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**How to evaluate a prefix expression with Stack -- Logic Errors**
int exp(char* input) { char*token=strtok(input, ""); stack <int>num; stack ...
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Simple Array Handling
i dont understand why my code is not compiling #include <iostream> using namespace std; void en...
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Implementations of Structures
I don't understand why my code is not compiling /* Using the program you developed for Home...
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Does speed determine my success as a programmer?
Hello I recently finished a problem that took me around 8 hours to finish. I broke the problem down ...
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data structure that have these properties ?
is there a data structure (to contain sorted elements) where you can access items by indices and at ...
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Calculating fee charges
Can't put into the right words for what I need to ask, so I'll explain what's going on. Say an inte...
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by iznar
Access Class Member
Let's say there are 3 classes A, B and C. B is inherited from A. C is a friend class of B. Can ...
[1 reply] : From C you can only access member functions that are declared public o... (by booradley60)
by ncaver
Rainbow Bracelet
for each stone: name of the stone, color of the store, weight of the stone, and price of the store ...
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program does not compile
what is wrong with this program? It is in 3 separate files and I´m using Xcode. file print.h ...
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Using Delimiter separate string and identify that string
I have a string such as " ***abc 1 2 3*has 1 3 2**2 ask 21 ". You can see there are asterisks which ...
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Class constructor help please.
Hey guys, I need help with my hw. My teacher wants us to create constructors to a class he already c...
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code help - error compiling
I'm getting an error message saying undefined reference to my function 'f' and 'pow'. Can someone te...
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String subscript out of range
Hey guys, I was doing nothing so I made myself an exercise in C++. I created a file (Password.dat) a...
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How to know if a pointer points to dynamically allocated memory or not?
So I have searched on the internet and found that there is no way to find out if a pointer points to...
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Can someone please tell me what i am doing wrong. It will run but when it does they all say incorrect and 0%.
I have to write a program helps your instructor grade quizzes. The program will read a file containi...
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How to transpose spatial coordinates into an array
Hello everyone, I want to start off by apologizing if this is an improper use of the forums. At ...
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Help please
I honestly don't know how to code this. If/else, Do/while, while or for loop is hard for me to under...
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Simple c program help?
1) Clunker Motors Inc. is recalling all vehicles from model years 1995-1998 and 2004-2006. An int va...
[1 reply] : What help do you need? BTW, Q1 talks about norecall, but your code sn... (by doug4)
by bozmin
private vector
I keep trying to pass a private vector from a class to an other, but still doesn't work even as a F...
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by PacR
Get time in milliseconds and check how much time has passed.
Here is my code: #include <iostream> #include <time.h> int main() { time_t time0; //...
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