it this way so my anti-virus doesn't ... (by Volgin212)
Unzipping a pkzip with C++
I have a PKZIP file. It's not a standalone file, it's part of a bigger format, I cannot reference it...
[5 replies] Last: any chance this file is very old? It shouldnt matter but pk zip was a... (by jonnin)
by lo2
Weird problem with matrix structure of points of pointers
So I have written this method making use of double** structures, being used for storing values in a ...
[12 replies] Last: Ok well I am not exactly sure how it looks, when there is a memory con... (by lo2)
Stacked Linked List question
Ok here is my code so far. I am trying to create a function to pop or append a value to the top/head...
[1 reply] : What does it do that you don't think it should do, or what does it not... (by Moschops)
I have questions for C++ can anyone help me please
CHAPTER 1: PRINCIPLES OF OBJECT – ORIENTED PROGRAMMING 1. Which of the following languages is not...
[1 reply] : Best if you go first Ace otherwise somebody might misunderstand your i... (by kemort)
by Kalcor
Here is a question link: Here is a code: #include <...
[no replies]
can't pass an iterator to a function template
I want to write a function template that accepts an iterator as parameter. The included headers a...
[1 reply] : > error: 'C::iterator' is not a type Disambiguate with the typename ... (by JLBorges)
by T J B
Having trouble with functions
Its not exactly pretty... I need some guidance on functions. Can I take: int addNum (int x, int ...
[1 reply] : int plus( int a, int b ) { return a+b ; } int minus( int a, int b ) {... (by JLBorges)
by sadiik
Expanding the existing payroll program
I have working on the the expansion of a payroll system for a project for about a month now ad I jus...
[2 replies] Last: #include<fstream> #include<iostream> #include<iomanip> using namesp... (by rezy3312)
std thread creation - destructor crash when not assigned to a variable
Can someone please explain to me how I can get a crash in the destructor of std::thread when I don't...
[2 replies] Last: get a crash in the destructor of std::thread when I don't assign std:... (by gunnerfunner)
by sadiik
Payroll System
CASE STUDY – PAYROLL SYSTEM PHASE 5: ARRAY The purpose of this phase is to expand the payroll sys...
[3 replies] Last: Thank for your response. I have figured this one out and It is working (by sadiik)
Program Enters Infinite Loop if User Enters a String With Spaces
For my assignment that I created the other day, I had received a 100%. We had to create a series of ...
[5 replies] Last: We're going to need a bit more information than "would not run properl... (by Moschops)
by Kalcor
Min and max pairs between teams The link above is the question. I was able to g...
[1 reply] : Max is found when all of the "extra" players are all on the same team.... (by doug4)
by Kalcor
Simplifying this equation
Can someone simplify this equation so it could be understood? s ^= s ^=s ^= s ; assuming its p...
[10 replies] Last: @ JLBorges , @ Cubbi Thanks to you both for your always expert answe... (by TheIdeasMan)
by sed2
how to do a password without cin?
I would like to make a program that see if i type a keys sequence, but i don't want to use cin, beca...
[7 replies] Last: The second would also work. (Lines 19, 20 and 22 require C++11) (by JLBorges)
Get typename of a variable without any common libraries?
This may be asking much, but is it at all possible to get the typename of a variable without using c...
[1 reply] : No. #include <typeinfo> is required if we want to use the typeid o... (by JLBorges)
To Find Large Powers in
Hi guys, I have two numbers A and B where both can be in the range 0-100000. How can we find th...
[1 reply] : what is the actual c++ type of A and B? does the pow() function work?... (by jonnin)
by Azard
Printing text from text
Hello people ! I have a problem with a exercise I have to end. I have been searching for long so ...
[5 replies] Last: Thanks you ! Problem solved with this (by Azard)
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