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[C++] Erase-Remove idiom
Hi, I'm trying to delete from a vector all the elements that satisfy a specific property with the Er...
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Algorithm for data row decimation
Hello, my problem is how to show many points in graph. Many points mean over milions points. I need...
[6 replies] Last: Which of these does your data look like? | . | . . ... (by Duoas)
by hanest
Random Walk
Hi, i am writing a piece of code that performs a random walk for N particles (N is a user input), my...
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by dcan08
I need help ASAP! D: Array/Loop Project
I have this project that has been giving me trouble for hours on end! The link is here: https://...
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Problem freeing memory
Hi, i wrote a function that captures RGB of the desktop to memory, and this functions sets the new v...
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by Atton
Not reading cypertext
I have been messing around with this for a little while now. I have been trying to make a system to ...
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Mystery of Vector??
Hello, I am new to C++. I am practicing the vector using pop_back. By running the following code, I...
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Linking to boost filesystem in code::blocks
Ok I have been trying everything for the last 8 hours, so time to ask for help. I have already built...
[1 reply] : I'm going to guess that you also did the PATH= and bootstrap.bat thing... (by poteto)
templates help
I am pretty sure I have this template set up correctly, I am not very good with classes or templates...
[3 replies] Last: collection.h #ifndef COLLECTION_H_WAS_ALREADY_INCLUDED #define COLLEC... (by JLBorges)
Circle class - PLEASE HELP, what's wrong
Task Implement a Circle class. Each object of this class will represent a circle, storing its radiu...
[1 reply] : Your program is missing the implementation of some methods like Circl... (by tcs)
A few questions..
Hi my name is Ryan. I am 30 and although I grew up down south and was born in Texas, I have spent th...
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by mbox88
dynamically realloc 2D array
Hello, I would like to realloc a 2D array. I have a counter, itime, it increases each step. Each ...
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Can anyone do this??
Implement a Circle class. Each object of this class will represent a circle, storing its radius and ...
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Working on this function and I cant figure out why my number 7 isnt working
Question is Write a function that will use a RNG to obtain 300 integer values between 32 and 126. Th...
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by Neek
How to build an application like this..
So I' new to programming, and so far I've been only with console programs..and trying to find a way ...
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Mac OSX Launch Daemon
I have developed a dummy Launch Daemon for Mac OSX that keeps writing something to the console(syslo...
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I need to add in my code the computation of employee payroll?
Hi! i need help in my code,so here's my problem. How can I write in my code the basic pay of the emp...
[1 reply] : Use f.e. a std::map (see (by tcs)
searching for errors within a code
i use cygwin and i have a program that was returning an error saying "undefined reference" and i fig...
[9 replies] Last: thanks @Lachlan Easton, and everyone who replied, i learned something ... (by tazzthetecj)
by joeysx
C++ passing multiple array to function sum using inheritance
questions is: write a program using inheritance allow user to enter grades of his students 5~8 stude...
[2 replies] Last: Grades.h, Line 47: You'r accessing a non existing array item. exams... (by tcs)
by anup30
What happens to pointer if variable is reallocated?
what happens to pointer pt when string s is reallocated to accommodate bigger size? does it updates ...
[1 reply] : does it points to previous s which is not used anymore This. Do not e... (by coder777)
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