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how do i convert the min_max function to the method of the IntArray class?
how do i convert the min_max function to the method of the IntArray class? class IntArray {private...
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Need help for code
My output is not showing the correct final scores. double calculateScore(Performer *p, int n){ ...
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using '?' conditional with for loop
see these line: for (unsigned int index=blnFunction? 2 : 1 , varcount=1; index< blnFunction? ... i...
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how can i overloading the string operator outside a class\enum? (1,2)
see these enum: enum TokenType { ID=0, KeyWord=1, Operator=2, ...
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by LHHH25
Need Help
I need some help/advice on how to properly execute this program: Input/Output 1- Create an i...
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Reading Input Files
I am currently working on a homework assignment where I have to create a program that will read the ...
[1 reply] : Something like this: numOcc = 0; floorNum = 1; numRooms = 0; floorO... (by JLBorges)
file storage
can someone confirm I did my assignment correctly and if need be let me know what i can improve on ...
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What am I doing wrong with this inheritance
#include <iostream> using namespace std; class Teacher { public: Teacher() { cout << "Hey...
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Is this a function?
bool isValidPassword(string pass) { return pass.length()>=8; }
[4 replies] Last: Sure, why do you ask? #include <iostream> #include <string> using na... (by lastchance)
CURL giving me an error( SSH error ?)
ey guys I'm playing around with CURL,trying to download an image from a url but I am getting an err...
[3 replies] Last: Right, the certificate is needed for actually making a secure HTTPS co... (by Ganado)
Errors by access on extern declared vector
Dear Community, I have a Problem to get access to a extern Variable. This is my Situation: I'm ...
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Stuck on User-Defined Functions
Hello! I am stuck on how to write a code. I have search my textbooks, googled, stared at it, all I u...
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Modify a text file's name
How can I add some words when opening a new text file with the name based on the old text file? F...
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by helios
creating an operating system (1,2)
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Need help for homework!!
I'm trying to read the name and the scores from an input file. This is my code: struct Performer ...
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Need help for code. I'm stuck
I couldn't read the file from a text completely. Can someone help me out? My code is like this: ...
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Overload stream operator.
Having trouble figuring out how to overload the stream operator for this case in my assignment. What...
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by PacR
Need help with program.
Hello this is a program that finds player id's inside npc_heroes.txt file and prints them out. Im ha...
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Dynamically creating an array of Ints
Im supposed to write code that will dynamically create an array of ints. The size of the array shoul...
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Print out size of array
I need to write a statement that will print out the size of the array. I have it to where it will pr...
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