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Sorting a float in a vector of objects
I've a vector of objects that I can get my float value from by accessing it through a method.It's no...
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Strange behaviour when comparing with zero
Hi everyone, I'm currently trying to learn about floating point representation in depth, so I pla...
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GLSL frag shader error
After finally getting rid of linker errors from the last post (it was a 32/64 bit mismatch), I succe...
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by Argy
CPU/ RAM USAGE/ Temperature
Hi, i would like to ask you something. I want to make an application that will check CPU/RAM USAGE ...
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by poteto
Code Review for a boost asio udp serialization attempt.
I just converted this serialization example:
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by Pured
How to initialise my bool array?
Hello, I have a simple task I'm trying to do. I want to initialise an array and make every element ...
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Problem with Parse function
I have got a predefined parse function for reading the next line from an input file. I use it in a l...
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assigning controls(just need an idea on what you all would do)
i am making a game which is a two player strategic battle turn based game..... The game will requ...
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New to sdl cant get it to work please help
Heres my code Sdl 1.2.15 //main// #include "SDL.h" int main(int argc, char* args ) { //Star...
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by razzm8
i would be very apreciated if someone could help me to do a C++ & php HWID check for my login system...
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by geomc
Thank you.
Thank you.
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need help.
solution(int X, vector<int> &A) { int eq = 0, neq = 0; for (int i = 0; i < A.size(); ++i)...
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WHILE Loop Error / instreaming data file (w/functions)
I have a working lab project with a loop error. Code posted in second post. Here's the requirements:...
[2 replies] Last: Information from data file that will be read from "employeeData.dat" ... (by dontmakeascene320)
My own Linked List Class Help
So I am trying to make a STD library clone to the linked list and I am having some issues. 1) I c...
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Sdl error
Heres my code Sdl 1.2.15 //main// #include "SDL.h" int main(int argc, char* args ) { //Sta...
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by Musica
Classes using const and & ,newbie help..
I am not sure what is the purpose of adding const and & on the constructor's parameter list.Also...
[3 replies] Last: Suppose you have a large array (say 1GB) and you want to use it someh... (by giblit)
Please answer this!!
The sinc(x) function, abbreviated from “sine cardinal” is used frequently in signal processing...
[1 reply] : Hi you might get more answers if you show some effort and provide some... (by TheIdeasMan)
File output with huffman coding
Hi I creating a code encodes and decodes a text file using Huffman coding. I was able to successfull...
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Huffman Coding Project Problem
I am doing this project to create a huffman encoder and decoder, but I am stuck in the part where ev...
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How to make a Copy of a Queue
I was hoping you guys can help me in my specific case on copying of a Queue. I'm suppose to make a c...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks for the reply SreeB. I was able to get it done, but I did not o... (by Shuruki)
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