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help with this
Write a program which stores 10 decimal numbers in an array. For these numbers accept input from th...
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How to write a student grade book
HI! Im having trouble trying to figure out how to write a program that can calculate just one studen...
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dynamically allocate memory to struct
et me start by saying I know this is a funky way to program, but my teacher is requiring us to go ab...
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by Chubby
Counting Word
a program to count the number of occurrences of words in a passage. The program will read white-...
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by jasmcf
setw issue, how to go about it?
I am trying to set the width of the data values which the user will input when using the program but...
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What is the complexity of my vowel_remove in string? Is there any faster way?
This is a simple code that removes vowel. What is the complexity of my code (Big-O) and is there a b...
[1 reply] : What is the complexity of my code (Big-O) Linear: O(n) there a bet... (by MiiNiPaa)
by docawk
1e9 vs 1e-9
In the context of rounding to the ninth digit, I found operating with values 1e9 or 1e-9 to return d...
[6 replies] Last: For completeness: double cc=1/1e-9; // cc 999999999.99999988 ... (by docawk)
Compound interest formula coding
Im having problems coding this A = P(1 + r/n)nt //Declared test cases float principal =...
[1 reply] : You don't need A = ... again when calculating the interest. ... (by liuyang)
by Chubby
Counting the word
I dont know if this a right place to ask but anyway here you go: I am trying count all occurrence...
[15 replies] Last: First of all, write a short function to read whole content of a file ... (by liuyang)
Help Converting Base to Base
'm trying to convert any number system up to base 16 to another base system. Both bases are given by...
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Vector help: Multiple bullets acting as one
I'm trying to make a 2d shooter with SDL and I got as far as having multiple bullets but they act as...
[1 reply] : Try not erase items in a vector in 'for' loop. (by liuyang)
std::function as class member?
Is it possible to use a functor like std::function<T* (Args&& ... args)> as class member? I've seen ...
[9 replies] Last: Thanks for the great explanation! I think I got it now and see I've to... (by hellhound)
access violation?????
# include <iostream> # include "graph1.h" using namespace std; void getData(int* no_rects)...
[1 reply] : try this int** getXCoords(int no_rects); int** getYCoords(int no_rect... (by novellof)
cout << &var; to binary??
How can I output the address of a variable in binary? #include <iostream> #include <sstream> #inc...
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Want to create a game (correctly).
I'm learning C++ on my own and taking a class at my university for C. I want to create one of two ga...
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How to find Min,Max, and Avg without arrays in program.
This program does everything i want except for one major problem and one small one. 1. The program ...
[1 reply] : Hi, One immediate thing I can see: Get rid of line 2 - std::count ... (by TheIdeasMan)
by rezora
Invoke a template function?
Hello, I wrote out this coding to deal with template functions, but how would I invoke the function ...
[2 replies] Last: I'm sorry for not being clear haha but I was also being stupid ive man... (by rezora)
Help with using a class in C++
Hello, I"m new here and trying to do well in a class I am taking. I just finished writing code for a...
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by sebz92
doubly linked list - delete function HELP!
Hello! i am creating a doubly linked list that will store strings, for example: one two three ...
[3 replies] Last: As long as you make a new function for that. (by helios)
C++ Submenu help
I fixed it and now I have a new question. My second issue is that all the functions except the ad...
[2 replies] Last: Let's start with your Add() function. First you need to be sure the fi... (by jlb)
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