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by Bopaki
Is it possible to convert a program written in C++ to Java
I have the program below written in C++ and I want to have it in Java. #include <iostream> #inc...
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by Darven
VOCE multiple definition error
Hello, I'm new here, and I tried using VOCE ( to create a simple voice...
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vector issue (1,2)
Trying to work successfully with vector. Initialization of vector to 1 million appears to work fine....
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by JFWong
Pointers Strings
int main(){ char *Statement = "Hello! How are you today? I am well, thankyou."; char *Replace_...
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[SFML] Checkers
How do I create a 2d array and move the checkerpieces? I only need to move the pieces forward and no...
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Creating executable - folder
Is there a way of creating self-exetractor by already created program? I found a great method of ma...
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Initializing loop control variable
Forgetting to Initialize (or re-initialize) the Loop Control Variable. If we depend on a loop contr...
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by loixak
Doubt of using Strings in C++
Hi everybody! I´m new at C++ and I´m trying to separate the name and the surname inserted in a cha...
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by Xam
Electronic voting
Hello everyone. I have to do a program for electronic voting. It supposed to have a file data where ...
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by Tyr0ne
Ok, so I have a socket program and when I do a call it hangs for some reason here is the code and I ...
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by cotro
Converting char to float to use in image processing.
Hello, I am currently reading images stored in the targa file format so that I can apply some kind o...
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switch statement
is the switch a loop, a conditional, or a subroutine construct or all of the above, or none of the a...
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Reading text data into vector of vectors
I have written into a text file using a string vector of vectors. Now i want to read a user record (...
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Array to store value each time calculated by equation whenever the function is being called
Hello everyone! I am new to c++. I have to calculate a value through an equation and store that valu...
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by nughi
Load file + encrypt/decrypt then read it
Hello,I have some issues when load a file and then wanna read the file with encrypt/decrypt method ,...
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by ozae
no default constructor available
hello everyone i am trying to do something and the code below is part of my program but it says no d...
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const unsigned char * parameter
I would like to understand 'const unsigned char *' function parameters. say, there is a library hav...
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by prako2
Whats wrong here?
#include <iostream> #include <stdexcept> #include <stdio.h> #include <string> int main() std::s...
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my new Event class: template variadics and how test a valid function\lambda (1,2)
see my class: template<typename...a> class Event { public: std::function<void()> EventName...
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by prako2
Copy file to shell:startup without knowing UserName
It would be very insteresting.
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