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by soranz
reading settings file
Hi, I'm trying to make a basic settings text file and I'm wondering why pos_y = strAxisData.find("...
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by zolo
how does std::stod work
Hi, I am trying to convert multiple lines of strings to double with std::stod I used the code ...
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Need help with guessing game.
Hey guys, I'm making the "guess my number" game most of you have probably seen before. I am tryin...
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read function
why and when we need to use this form*)&x, size)...
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by geng07
Parsing Data from text file
Requirements in filtering the text file. GRATEFUL TO HAVE YOUR SUGGESTIONS 1. first my professor ...
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amount transfer function cant work
#include <iostream> #include <iomanip> #include <fstream> #include <cstring> #include<string...
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Initializing a static field as a template object
I need a static hash table to keep track of all objects of a particular type that are instantiated i...
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Basic question: How can I avoid getters and setters?
I have a class CreateDxf that writes DXF entity codes (line, circle etc) to a text file. Now I want ...
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Building a Multicast Packet - memcpy casting issues
Hi, I am just getting back in to C++ after 10 years not doing any, contributing to an open source p...
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by geng07
Help with parsing a file
Requirements in filtering the text file. GRATEFUL TO HAVE YOUR SUGGESTIONS 1. first my professor ...
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loading Could someone help me to produce ...
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Guysss help me please
#include<iostream> #include<windows.h> #include<string> #include<iomanip> #include <conio.h> ...
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by Necro
Error: Invalid use of non-static data member, in Nested Classes
To start with, I'm running windows 8 with Code::Blocks 12.11. My main goal is to create a class n...
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by Iona
Modifying for loop to make it faster
Hello, I have this code which performs the analysis part of discrete wavelet transform. It works ...
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Obtaining pointers to represent each branch in a hierarchy
My program has a large version of this, where every leaf class is singleton, and pointers of the bas...
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Array data and decimal information
Hello, I joined this forum today and for past 10 days or so am using the valuable information re...
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Regular Expressions not working
Hi, I have this bit of code that I found here: and at ...
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by soranz
class basics
Hi ! I'm trying to build a class that will use the std::tr1::lognormal_distribution class but I'm ha...
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Urgent...Need someone to write a program for this
You are required to write a program for a Used Car Dealer company. In the system you need to maint...
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by poteto
Deleting a iterator inside a double loop :S
So yea... I know that if I erase a value inside an iterator, it becomes invalidated, and this is how...
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