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by moot
Template Class Not Working
For this project, I need to replicate a Priority Queue and I can use an array, vector, or linked lis...
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Linked List Template Class
Hi everyone I am having a bit of an issue implementing a template linked list class with a merge mem...
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by Ferris
Deleting nodes from a linked list
Hello, I've been trying to delete the first node from a linked list... I've written the pseudocode ...
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by setia
Game Monty Hall Problem Solution
Please help me, how about step by step mathematical solution if the program like this ? #include ...
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Tetris Rotation
I am currently at the last stage of the Tetris Clone using SDL library, the only thing left is rotat...
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fstream into a struct?
I do not know how to get my data into my struct. I know how streams work and how to get my info but ...
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Variable not holding value of largest int in vector
I am writing a program for class that should find the largest int from a vector of ints. The vector ...
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by jirals
Question about void pointers
Hi so one of the question on my lab explains to grade my pointer array into a passing or failing. ...
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by dr86
Skipping line from unknown reason
Hello. I have modified one of the C++ Openfoam's libraries. Everything compiles well, without erro...
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Check if a binary tree is height balanced
Is anyone able to tell me why this doesn't work as a recursive function to find whether a binary tre...
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Matrix of Objects: Boundary conditions
I have created a matrix with a class called Lattice. The lattice is filled with objects of type 'Dip...
[1 reply] : When I explicitly call GetDipole(a,b) and enter a and b to be negativ... (by fun2code)
Calculate Sales Items from a File
Hi, I am writing the code for a final project, and I'm struggling with this portion. I honestly don'...
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I have no idea how to do from 4 to 8
1. Prompt the user Enter a positive number or 0 to quit: 2. Extract the number into int n 3. If th...
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how do I compute the sum?
1. Prompt the user Enter a positive number or 0 to quit: 2. Extract the number into int n 3. If th...
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How do I do this?
Now onto the double my sine( double x ) function. 1. Use fmod to find the value of x mod 2*PI. 2. I...
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Infinite loop issue
Hi, I wrote this code but for some reason when I type any other letter aside for the choices provi...
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My output are only 0's?
I need values, but I'm not sure how? struct Time { int days = 0; int hours = 0; }; ...
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counting a divisible number in array
Hello, I need to write a program that will create a 2d array and then allow the user to input a numb...
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by anors
Sorting list usind STL
//In subject should be Sorting list using STL. I have list and I want to sort them in the ascending...
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Temperature Conversion
Hi! So I am working on a Final Program for a C++ class (you can expect other topics related) and I a...
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