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What is wrong in this program?
#include <iostream> using namespace std; #include <fstream> #include <cctype> int main() { int ...
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Redirect someone via c++ in command prompt
So i'm trying to create a program that asks a few questions if all the credentials are correct i wan...
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Need help fixing a problem!
I am still relatively new to learning c++ and I need help fixing my code so it will work properly. ...
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by Inig0
max and min functions
I'm in a 110 computer science college course, we use Visual Studio 2015. I need help with finding t...
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search for an element in an array
I'm trying to write this function that is supposed to return true if an element in this array is fou...
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Help with a few problems
I'm a pretty new person to c++ so i'm kinda having some trouble with this problem. im using function...
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by AlexIL
Help with a makefile I wrote
Hello guys, I'm writing a c++ program using qt5 libraries. I wrote this makefile (
[5 replies] Last: Lets say that a Makefile starts: ... I don't disagree with anythin... (by Repeater)
by a015
Taking Screenshots using Dev C++
I have this code #include <iostream> #include <windows.h> using namespace std; int main(...
[3 replies] Last: One surely can create a batch/powershell/whatever script/installer tha... (by keskiverto)
converting normal date to Julian date
okay, so here i am again asking for help (I do also ask my teacher for lots help also so please don'...
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by oOoOo
Quantum computers
Hi, Am I right to worry about the future ? As far as I understand quantum computers and classic...
[2 replies] Last: I don't know anything about quantum computing, but I do know about C++... (by mbozzi)
by agulbs
Invalid operand to binary expression
How do i fix this?? I need to create a lexical analyzer, however i keep receiving "invalid operands ...
[1 reply] : Without the declarations of Token and TokenType, its hard to tell. My... (by doug4)
by bozmin
comparing two objects
I have two object containing the same numbers. the first object has numbers coming as follow: n1 = ...
[4 replies] Last: I don't think your code is doing what you're expecting. Line 30: You... (by AbstractionAnon)
Bubble sort, Selection sort & Insertion sort
So I'm new to C++ and am needing a little help. All feedback is welcome. I am suppose to create an ...
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Idk where to start...
Phase 1: Create a program that takes the input of an integer and returns whether the number is prime...
[1 reply] : Normally the best way to start is on a pc of paper and write down the ... (by SamuelAdams)
I will try to insert tagged code Here is the code: #include <iostream> using namespace std; int ...
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connect 5 game
I'm trying to make a program that will play a "connect 5" game for school. The game is between two ...
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Program doesn't work. Program is for finding the no. of words in a text file
#include <iostream> using namespace std; #include <fstream> int main() { int words=0; ofstr...
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Trying to transfer from a textbox on a popup form to a DGV on another form
I am trying to allow the user to input into a textbox on an "addform" and when they click "save" the...
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Rock-Paper-Scissors Game for Stroustrup's PPP2 Book - Help Needed
Here are the specs: Write a program that plays the game “Rock, Paper, Scissors.” If you are not...
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eof question
Is there a specific code for "is eof" and "not eof"? Thanks.
[9 replies] Last: This is the wrong way to read a stream: while(!fin.eof()) { ... (by Cubbi)
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